What can you tell us about your upcoming release, "Crack The Mind?" I know it will have remixes by Die Krupps and Die Warzau.

Hi! This is Myk/ Testify answering the questions The upcoming release will be a mini-album with five new titles and some three or even four remixes, of which there is one made by Die Krupps. Some people think this is a very queer mix; let's wait for the reaction. Die Warzau made a new version of the "ballad" Quest Of Nothing. The new stuff? It's the best Testify since MMMYAOOOO, the predecessor, har.

Are you going to be touring in the near future? If so, where and when?

Plans are not ripened yet. We have to wait a little bit, but we hope only a little bit... For the rest of this year gigs in Germany might be more likely than in the US.

What made you decide to form Testify separately from The Fair Sex? Do you think of Testify as merely a side-project, or as an entirely individual entity?

The basic idea was to form something that has more bite than the fluffy-grown The Fair Sex. Without any doubt Testify has become an entirely individual entity, surpassing TFS in many ways. It's harder and stronger, with more power and luckily lacking the lethargie that TFS suffer from.

Many artists that have side-projects produce tracks and later decide which pseudonymn to release them under. Is this your method as well, or do you have a different approach?

The Testify-crew nowadays is totally different from the gang of early days, with new members that do not come from the TFS-clan. Only one is left that is member of both projects, and he is mentally deranged. (Pitiably that's me - Myk). So there is never any doubt about the question under which flag the titles will be released.

TFS hasn't released any new material lately. Are you planning to just release new material under Testify?

If in the future Testify will be the only surviving phenomenon is still an uncertain matter. But certainly Testify is more alive than the stone-old group TFS - at least for the time being.

Being in "The Biz" for as long as you have, you have obviously had your ups and downs. Can you tell us about your most extreme experiences?

There was nothing like extreme experiences. Nothing but an endless boring chain of cheerless events: with girls running out of the toilet before the dramatic finale of the activity that you urgently wanted to finish; with managers promising you 20.000 Dollars in advance, which proved to de pure nonsense; with tours that were dropped, and albums that flopped, and the last sentence was a rhyme; not bad, eh?!

I know alot people who listen to "indie" music despise MTV for many reasons. Have you received any negative responses concerning the airing of your A.N.G.E.R. video on MTV? Did it provide the positive exposure you had hoped for?

No, we've never received any negative responses concerning that airing. That sounds good, but the sad truth is: We even have not received positive responses. We never received any kind of responses to that. Nobody seems to have noticed that airing....

Thanks yet again for your time, Myk. Good luck with Crack The Mind!

Thanks for your interest, and for your good wishes! Warm regards - Myk.