Testify: interview with Myk Jung

by Roxanne Blanford

Hi, this is Myk Jung answering the AMZ Music Zine questions:

Please identity the members of the band.

The Testify 2001 line-up consits of Mathias Black (director of sound),Myk Jung (director of wreckage), Kulff (director of timing). Since the Testify line-up has ever been changing throughout the years, it may be expected that next year's members will have new names and new faces.

What is the origin behind the band name?

The predecessor-band of Testify, German combo The Fair Sex, once planned to testify before the face of the whole world that they were able to create aggressive Industrial-Metal. Testify testified their capability.

How long has Testify been together? Where did you form?

The above mentioned plan to form Testify took shape in the summer of 1992. In early 1993 the first line-up was completed. All this took place in the German region called Ruhrgebiet.

How has your latest release been received?

The lastest release has only been published in USA. And since we're not always trying to invent imaginary stories, but sometimes stick to the grey facts of reality we must admit the commercial aspect of our latest release "Crack The Mind" was quite a disaster and did not reach the success of "MMMYAOOOO" the forerunner album.

What are your current touring plans?

The touring plans of the near future are not established yet. We have started working together with a new live-crew the coorperation with whom still is not as excellent as with the members in past.

Who do you feel is your primary audience, and what is it that you believe makes you appealing to them?

We are not thoroughly aware of who is really listening to Testify, because our managers will not let us out into the open, unless we go on tour. We are closed up in narrow rooms and cells in order to raise our visions of music. That is a state, as you might imagine, that is predestinated to arouse feelings of helplesssssnesssss and Dark Anger. These might be the feelings our listeners share with us.

What bands or music have been pivotal to your career?

When recording our first album we had a CD in our studio which we were asked to copy as precisely as possible. Our managers wanted us to sound exactely like the artists that had created that legendary CD I spoke of . Throughout the course of years I have forgotten the name of artist and CD. It was something like "Palm 89" and "Mimikry" or so.

What changes have you seen in audiences over time?

I am quite short-sighted and because of being conceited I never wear glasses on stage. So the changes which probably happened over time passed me with my being not able to observe.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Musically: to release "Triviality Beyond Acceptance", the latest creation of Testify, in our eyes the strongest album ever.