Interview by Michele Griesbauer

1) Why did you decide to name the band Sielwolf?

A Sielwolf is a machine that filters the dirt out of the water in a sewer. Our concept used to be in the beginning to recycle our own records, sample them and turn it into a new style. The atmosphere reminds of the deep, dirty underground of a sewer sometimes.

2) Any special meaning associated with the name?

I answered the question in Nr.1

3) How did you all get together?

Peter and me (Petra) formed the band in 1989. We only used sample sounds in the beginning. When we wanted to play gigs we found our three musicians (Drums, Bass, Guit.) to realize the project for live.

4) How would you describe your style of music?

We have industrial roots but also we are using sample sounds quite a lot and mixed it up with live instruments. Maybe its a kind of organic trash.

5) What are some of the influences that inspire your music?

In the beginning, Chrome, Mark Stewart, Swans etc. and new classical music like Pendereckie, Varese, Ligetie, Pierre Henry and soundtracks.

6) Who is the songwriter for Sielwolf?

Peter and me.

7) What are some of the things currently going on with the band?

We brought out two Albums on the European market (Sielwolf 4, and 5, a remix album, produced by Mick Harris of Scorn. We work on a new album at the moment.

8) What are some of the things that you feel, set Sielwolf apart from other bands?

We think that every samplesound has got a philosophy in itself. Its not very obvious you realize it on the second view.

9) What is your favorite Sielwolf song? Why?

My favorite is Nachtstrom, from the album Nachtstrom which will come out in october in USA (Van Richter). It shows the extrem part of ourselves and Nautillus which shows the opposite side.

10) Personally, what type of image do you hope the public associates Sielwolf with?

We hope that the public doesn't only see the hard,tuff side of our music and we don't like if we get compared to bands like N.I.N. or Ministry.

11) How would you describe your live show?

We are having life instruments on stage and sounds. Sometimes we add art performances to make the music more visual.

12) What are some of the future goals for the band?

Bringing out more records of course, we still would like to do a soundtrack and want to use more modern electronical soundrythms. We will also make some side projects, more ambientlike (Nautillus).