Interview by Vorobejus Nerijus

In one interview you said you'd like to get more questions about your view of life.

It's difficult to answer this in general, it would help if you ask certain questions.

You have already released two albums: "Metastasen" and "Magnum Force". Tell me the short about them. What is difference between them? Which one album do you like more? Do you think "Magnum Force" is more mature then 1st album?

First album that came out in Germany was the Magnum Force, the follow up album was Nachtstrom and the third album Metastasen. It's a trilogy concept with a very personal intention. For USA the albums were cut in a different order, so it's difficult to give you an interpretation that way. The Metastasen is more introvert, especially about the lyrics. We like both , they are both different, Petra prefers Nachtstrom of all three.

Soon should be released "Nachstrom" - probably your new album, isn't it? What your listeners can expect from this album? Will be there music similar to your previous albums?

It will be released in the USA in October 1997 on Van Richter Records. It's normally the second one in the trilogy . There also a mixture of straight forward and in the other hand introvert tracks on it.

You are from Germany, so I guess you know your labelmates Testify. What are yours releationship with them? Have you played any gig together? What is your opinion about their creature?

It's a shame but we didnt meet them till now. They come from another city, we would like to meet them. In their genre they are pretty good. We haven't seen any live gigs of them either which is a pity.

As Testify you're doing gigs with additional musicians. And I guess your live sound is different then studio record, isn't it? So maybe you have any plans to release a live album?

NO, its not quite like that, we do sound life very simular to the records, maybe a bit more ruff, we never thought about bringing out a live album but we have heard that there is a bootleg around (?).

As I know your lyrics are in german. Do you think people from the rest countries will like that? I think if a band would like to be well known world wide they must sing in english. I think that isn't very good, don`t you think so?

Peter wants to express himself in german because the lyrics are very personal and you loose the feeling (our opinion) in another language. It's not our first aim to be known world wide.

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