Interview with Myk by Mark W

Can you give us a run down on how the band came together?

Myk: In late 1992 the first Testify-studio-crew was established. Some four months ago the project was planned for the first time - lingering in the hot summer sun of Munich, on a graveyard somehwere in Schwabing.

What have you been up to lately? Recordings? Releases?

Myk: "Triviality Beyond Acceptance" is our latest release. By now we are already carrying ideas and conceptions for future activities in our heads - which however ought to take shape yet.

Any gigs lately? Any live performances in the planning?

Myk: We have several things in the planning; even a visual phenomenon; but that will take a little time. Thru-out the winter we had some sessions that came out quite psychedelic - lets see if we indeed will create something out off these visions...

Has your sound developed further or adapted itself much since the projects formation?

Myk: Since Testify is a project of changing membership, the sound has ever constantly developed. The first phase was characterized by sharpness and brutal aggression - to which later-on the atmospheric thickness and weirdness of "MMMYAOOOO" was added. And with "Triviality Beyond Acceptance" we stepped even farther - combining and inventing numerous elements of the past and nowadays. The best Testify ever, as we think - and many confirm.

Do you have an album that stands out from all your other efforts?

Myk: Each album has its own characteristic. "Crack The Mind" from 1998 however might stand out with its super-interesting minglement of the band's work and the remixers visions. A strange mixture of aggressive Industrial Rock and innovative Electronics.

Are you happy with the current lineup/sound?

Myk: As mentioned before: "Triviality Beyond Acceptance" makes us more satisfied than any other work before. Myk/Kullf/Mathias will seem to us as the best Testify-songwriting team in centuries. As for the live line up... Bull (bass) and Sven (drums) may not be available for future events - and this might be a grivious turn to things... but Lawrence might join in. He would be the newest Testify-member. A great instrumentalist.

Were any of the current members in any past projects or bands?

Myk: Oh yes, there is a close connection to other bands and side projects. The Fair Sex, Nice Gods Bleed, 1 AM, Warm, Rotersand - to name a few of those constallations in which Testify members were and are involved.

Have you come up against any barriers so far?

Myk: Testify never experienced a real break-thru. That might be a "barrier" which so far we could not break. As for our personal experiences: So far we never had to face any barriers such as hateful activities against us, or too great a dissapointment from our fan base.

Do you believe in extra terrestrial life?

Myk: Within the band's circle we have never discussed this particuliar question. I will ask Kullf in this matter. Lets see if he ever spent time thinking about it. He is the big philosopher of Testify - regarding the world through the surface of a bottle of Stauder Beer.

If you had to put a label on your sound...How would you describe it?

Myk: Classical Industrial Metal - without paying any tribute to what might be wanted or demanded from the outside. Just realising what we listen in our inward ear.

Describe a typical live performance?

Myk: We have established our delight to paint ourselves on stage -and we prefer soot in this matter. It will seem that Testify live shows are characterized by a sort of rude, powerful, tearful, sweatful - sometimes even bloodful- ScreamAndNoise-Performance

How do you think your country's music scene could be improved? (That is if it needs improving)

Myk: Our country's music scene ought to find more interest in Classical Industrial Metal, no doubt about that. The pure Electronic side of things is in charge by now - even dominating the good old traditional Gothic Rock. That is the state of the German Independent Scene in 2002.

What are your views on the old Mp3/Napster/free music situation?

Myk: If handled properly (which means that some legal standards need to be more sort of sharpened) this MP-3-phenomenon may be a great thing to spread visions and ideas.

Do you utilise the internet much?

Myk: Some of us Testify members do that too much, I fear; and others not at all. A great range within the band's circle.

Has the internet affected your music or views on music in any way?

Myk: No. Not at all. The way to handle music, the possibilties of promotion, of numerous steps that come after creating the music: all of this is being improved by the internet. But not the musical vision itsself. That is within you - or not at all.

Are there any bands or artists out there who have been a major or vague influence on your musical style?

Myk: Harr! My answer ought to be: Ministry! right now. For so many people compare us to them. But indeed we do not listen to other bands with careful diligence. We just let our ideas flow. Sometimes listening to many bands of numerous genres - just in order to compare them with Testify.

Have you tried gaining recognition out of your country yet? If so how has that been?

Myk: On several occasions we played outside Germany. And I can only say:Always we had a great response on what we did. These were and are great experiences indeed -to travel to other regions. Perhaps the most significant feature in a musicians life. But these were exclusively European regions....

Where do you see yourselves in say five years?

Myk: We will rule the Industrial World - or will have vanished into oblivion

Any crazy dreams of breaking out into the mainstream world or are you happy with life in the underground?

Myk: Testify has no ambition of breaking out into the mainstream; it was not founded for that idea.

Who would you most like to support live?

Myk: Ahhr, interesting question! But the even more interesting question will seem to me: Who would support Testify?

Most remembered band incident?

Myk: No doubt: That glorious day in Berlin in October 1997 when three of the Testify members (Kullf/Myk/Bull) had experiences beyond compare. We have already written a movie-script about those events. The title of that movie: "The Three Brave Knights Of V8". Wait til it will be released and then you will get to know a really astonishing story...

Personal comments?

Myk: Under The Cold Moon The Shadows Are Deep And Everlasting