Interview by Mike Trujillo

Moving at burning,bludgeoning warp speed,TESTIFY is already being dubbed Germany's answer to Front Line Assembly.Taking songs from Sweating to the oldies and twisting them into their own perverted style,TESTIFY turns a ballroom blitz into an electronic killer with circuitry never designed for mercy.

Pit: What is currently going on with TESTIFY?

Myk Jung: We're working on new TESTIFY stuff, as well as THE FAIR SEX material, since some of us are members of that old European band. We finished the work on the new FAIR SEX album, and now we're working on the new TESTIFY.

Pit: Tell us briefly how TESTIFY came to be.

Myk Jung: In '92 we had to do something more harsh and aggressive than THE FAIR SEX. We met some guys in London with guitar riffs and noise samples, and we started working on the TESTIFY project.

Pit: What can one expect from this side project

Myk Jung: Expect very brutal, very harsh and coarse guitar, and also noise and atmospheres expressing anger and dissatisfaction. I do not want to promote feelings of anger; I want to get rid of my feelings of anger and perhaps reach people that have similar emotions.

Pit: You incorporated additional musicians for live performances. How did this affect TESTIFY's sound?

Myk Jung: The original members who wrote the first material for TESTIFY came more from the electronic field, like THE FAIR SEX members. We hadn't played with a drummer for over six years, and I think that brought more of a natural atmosphere. The stuff we're working on now will be more natural. We rediscovered ourselves throughout the last two years.

Pit: You covered SWEET's "Ballroom Blitz"; how did this come about?

Myk Jung: It's a favorite of one of our guitar players. I didn't like SWEET at all, but when I listened to "Ballroom Blitz" for the first time since '81, 1 thought it was a pretty good song to cover. It doesn't have any content or message I want to get through, but it's a good song-strange atmosphere, strange lyrics. Even for a pop project of the late '70s, it has pretty interesting lyrics.

Pit: You worked with engineers Keith 'Fluffy'Auerbach and H. Beno (MINISTRY).

Myk Jung: We have not met them personally; we just sent them our material. They were interested in remixes, and they are quite famous. I'm especially happy about the weird "Spoil" re-mix on the Ballroom Killer EP. They did a great job, and I hope that in the future we will work with them again.

Pit: You mentioned new materiaL

Myk Jung: I hope the new material will be released sometime this year. We have put together six or seven titles already, but we haven't recorded them-they're just demos.