Hello - here's Myk, voice of Testify, answering the Ogam-questions

How long has Testify been together and how did it come to be? Did you create the sound that you wanted when you first started?

Myk: Testify was founded in 1992 when all on a sudden Three Members of The Fair Sex, German EBM/Goth band, felt that they had become hungry to start a real brutal-fuzz-Industrial-crash-Project. Several weeks later we had written our firts titles ("Testify 01"/ "A.N.G.E.R."/ "Get Busted"). And that was exactly the sound that we wanted to create. However - recording the first album some months later we were a bit too much in a hurry, I fear, - and there are two or three songs on that album which are really inferiour - making me dissatisfied, until even nowadays.

I see that you have played with many bands in your time what bands did you enjoy playing with the most?

Myk: HHhhmmm. There were several great experiences and with most of the others bands we got along very well. Girls Under Glass in 2002 - and Clan Of Xymox in 1997 are perhaps Two of the very peaks.

What are your recording plans with in this next year?

Myk: For the time being The Fair Sex, the other band, sits on the front-seat, at least for the summer-months doing new stuff. Testify however is working on new visions and at least the titles named "Nayntry", "Hot Org Craze" "M-S-T-C" (all of these working-titles) must be finished quite in the near future.

Any touring plans and if so with who

Myk: Unfortunately Testify has difficulties in Europe to get the album released - which lessens the interest on new live shows tremendously. If that might be changed (and we´re working on this) new plans will be made - for which, however, first we must modify our live-crew, again. The 2002-year, in Europe at least, will see us with The Fair Sex on stage. Then - when "Triviality Beyond Acceptance" will get released here in the Old World, let´s say in the end of 2002, the next year might get another Testify year

How is the local scene in germany and where can you go for a good time?

Myk: I am exclusively walking the Dark Underground - scene at night - and there are numerous possibilities in almost every region in Germany. The Black Scene is huge in Germany - with many clubs and events.

What do you thinks of the internet and what are some of the web pages you like.

Myk: The Internet delivers a wide range of possibilities to get into contact in quite a better way than it was possible in the past. If used properly it can be a wonderful tool.

What are some underground bands you have been checking out and what zines have you been reading

Myk: Bands I have discovered yet lately are: Onairod Psychosis which I think to be great; dK.com as well; Nice Gods Bleed´s new stuff; Pitchshifter´s new stuff; the concerts of Clan Of Xymox were brillant, again - such things. I use to read the German Underground magazines "Sonic Seducer", "Gothic" and "Zillo"

Thanks for the interview any final comments to the readers of the Ogam Fanzine

Myk: Thank you very much and keep on destroying your anger with wrathful scorn!