by Wet-Works Electrozine

Testify has been creating music since 1993. Has the band line-up changed any over the years?

The band line-up has changed very much over the years. Only lead singer Myk and sound-chief Mathias remained from the earliest days til nowadays. Bass-player and minor headmaster Rascal was replaced by Bull; Lo and Thor (former guitar-players) left and were followed-up by Moses and Kullf; Sven Stone took over the drums from Shoby.

You've worked with a bunch of talented bands. What have you as a band taken away from these experiences?

We always forget experiences that once we had and start over again with the feeling of fresh new adventures never to be predecessored - the phenomenon you may find in starting a new love-affair harr

Who was your favorite band/artist to work with?

Definitely not The Fair Sex. Probably more Adam Grossman from Skrew - or Die Warzau who made a terrific Quest Of Nothing=--remix.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Every Testifyler has different favorites - most of which are total contrast. That's the reason why not one of the Testifylers likes the conglomerat-mixture which signifies the Testify sound. All kinda sounds raging from Roger Chapman to Bjwrk are Testify favorites but Mathias always says: No. We must stick to sounding like a cheap Ministry-copy. Like we had started that grey autumn 1992, when still Rascal who has the greatest looping-knowledge was minor headmaster!

Where do you record your albums? What's the recording process usually like?

We record our stuff in the big Skyline studio in D3sseldorf/ Western Germany and even more in the tricky Killing Sound Research studio of Mathias Black in the same town. We start recording guitar-riffs, sample them, re-build them, we sample drum- fragments or noisy sounds, rebuild them, put all the rebuilt stuff together - and have something that sounds somewhat re-built.

What do you think are the biggest differences between German industrial fans and American industrial fans?

The biggest difference is that we don't know the American Industrial fans.

What type of music do you see yourselfs creating in say, five years?

In five years we will have been successful lancing our Psychedelic-Drug-Insane-Weird-Dazed-And-Confused-Project high into the charts

Testify has been remixed by a few bands, most notably Die Warzau and Die Krupps. How did this come about?

Van Richter our label has brought about the connections to the remixers - though it is true that we know Die Krupps from activities that took place in the last decade of the 19th century. Round about 106 years ago.

Have you ever done remixes for other bands? If so, what are some of your favorites?

We have no favorites; no-one would be that wrecked to ask Testify to lay their slimy hands on some-one's precious works

What is your favorite thing about the industrial scene? Least favorite?

We do not like the Industrial Scene. We are glad to be soon active in the Psychedelic-Drug-Insane-Weird-Dazed-Scene (and Confused).