Interview with Myk Jung

If your sound was a dreamscape, what sort of dream would it be? Have you had this dream before?

This dream would be a blue-purple chase. A quest after something which probably will turn into nothing. A dream of a huge shadow soaring and vanishing. A dream of lonely shades running nowhere and into lightless skies that turn into portals leading to black eternities. Or so. Never had this dream before, but I hope to dream it tonight

Do you have any pre-performance rituals?

We paint our faces and arms and bellies and backs with soot. The more nervous we are the more soot we use. What else? Myk does the classic twenty-four before entering the stage.

What sorts of monsters are hiding under your beds and how do you get them to come out and play music with you?

Those monsters are the famous rosy-pink goblins. But we never succeeded to make them come out and play music with us. They abhor Industrial and ever they want Bay City Rollers

What other interests and obsessions do you have, and how do you relate these to your music?

We are interested in many phenomenons too dark to be mentioned (This of course is a trivial phrase). We have nameless obsessions. (An even more hollow phrase). The music of Testify does not belong in neither of these categories. It's just a task that has to be done: to filter the raw material of Testify-titles out of the huge upper space to give them their final forms. Nobody else wanted to do it, but someone has to do the job, nasty though this will seem to us


What is that? Is that from some info-sheet describing the Testify sound? If not, then we will suggest to take over that term into the next one - Aesthetic Aural Terrorism, or so. What do you think of it? Thank you for your questions; and greetings from Testify