Interview by Matt Ashworth

So, how's it goin'?

Myk: Ugh... quite lame; kinda tired. Just returned from some live-activities of one of our side-projects. German autumn seems dark to me, almost hopeless. And, strangely enough, that is exactly how I feel, for the moment being. But I may cure that with 20 hours sleep. Better than 20 minutes, I bet. But on the other hand: At least I seem to have gathered some new ideas in my head. It may well be that they break out soon - to develop into new Testify-titles.

Are you guys German? If so, is anyone in the group named Olaf?

Myk: That is a funny question, indeed very interesting. And somehow astonishing. Do you think that Olaf is a popular name in Germany? It is not that popular, to be honest. I have quite seldomly met any Olaf. But the strangest thing about this question is that, if old tales be true, my mother once planned to name her first child with that breath-taking name. I am her first born child; but I was lucky not to have received that name. I think "OLaf" is quite popular in Sweden, or Norway - one of the very northern European countries, in Scandinavia (which comes from "scandal" I think-).

Here at Nada Mucho we just added two contributors to cover the industrial/thrash/aggrocore beat. Isn't that cool?

Myk: I am very relieved to get to know that. I was ever worrying: 'What about Nada Mucho? I fear that people just don't get enough Industrial Trash to listen to - via Nada Mucho!' And now this fear is erased.

Have you guys ever heard Ministry? One time I saw them live and they had three drummers. That shit was WICKED. MMMMYAOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Myk: I think that playing with three drummer testifies that this band has visions, and a very cool way to approach to things - and that the band members have quite an extraordinaire humour. Must have been a hard job during the rehearsal-phase, though. Regretably I've never heard of that band before. But I am glad that you have written our album-title correctly: with three MMM's and four OOOO's - which is a thing that most people (inclusive Testify-members) just are not able to achieve.

OK, tell us for real - why haven't more people heard Testify?

Myk: That is a question that all Testifylers use to brood about, especially on dark autumn evening like this one. We ever thought that Rock-history-milestones such as "Quest Of Nothing", "A.N.G.E.R." and "Grinning Sun" should be well-known in this world of paltriness. But most of all we wish thousands of people to have listened to "Under The Cold Moon". Check out this piece of darkest brooding! It will heal your worst nightmare. Or at least the second-worst. www.vanrichter.net/audio.html

Q: Do you think some of the Nu Metal bands are watered down versions of what some of the Van Richter bands are doing and are sort of biasing many fans on the whole idea of electronic beats mixed with heavy guitars?

Myk: That may well be the correct interpretation. People should become more aware not to get used to biasing by bands that do not present the real Aggro-Industrial Metal-attitude.

Q: Just how heavy are your guitars?

Myk: Oooh, I'm not quite sure. But I think our guitars weigh less than 10 kilos - only I do not know the American equivalence to that weight. For we have the metric system over here in Europe. But be assured: Our guitars get heavier with every album we create.

I saw you did an interview in Dark Velvet magazine and was curious where its headquartered? And is it totally swanky?

Myk: What is swanky? The magazine and its style? Or my not knowing where it is headquartered? In case you mean the magazine: I must admit that I do not remember to have read it. It is surely an American magazine, and American magazines are not that often sent to me. That would also be the right answer to your question, in case you think it being swanky not to know where the Dark Velvet magazineis headquartered.

Do you guys ever come to Seattle? That's where we live, Seattle.

Myk: I really would appreciate to visit Seattle one day. I was told that there should be wonderful rain; and I love rain. Is that true? A rainy city? A city which is grey and wet and cool and hopeless? I would dearly love to be there, if all this indeed is reality.

Who should we contact for more information.

Myk: If you are out for more details, please be free to contact : manager@vanrichter.net