Interview by sLaVe

Slave: Slave Greetings, how is life in the world of Sielwolf?

Petra: Life is quite normal on one hand, we have to work because we cant live on the music. The other life is making music to compensate fears of life and to be creative. We are living in Frankfurt which is a very cold city. Money rules Frankfurt, especially on the music market.

Slave: I know that there's an explanation to accompnay the band's name. Please elaborate.

Petra: A Sielwolf is a machine that filters dirt in the water of a sewer.

Slave: Keeping in mind that i have never heard any of your music, how would you describe it to me?

Petra: Industrial roots of the early eighties, sampling concept and life instruments (Bass, guitar, drums), very personal lyrics of the dark side of life, a mixture between extrovert aggressive and introvert slow parts (Nautilus)

Slave: I've seen your musical style associated with a few other bands,specifically einsterzende neubauten, ministry, laibach, and godflesh... would you consider such associations justified?

Petra: Maybe bits of our music I suppose people always need to catogorize music. I think Ministry not at all except the Magnum Force which we made before Ministry style by the way but if you are on a small label it always takes time until it comes out because of money problems.

Slave: Name a few bands which you would consider to be a major influence on your music

Petra: Penderecki, Chrome,Swans,Can, Faust, Pierre Henry (french avantgarde)

Slave: Do you have a favourite album at the moment?

Petra: Ed Rush, Source direct,scorn,Aphex twin,John Spencer,Captain Beefheart, Alan Vega, different albums etc.

Slave: Your bio mentions that you encorporate movie samples into your music, what type of movies do you borrow from?

Petra: The Kindred, Videodrome, Shining, Apocalypse Now, Cape Fear, Henry, portrait of a serial killer, Soylent Green, Wild at Heart etc.

Slave: Is there a particular movie that you just can't get enough of?

Petra: Coma, Shining, The Tenant (Polansky), Rosemary's Baby, Apocalypse Now.

Slave: I was checking out your lyrics on the web page, but unfortunately my german isn't too great. Could you give me a rough idea of the themes you write about?

Petra: Peter wrote down his dreams at night for the lyrics so they are very personal, telling about isolation, fears not to be taken serious, aggressions and personal conflicts.

Slave: Ok, one of my favourite questions to ask... do you have any opinions or thoughts (positive or negative) regarding trent reznor and nine inch nails?

Petra: Its all right in a commercial way but we are not interested in them too much. Its more a kind of a pop thing. The same with Ministry.

Slave: How do you feel about Einsturzende Neubauten signing with trent reznor's nothing records?

Petra: It's a good possibility to get bigger for them. It's all right as a band you need money to realize your ideas. Sound is a very important thing. The more money you get for your production, the better the sound of your new album will be. If you want to get international known, you need a good quality of your sound to be played on radio stations or in clubs. It's the same thing with working together with other bands or bigger names. Nine Inch Nails are much bigger than Neubauten in u.s.a. so of course it's a possibility of them to sign there, and I suppose they like NIN otherwise they wouldn't have signed with Nothing Records.

Slave: Is there anything else that you'd like to mention?

Petra: We are going to hawaii next friday!

Slave: Must be nice... well. thanx a lot petra, good luck with the album.