Interview by Sniper Wells

"Sielwolf" seems to actually be some kind of German sewer cleaner, How and why did you choose this name for your band?

Peter used to have a project in 1983 when somebody told him this name. Later when we were looking for a bands name we were thinking about the concept first. It was recycled music in the beginning, we sampled of old german Krautrock and movies and made a personal style out of it, so we decided to be named Sielwolf. The atmosphere in a sewer deep in the dirty water fits for the band!

Who are the bands that influenced you? In the very beginning : swans, chrome, new classical music like Pendereckie, Varese, Pierre Henry, a little bit Neubauten especially in that way that we choosed the german language for the lyrics.

Do you know Sascha and En Esch from KMFDM? How bout Jourgen Engler and Die Krupps?

We had one gig with the Krupps on a Festival. We dont know both and are not interested in their music to be honest.

I was in Berlin last summer during the Love Parade and Techno was HUGE, when I asked about Industrial they gave me wierd sounding "esoteric" techno records. What's the "real" industrial scene like now in Germany?

There is no big industrial scene at he moment, I suppose the Krupps are part of it . The only interesting movement in Europe at the moment is Drum and Bass (Ed Rush, Source Direct,Lemon D).

What's the music scene in general in Germany like?

Drum and Bass is getting bigger which is good, Techno is still really big. I quite like the experimental stuff like Aphex Twin, the Orb (we saw there show yesterday in LA, it was really good! There is this rockscene like everywhere and the Darkwave scene.

Would You ever do a pure techno record for the money?

We would do a Drum and Bass record as a side project. Yes I think we would make a Techno record in a experimental way. In all music directions are interesting sounds and styles, we are open minded in music. Peter has got about 7000 records all together and believe me its not just one style.

Where is your favorite place to play? Spelle (Germany)

Where is your biggest audience? Berlin

What does "Metastasen" translate to?

Its any kind of cancer that destroyes your body slowly.

How do you see your music sounding in the future?

We brought out two records in 96 and 97 (4, and remixes) which are very different of the Magnum Force and Nachtstrom. Mick Harris /Scorn produced it. Its very dark and introvert. In future we will change again, as I said before we like experiments. Maybe some Drum and Bass influences for the rhythm but again more aggressive then the 4. We feel like going forward again.

Where do you see music in general heading to in the future?

More electronical music and a musicmarket full of shitprojects because most people are able to do it with the right computers/samplers but only a few people are creative.

I've read a few times about "Psychohygiene" can you tell my readers, what this is all about, it seems to be important to the band.

Psychohygiene is a prophylaxy to keep your mind healthy before instead of getting mental problems after. Its the same thing like with your teeth. If you dont brush them you wont be able to keep them long. Best psychhygiene for yourself is not to live on other peoples expectations. Do/say what you want and feel, never mind what other people think of you. Then you will become very relaxed after a while.

This is my first interview via the internet, what are your thoughts on the internet and it's purpose and future for the world?

In one hand its good to get in touch with other people like that but an interview is always an interaction, so I prefer to have somebody in front of me, seeing the person, hearing the voice, it's much better!