Interview by Miki Griesbauer

Sielwolf is a German Metal Noise band, discovered by the same agent as Einsturzende Neubatten and KMFDM. One of the premier bands of the European club scene, Sielwolf is currently carving a niche in the U.S. Industrial Metal scene.

Formed in Frankfurt, Germany in 1989 by Petra Tausendpfund and Peter Prochir, Sielwolf spans the worlds of Industrial, Ambient and Noise genres. The critically acclaimed Metastasen album, released in 1995, was the first U.S. release for Sielwolf. 1997 brings the release of The Fair Sex, the long-awaited sophomore U.S. release.

A sielwolf is a machine that filters dirt out of sewer water. Petra Tausendpfund said, "Our concept used to be in the beginning to recycle our own records, sample them and turn it into a new style. The atmosphere resembles the deep, dirty underground of a sewer sometimes."

The band started off as just Peter Prochir and Petra, using samples. In order to play gigs, they found a drummer, bassist and guitarist. Petra describes Sielwolf's style as having industrial roots mixed with samples and life instruments. A kind of "organic trash".

Peter and Petra write all of the songs for Sielwolf. Their influences are varied, ranging from Chrome, Mark Stewart, Swans, etc. in the beginning, to new classical music such as Pendereckie, Varese, Ligetie, Pierre Henry and soundtracks. The wide variety of influences adds depth and intensity to Sielwolf's music. Petra's favorite Sielwolf song is Nachstrom, from the album of the same name which is due out in October in the U.S. on Van Richter Records. Petra said, "It shows the extreme part of ourselves while Nautilus shows the opposite side."

Currently, Sielwolf is working on this album. The band just released two albums in Europe, Sielwolf 4 and 5, which is a remix album, produced by Mick Harris of Scorn. Petra believes that every sample has a philosophy unto itself, and she hope sthat Sielwolf's audience realizes this. She said that she hopes Sielwolf isn't just noted for the hard, tough side of the music, beacuse there is so much more to the band that just that one aspect.

As for the future, Petra hopes to create more records and promote Sielwolf further than it has been. A soundtrack is another goal on her list, using more modern electronic sound rhythms. Petra also said that there are plans for more side projects that are more ambient like Nautilus.