Interview by Adrian Bromley

Aggro-metallers Testify are on a mission to be seen, heard and respected in 1995. Since the band - comprised of Myk Jung (vox), Rascal Nikov (bass), Moses W. (guitar), Ulf (guitar), and Shoby (drums) - began in 1992, they have released an LP entitled Testify 01 (garnering them critical acclaim in North America and Europe), and have toured quite extensively for the last few years in Europe. This has allowed them to gain a hardcore fan base for their music. After several weeks of trying to track them down, the band finally responded to CoC's questions about themselves and the aggro-industrial-metal music that they play. In Q&A form, we discover that these hard-edged aggro-metallers do seem to have a sense of humor.

CoC: What fuels the fire within the band? Is there a key point that brings the band together to play as one?

Rascal: We are never completely satisfied with what we've done, and that simple reason drives us forward.

Myk: The keypoint that keeps us working together, as I've often stated it before: Our dissatisfaction with this world and with ourselves. That makes us continue, to save the world and ourselves.

CoC: How important is it for the band to keep up with current sounds and trends? Are the trends avoided?

Moses: We don't avoid any trends. They are sucked up by us. We are 'The Trendsuckers,' a new Marvel Comics super hero group. Never heard of us before?

CoC: Is metal/industrial music still accepted or is it a struggle nowadays to keep it alive? Is it passe?

Rascal: No it is neither of the two. Metal/industrial will grow in Europe as well as in the States. It will be the 90's metal.

CoC: Musically or spiritually, what does Testify provide their listeners or fans with that no other band does?

Myk: 'I am eaten off by helpless wrath' - If anybody is in danger to feel something like this, then it would be the right thing to listen to Testify. I am sure that there are other bands offering quite a similar medicine, I don't care, I have to get rid of my helplessness and Testify helps.

Moses: I think we have quite an original, specific way to combine atmospheric noises with guitar sounds.

CoC: What are the influences that got you guys into this genre of music?

Rascal: Oh, we have many influences but I'm praying that Myk doesn't mention any specific ones. If so, everybody will discover that everything we do is a cheap copy of things already done before ... and better.

CoC: Does the fact that bands like Ministry and NIN had to go 'commercial' to see some success bother you? Will Testify go that route to see success as well?

Myk: Do you really mean that Ministry went 'commercial' in regards to what they have done musically? I don't think so. Their Psalm 69 album was a great success, of course, but to me it was a continuous development, a logical step after their other previous albums.

Rascal: Testify on the other hand will go commercial, quite possibly seeing something like Bryan Adams starting to take shape.