Girls Under Glass

Interview by Armand Rosamilia

GIRLS UNDER GLASS have been around for over a decade. How has the band progressed musically in that time and what has affected any changes?

We have all grown up as individuals and our music has matured with us. Of course we have all gotten better as musicians as well as more inovative. Most all our changes have been due first to personnell changes and thereafter personal experiences in our lives

You've had nine European releases in that time. What are some of the high-points?

Definately for Volker it was covering the Gary Numan song "Down in the ParK' and then meeting Gary in person. There of course are many tour experiences including the many festivals we have played over the year as well as the recent Wave Treken.

What do you listen to that influences you today?

Believe it or not we listened to and covered Madonna on our current release "Frozen' which is the song from her Ray of Light. We take seminal covers and make them into GUG signature songs like Down in the Park, New Gold Dream and Halloween.

Tell me about your anthology, "Nightmares".

This was our first ever U.S. release after a decade of work in Europe so we wanted to make this our best ever package for the great United States. Nightmares is not only an anthology of our best songs(remastered) but out of print and new tracks which span the history of the band.

What is upcoming for GUG?

This month our new record Frozen was released by Van Richter so we are concentrating on supporting that record as much as possible. This is our best material ever and includes the Madonna song, Das Ich remix and Peter from Wolfsheim on vocals on "Grey in Grey".

Do you enjoy doing covers and how do you go about picking them?

Yes, This was already addressed in your previous question. The track needs to have significance to the band before we attempt to cover and rework the material.

The members have also done some side projects over the years. How do they differ from GUG?

They are creative outlets for the members to go in different directions. Every side project is unique and helps us come back to GUG with fresh new ideas. The side projects cover everything from Metal to ambient to gothic to experiemental.

What are your goals for the band?

To have fame and fortune and critical respect without selling out!

Van Richter Records is working with GUG for some US releases. How has working with VR been so far?

It has been great. The label has given us 100% priority support for the band. Since VR is more of an artist development label they have few bands and we get the attention we need and deserve. They have supported us more than all the prior labels we worked with combined! We are very happy with their work.

How has the internet changed the band as far as promotion and your fanbase?

It has given us global exposure to find new fans as well as keep in communication with loyal supporters. Of course we need to mention our webpage that has weekly updates of our activities as well as audio tracks, bio, press etc.. So now readers please go there now and buy our records so we can make more. Thank you.