Hi Testify... So, I don't know your band quite well, but, would you like to give us a brief explanation on your background?

Hi! greetinx Agonizers! Testify was founded in late 1992, in order to start something with balls, something wreckening the inner ear. The forerunner-projects had become soft and tired and made us puke.

You just released your "Mmmyaooooo" CD, first, why this title?

"MMMYAOOOO" is quite an outstanding title, and everybody asks why this weird shit of a title - this alone is a sign that we chose the right title. It's a sort of sound-word, like in Marvel Comics: something like a scream. Scream of insanity, probably.

How would you like to describe your music? Thrashy indus? Indus/thrash? What?

"Computerized Metal" perhaps - only to create a new term?! Or what about "the Dance of Wrath"? Sounds dramatic. In Germany the term "Industrial" is getting kind off despised, regrettably.

You recorded with Ministry's member, how was the co-operation like?

Oh, we were not with Fluffy Auerbach. He re-made stuff that we sent him, that was all. But the result was great.

I'm not that much into indus, and so, I quite don't know nothing on it, except the habitual Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, so, could you introduce me more to this scene?

One fundamental idea is that sampling and noise-atmo-attacks should not be forbidden and may be an addition to an aggressive construction, even if it's not that handmade. That's all I can say; and besides Ministry, and NIN, and Skrew and Testify I do not know anything neither.

Please answer our ritual question: my penis is as ... as... I fuck ... My favorite sexual act is when I... .

My penis is as strangely-coloured as it should not be. Eh?! And: I fuck Angelyne's boobs, at least in the dreams of masturbation. My favorite sexual act is the toilet-act with thirty year old - or was it thirteen year old female beings?

What's your deal with Van Richter all about and how do you consider their work as a label?

VR seems almost as mentally wrecked as the Testifylers themselves: that ought to be a good basis to co-operate.

Did you tour and if yes, how is it like for an indus band to tour? I mean it's slightly different from recording with machines and so, are you using session musicians orwhat? How is your stage-acting like?

Yeah, Testify has a real and human life-band, dirty stage-guerillos they are with brains not properly working.