Testify - interview with Myk Jung

Interview by Rick Sanchez

Testify started off as a side project, what led to that and the evolution of Testify as a full fledged effort?

Testify started in 1992 as side-project of The Fair Sex, in a phase when we found out that new ideas and visions were arising in our heads that went beyond the style-limits of TFS: suddenly we delighted in recording sharply outlined guitar-riffs and setting them into noisy arrangements. Throughout the years other musicians joined the band-circle (mostly from Metal/Rock), and original TFS-members left, so that Testify grew more and more to a band of its own, walking paths separate from The Fair Sex.

How has the Testify sound grown and changed since the release of "01"?

In the very beginning the sound was characterized by somewhat rude, sharp, thin biting Industrial Punk, you might say. Mostly VERY fast and hyper-aggressive. Thru-out the following years, the Fatness of the Guitars grew, the Darkness of the Atmosphere; and Mid-Tempo-tiltes more and more replaced the super-speed.

What movies or books have had an influence on Testify?

Hhhmmmm (or should I say: "MMMAYOOOO"?). I fear most of the inspirations came from regions outside the literary/film art. Our own restlessness, as we often have stated it, might have been the main-motor, possibly. But there may be influences of the sort you speak of, perhaps floating from classic movies like "BLaderunner", or "12 Monkies", "The Wall", "Notting Hill" (OK - the last was a kinda joke, sorry). Aaah - there was a time when I was very inspired by the "Sandman" of Neil Gaiman - unbelievably great stuff to draw imaginative plots from. And Lovecraft-stories ever were in my head. Possibly searching a way through to have influences on my lyrics.

What band or artist just makes you want to puke?

Years ago I stopped to name any artists in order to desribe what makes me puke - sort of politeness, maybe. But theres no doubt: There are numerous musical phenomenons that fills me with anger and disgust: Mostly the "happy time-party-bright world-lets drink Barcadi- and-have-a-nice-time"-attitude is what really angers me.

One of my favorite Testify releases is Mmmyaoooo, where did the name come from?

Ah! So there IS in fact influence of literature on our creativity, and I had forgotten all about it: "MMMYAOOOO" is a scream, if I remember right, the scream of mild enthusiasm, as we ever suspected: And it was a cow that gave forth this scream. The whole thing was written down in a novel of Slapstick-Fantasy-author Terry Pratchett. I am delighted to get to know that you appreciate the album MMMAYOOOO; its one of my favorites as well.

Your cover of Sweet's Ballroom Blitz seems like an odd choice for Testify, what made you pick that particular song and will you be doing any more covers?

Yeah, it was a sort of odd choice; we had in mind to pick out something quite unexpected: Something of a totally unrelated band, from a totally different era. It was the idea of Moses, in those former times Testify-guitar-player, to take "Ballroom Blitz".

Your latest album is "Triviality Beyond Acceptance." How has the Testify sound evolved with this release?

Ah, as you mention "sound": I think that this latest release has the best sound-quality ever, outmatching its predecessors in the section of production. Also it might have the strongest choice of strongest titles we have written so far. Even the grandious Dark Ballad "Quest Of Nothing" of MMMYAOOOO we could top with writing "Under The Cold Moon", the Dark Jewel.

Is it difficult keeping the Testify and TFS sounds separate?

On rare occasions, arrangements that originally were planned for one of the two bands, appear later within the conception of the other; but since TFS (The Fair Sex) is more Electro-EBM-bound whereas Testify celebrate the Classical Industrial Metal, it is not that difficult to keep these two musical projects apart.

What albums are you listening to now?

Hm, for the time being I listen to Gothminister, Jesus Complex, Kovenant, Onayroid Psychosis, Unit: 187, Vlade Morthem Art.

What is your favorite video game?

I must confess that I never ever play video games. I ever had the feeling to waste my life away doing such things, so I stand up from the monitor when I think I should make a break or whatever - and waste my life away with other things

What do you think about copy protected CDs and of the RIAA's attempts to prevent people from making MP3s or mix discs?

The system of copy protected CDs did not work out fully, for many of these CDs cant be played in several CD-players etc.: Technical problems... Yeah, suddenly in 2001 and 2002 the music-business realized what I had already feared in 1997 (me having the boone of foresight): It all might break down if all the technical improvements will come to be everyday-habit of the music audience. It is necessary now to pick up new ways to rescue the music-market.

Has the internet had any impact on your success?

Yeah, I guess the Internet has helped us very much, as it has helped all other artists: news and infos thru-out the whole world in seconds, that's what.

What is next on the table for Testify? I understand you're planning a remix album of "Triviality?"

What really might be the next steps of Testify is not clear, yet.