Interview by Brandi

Why don't you introduce yourselves for the Kill Yer T.V Zine readers that don't know who you are (band name, group member names, what everyone plays, location)

Testify: coming from the most western regions of Germany - Essen, Dusseldorf and Metelheym, Mettmann. Consisting of these ones: Mathias (sound-captain) Moses (gits& voxes) Bull (bass& beer) Kullf (git & prick) Myk (vox& drep) Sven (drums)

How old is everyone, how long have you been together

Sven seems to be the youngest, something around 24. Myk is the eldest, something around 88. This line-up exists since 1996. Before there was the older version of Testify, starting in 1993.

How did ya come up with the name Testify?

It was pure intuition, in the summer of 1992, on a grave-yard, when the sun oiled our heads - and nobody knew how Testify would sound alike in later days.

What are your influences in producing your music?

Mimikry and Ministry.

Is there music that you enjoy that doesn't affect what you produce at all? If there is, what is it? Do you ever plan on incorporating it into your music?

Yes. Kim Wilde is that for Myk. And Roger Chapman and Rory Gallagher for Kullf. And Bjork for Sven. And Kiss for Moses. And some ethno-quatsh for Bull, and so on. We think we will not incorporate such things into our sound.

How many albums have you had, and their names?

Testify 01 1993/ Ballroomkiller 1994/ MMMYAOOOO 1996/ Crack The Mind 1998.

What has been your favorite groups to play with?

Armageddon Dildos - and U.L.A.A. !

What do you feel about your fans?

They seem to remember us.

Last but not least, how can somebody recieve a Testify cd?

Go to our big fat website for centuries of knowledge on Testify and the chance to support us with your purchase of our releases which we would greatly appreciate. Thank you very much URL address http://vr.dv8.net