Interview by Armand Rosamilia

Hello this is Myk, voice of Testify, answering your questions

When did the band form and how?

Testify was formed in the winter 92/93. Returning from far-off places, Rascal (member of The Fair Sex) had brought back some contacts to persons that brought about the very beginning of Testify. The idea to form something like Testify however was already born on a hot afternoon in the summer of 1992, on a graveyard in Munich, Bavarya.

Testify has been described as the 'Next Ministry'. Do comparisons like this help or hurt the band?

Oooh, it has ever been this one comparision; it tires us. And since we were ever confronted with that comparism we had one glorious idea when recording out latest album "Triviality Beyond Acceptance" in winter 1999/2000: "Hey! How will we sound trying to write a title that REALLY sounds like Ministry?? Ey?" In that phase we wrote The Two Titles: "Fragile Puppet" and "Abuser's Gabble". Our hommage to Ministry at the End Of Our Carreer.

Your newest (and fourth) release, "Crack The Mind", is out now. It contains five new tunes plus four remixes. Tell me about it.

This is, mit Verlaub, a funny question; and a kind of misinformation. "Crack The Mind" was released in September 1998; so indeed it's not our newest release. Soon "Triviality Beyond Accetance" will be released: after more than one year of hanging in the Halls Of Waiting And Lamentation. "Crack The Mind" however is a mini-album containing five super-fresh 97-Testify-titles; and four remixes done by Die Krupps, Plastic Noise Experience, Die Warzau and Dave Anderson.

Was the oringinal idea to do "Crack The Mind" half new and half remix songs?

Yeah, indeed that was the idea. In the end it was a result of 5:4 (new and remixed stuff); but that should not spoil the glorious fundamental idea behind this.

What influences your music?

The factors are: The Rage (which grows less). The Dissastisfaction (which grows). Disgust, and the fight against boredom.

Where is your biggest fan base?

That might be over in the New World, in your places. Perhaps in Eastern Germany; for there we had most of our concerts; I'm not totally sure.

Describe the local German scene.

The local German Underground scene consists mainly of Goth Rock and Black Metal bands - and, on the other hand, of course, of pure electronic bands - we however are more in the region of the Big Mixture.

What are your goals for the band?

To bury Testify in still and great dignity

If you could meet and jam with one musician, who would it be?

For me personnally this might be Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy

How has Van Richter Records been for the band?

VR as always is full of enthusiasm

Thank you for your time!

Thank you as well; and greetings, Myk.