Testify: interview with Myk (vox) and Bull (bass)

Interview by Nav Dhillon

Testify was concieved as a side project of the band The Fair Sex, how was the transition from side project to main stay?

Myk: The more The Fair Sex-members left the Testify-line up, the stronger the special Testify-profile became. The metal-ic side of Testify grew, and the new live-crew brought a fresh wind into the whole thing, making it more a band than a project. It was not the fastest of all processes, but in the end Testify was band of its own, while nobody seemed to remember The Fair Sex...

Who handles the writing of lyrics for the band? And what motivates you to do so? Do you draw from personal experience?

Bull: Most of the stuff is due to Myk's strange attitudes and his weird-shit-visions - and he draws his inspirations from his own paltry life, I guess - from all his unlucky love-affairs, as Mathias told me...
Myk: Eh? You should confess that you never have read one single lyric-line - not to mention that you would not have understood it, if you had done so.
Bull: You are so sensible and mentally weak, Myk.

How did the production by Screw come to pass on the Mmyaoooo album? And how did this influence the overall sound of the album?

Myk: With no doubt there was a positive influence of Adam Grossman of Skrew who came over to Germany to help us producing the album. His knowledge and ideas made the album whole and round and 100%.

What bands do you find yourself currently listening to?

Bull: Myk, the for-the time being-favorite-sound-question! You should say now Ministry... and NIN! Then all are satisfied.
Myk: I only listen to Nice Gods Bleed's second album which is not released in the States.
Bull: This is his new side-project; and as far as I know it's nowhere released.... I personally listen to avandgarde projects the names of which are totally unknown in the States.
Myk: As far as I know this is Bull's own literary-intellectual-performance, for students and teachers and alike sort of people... Nothing will become of this.

When not recording or touring what is a typical day like for the members of Testify?

Bull: Myk and Kullf (git.) meet each other and drink German beer and discuss sexual visions in which very young girl seem to play the most important role.
Myk: That's rotten shit. We make guitar-sessions, sampling-sessions; we create some new riffs for one of the projects. We draw inspiration from the impressing Mettmann-nature. (Mettman is a small town in western Germany where Kullf lives)
Bull: By sitting drunkenly in the sun.
Myk: And Moses (git.) is touring with his new comedy-show.
Bull: That's right.

Two words for you, 'Ballroom Blitz'?

Myk: Ballroom Blitz is a remnant of the stone-old Testify-past. If I remember it right, this was not one of the great deeds of Testify...
Bull: This memory is exactly precise. It is a paltry thing, that version of the Sweet classic - as well as the whole mini-album Ballroom Killer.
Myk: I fear we are not the best in promoting ourselves...

After letting Die Krupps remix you on 'Crack the Mind' are there any plans for future collaborations with the band?

Myk: I don't think so. It was more the final step of our collaboration, after we had toured together and all such things.

The Fair Sex release volumes I and II of 'Dark Ages' later this year, any thoughts or wishes on these releases?

Myk: I whish I would receive some free copies
Bull: Moreover he wishes these albums to go double platinum in the States, which is very likely, har. Thank you very much, Nav Dhillon from Genetic Malfunction----- greetinx from Germany