Plastic Noise Experience

Interview by Mark W.

Can you give us a run down on how the band came together?

We met in a small discotheque in Mindon,which is our home town, and got to know each other in late 1989 and realized we were on the same wavelength. We talked about music and whatever and planned to get together and start experimenting on a musical project. We made some experiments together and noticed that we like the results and we called our project Plastic Noise Experience and that was all.

What have you been up to lately? Recordings? Releases?

We have been working on a new release for Van RIchter Records called "Noised" that contains re-edited tracks from our last full length plus allot of new material including a cover version of Motorhead's "Hellraiser". Also a planned record of remixes and our next new released planned in last Spring a year ago with the label.

Any gigs lately? Any live performances in the planning?

Not lately. Recording and remixes has been the priority as well as our regular jobs

Has your sound developed further or adapted itself much since the project's formation?

We record mostly with old style analog gear that gives us a now old school minimalistic EBM sound. Our sound has developed as our skills have developed as Musicians. PNE still is associated with old style electro industrial which is not so popular anyomre.

Do you have an album that stands out from all your other efforts?

I would say the tracks we released on "196c" and "Neural Transmissions" which were classic PNE tracks. Our last record as a duo is the soon to be released "Noise". Stephan has now since left the band unfortunately to pursue other interests

Are you happy with the current lineup/sound?

Right now the sound is the mastermind of just Claus and a new record has yet to be recorded for Van Richter. We will see over time if I am satisfied with the next generation of PNE sound.

Were any of the current members in any past projects or bands?

Claus has worked on sideprojects- The Serpents, Sonic Unit, and Gaytron

Have you come up against any barriers so far?

Barriers? Just the usual industry stuff as well as the fact this genre is a very small niche. Actually Germany has a good subculture that supports underground music.

Do you believe in extra terrestrial life?

Sure why not

If you had to put a label on your sound...How would you describe it?

Old world EBM that is dark and harsh with an electro dance beat. We have been compared to big pioneer bands like Front Line Assembly and Front 242.

Describe a typical live performance?

Lots of lights, smoke and tons of analog gear. The live show has a lot of energy which feeds off the audience.

How do you think your country's music scene could be improved? (That is if it needs improving)

Music fans need to open their minds in accepting more noncommercial artists. We can't complain compared to the states where it is all about commercial music.

What are your views on the old mp3/Napster/free music situation?

If we make the mp3 and put them up on our website or label site that is ok. But we don't approve people encoding our cds into mp3 files and giving our music away for free without our permission.

Do you utilise the internet much?

Stephan is a programmer and we both work on websites as well as talk to our label and fans by email

Has the internet affected your music or views on music in any way?

The net was first a postive for exposure of the band but then the negative side is that now people are using it mostly to exploit our as well as other artists music for free.

Are there any bands or artists out there who have been a major or vague influence on your musical style?

We were inspired by the wave bands of the 80's and have done cover version tributes to Bronski Beat on the past two albums "Why" and "Small Town Boy"

Have you tried gaining recognition out of your country yet? If so how has that been?

Van Richter signed our last two records for the Americas as well as it was agreed to give them "Noised" a remix record and new full length release.

Where do you see yourselves in say five years?

Still recording PNE's style of EBM which seems to be timeless music.

Any crazy dreams of breaking out into the mainstream world or are you happy with life in the underground?

After 13 years we are not delussional about this prospect. We are realistic with the life in the underground and breaking into the mainstream would be an unexpected pleasant surprise.

Who would you most like to support live?

Good question. We have gone out with Numb and other bands. Maybe TESTIFY a band who we remixed for a different kind of audience.

Most remembered band incident?

None we can recall at the moment

Personal comments?

Electro greetings from the band