DHI at The Rivoli, Toronto, Ontario, January 27, 1996

Ichor, Chronicles of Chaos E-zine

Finally the time came for the band that most of the venue, excluding myself, came to see: DHI (ie: Death and Horror Inc.) For me, the jewel of the night had come and gone, but nevertheless, I've been interested in catching DHI live since hearing their album Pressures Collide. Before the set, the stage was jacked up to the max. A plethora of lights were installed, smoke machines readied and finally, the time came for the band to take its place. Although Adrian complained about DHI's similarities to NIN, I being the NIN ignorant person that I am, thought their sound was particularily heavy and experimental in the same breath. The one aspect of this band that I thoroughly enjoyed was their use of an electric violin, played by a stunning female goth. The violin created the most amazing atmosphere that is impossible to relate in words; suffice it to say that the sounds evoked from the violin gave me chills that echoed right to the soul. Although circumstances prevented my staying for the entire DHI set, I would definitely see them again. In fact, this show probably ranks up there as one of my favorite small venue concerts in a long time.