Interview with Myk Jung by Vincent Eldefors

Hello this is Myk Jung from Testify answering the Tartarean Desire-Interview-questions:

Could you give the readers a short biographical background of the band?

Testify was founded in late 1992. First releases in Germany in 1993. Since 1994 co-operation with Van Richter in the US. Mental wreckness first showed up in late 1995. Rising ever since.

I know most musicians don't like labelling their music but could you please give a description of your music to those who haven't heard it yet?

Testify creates aggro-Industrial in the classical style: Noise-intros. Heavy guitars. Noise outros (or is it called extros? or is there any definition at all?) Doesn't matter: in the end of each Testify song you will find it: the noise again (mo stly the same sample as in the beginning.)

What do you think when people compare you to Ministry which is not that unusual?

We change our opion concerning that with each year. That was a decision made in 1996. So let me think. In 1998 we were (again) proud of that comparision. And logically in 1999 (again) quite cross with that definition. So, again logically, 2000 was one year we were not frustrated with it. We even wrote the famous lyric-line: Testify? A poor mimicry of Ministry. - to be found on the soon to be released super-fresh album "Triviality Beyond Acceptance"

What do you think of your label Van Richter Records so far?

Van Richter is treating us with gentleness, knowing our mental derangedness.

Your third album was named "MMMYAOOOO", a word that my cat knows how to pronounce. How come you chose this strange title?

It was Moses who came up with that idea. His cat had inspired him with the word that he never was really able to pronounce.

Your fourth and latest release is called "Crack The Mind". Could you give us a few good reasons why we should buy this album?

It is the best example ever of a band with two sides: while the remixers on that album stressed the electronic side of Testify, doing four titles, the band itsself created a strongly guitar-ruled-image bringing fourth five new titles.

How do you compose your music? Do you write the music first and then the lyrics or the other way round?

It has ever been the music first.

Are the band members involved in any other bands or projects apart from Testify?

Oh yes. The Fair Sex is one of these bands, Electric PowOw another; Nice Gods Bleed a third, Twisted Brains a fourth. The most powerful of all these projects is: Testify.

How do you like touring? Do you have any particular event(s) you will never forget?

There were several gorgeous events with maybe the peak of all on October 13th 1997 in Berlin - but that is an band-interna later to be told and released. Some time back we have already planned to make a road movie out of the events of that day. It will be The Slowest Road Movie ever since.

Your top five bands ever?

Led Zeppelin/XTC/Abbrechende Waschbecken/The Normal/Warm Leatherette

The music industry in Germany is huge compared to most other countries. Do you have any ideas about how this has happened?

We have, indeed. Germany has 80 millions inhabitants, the most in Europe.

If you were to choose just one, which of your albums are you most satisfied with and why?

MMMYAOOOO - because it's the hardest. No - Triviality Beyond Acceptance - because it's the newest.

Are the band members real friends or do you only meet to compose music?

The Testifylers are real friends - who meet no more to compose music.

Anything else you would like to get off your chest?

The Black Anger we would like to get off our chest - but that will last a bit I think. Thank you very much, Vincent Eldefors!! Greetinx Myk