Interview with Kullf, Moses and Myk by Anthony Flores

How do the German origins of the band, reflect on the music, if at all?

Moses: I don't think that we make a specific teutonic sound
Kullf: You come from a very Industrial area - that MUST have influenced you
Myk: I think these are phrases. As the question was. Nothing's ever new. All phrases.

How do you feel about being dubbed the next Ministry?

Kullf: I am not firm with the newest Ministry-release. Haven't heard it often enough.
Moses: We will never be the next Ministry. Ministry has become poor.
Myk: That is what numerous people say, even countless. So it is a phrase.

Do you find their work still relevant in the late '90's? What differentiates your material from theirs?

Moses: Ministry seem to have missed their path of development. Our material is more song-orientated ... with real hooklines
Myk: Which means more conventional. More sort of rotten-old phrase-like stuff. Forget Testify.

Rascal & Myk, what do you feel you've brought to TESTIFY; in terms of musicianship and experience?

Kullf: Myk and Rascal and Lo, the first Testify-guitar-player - they definitely have messed it all up! ... With what they have built on the first album - all these EBM-sequences, very paltry drum-patterns and absolutely thin guitars - agrh! weia. Inferior sound made by electronic-freaks.
Moses: And experience, harr! The experience how to endure hundreds of gigs with an average audience of 28 listeners - that's what they were able to teach us
Myk: Mmmmoomph.

How does "Crack the Mind," build upon the collective work of TESTIFY?

Kullf: The riff and basic-work of Moses and myself have gained more stress of importance - that bettered the whole thing. Myk of course destroyed everything in the end setting his voxes on the fine arrangements
Moses: Bull for the first time sang background voices...
Kullf: He should have sung the foreground voxes

What would you consider to be the strongest remixes, on "Crack The Mind"?

Kullf: The beauty of the Quest Of Nothing-Warzone-Pharmaceuticals-Mix is an aesthetic that all Testifylers fell for...

Do you consider your live shows, to be as effective at communicating the music, as the recordings? Would you say more so, or about the same?

Kullf: When we have a real good evening our shows might even outmatch our recordings
Myk: Sounds like a phrase to me

What does your tour schedule look like for the immediate future? Any plans to play anything akin to an OzzFest, or even any desire to?

Moses: Tour schedule, harr! There will some autumn-activities, but we have plenty of time in between - so much time that we could...
Myk: write a fantasy-novel in the mean-time
Kullf: And the script for two or three movies
Myk: Hmm. Not enough time for the two scripts I fear - unless it were pornographic movies where the conversation is shortened to: Aaahrg! Do it again, but deeper and harder and faster and spill your....
Moses: next question, perhaps

Realistically, where do you see yourselves as a band, in the next five years?

Kullf: Five YEARS? I ask myself where we be in five MONTHS!?!
Moses: In roundabout five weeks I don't think that Tesity still exists

Can you give us a glimpse, into the next album; or is it still to early yet?

Myk: We have material; but nevertheless it is still too early for that question