Interview by sLaVe

What have been your musical influences, and what music do you listen to at home?

We used to be influenced by bands like the Swans, Mark Stewart and old avantgarde like Pierre Henry. Penderecki was a very big influence by the time we made "Nachtstrom".

Your music relies heavily on sampling. Is it difficult to perform the non-lyrical compositions?

We always had a noisy structure in our music because of the noisy sounds we used from the beginning on. To perform the non lyrical compositions is not difficult because, except life instruments, we use DAT tapes like most bands to have extra sample/sounds on stage to make it sound like on record.

Your earlier recordings are the most laden with samples, especially from horror movies. What is the signifigance of the samples you used then, and the samples you use now? Is the cover art of "Nachtstrom" signifigant in a similar way?

We don't use samples of horror movies anymore. It was our concept for a couple of years but we are fed up by it. At the moment or after "Nachtstrom" we used self made sounds most. Of course it creates another atmosphere, more subtile not as direct as it used to be. The cover art of "Nachtstrom" expressed our concept.

I have noticed both subtle and more noticeable evolutions in your music. Structure, organization, and texture are altered drastically from track to track while retaining the Sielwolf style. Are you consciously aware of these changes in stylistic characteristics, or is it a natural progression?

Yes, we are consciously aware of these changes in stylistic characteristics. Our music influences come from many different music directions. I think, that's why we have this style changes.

On "Metastasen," Lassigue Bendthaus remix "Beweglich Animalisch." Can we expect any further collabboration with them, or any other bands?

We made two records with Mick Harris (SCORN) which had a big effect on our new concept. We worked only once with Uwe of LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS. We like his work but it doesn't fit at the moment with our new style. By the way. He is living in Chile now. We would like to work with Mick Harris again!

Which of your songs are you most satisfied with, and do they hold any special meaning to you personally?

For me "Nachtstrom" (the whole record) was very personal. I identified myself with the lyrics of Peter an also the change of aggressive and quiet parts was very satisfying. Peter prefers "Metastasen" because the tracks became more rhythmically.

If you were to give a description of Sielwolf's music to someone who's never heard it before, what would the description be?

SIELWOLF had a very noisy and also quiet structure. Most of the times our samples are distorted into other noises. We used movie sounds samples and mixed it up with german lyrics. Most parts are industrial influenced. For us it was a possibility to get rid of aggresions in a way.

Are there any particular comments you'd like to tell your fans?

We still identify ourselves with previous CDs but we have completly changed our style (exept typical SIELWOLF sounds) thats why it is difficult to answer questions of the past!

Thanks for taking the time out for this interview. Thanks again for this opportunity. In_Faction Magazine

In regards, Petra and Peter.