Fine. We Are Alive

  1. A Body With A Mind
  2. Shelter
  3. The House of Unkinds
  4. Soulspirit: Antifascism
  5. No Excuse
  6. The Pain That No One Knows
  7. Outraged And Moved....Floor Egad
  8. Fat Bellies' Hunger
  9. That's It (And That's All)
  10. Eat Me
  11. Compassion/Grief

The House of Unkinds

They'll do you harm and use your body and mind
They will make you a slave for lickerish games
And you will get thirsty for love
Thirsty for pain and for tears
In the house of unkinds
They'll take your pride and your virginity
In the house of unkinds
They'll draw your slip down to your knees
Your naked frailty is too precious
A treasure for them all
Your naked frailty will be
Dragged down for abuse
In the house of unkinds
Your lovely beauty will get their
innocent victim of lust
in the house of unkinds
They will clean your mouth
With beasty filthy greedy tongues of dust
Greedy fingers on your breasts
You departed from me
Started into bad boy's arms
They will hurt your body
Your beauty will not be adored
I released you into a rat's world
This world is a house of unkinds
Your servant in the house of unkinds
In the house of unkinds
They will make you a blind
And slanderous beast
In the house of unkinds
Bleak pleasures you'll find
And cannibal feasts
In the house of unkinds
You will die die die for love
I Should dare say you will die for love
And you'll get thirsty for it

No Excuse

Omnipresent secret
Omnipresent urge
Wild women, wild stress
Away and back upstairs: A cry
Omnipresent longings
Omnipresent sex
Hospital wake up
Wake up, torn
And in a state of mourning
And lay them down to awake no more
Blonde goddess is a burden
Blonde goddess is your foe
Two killers are her legs
And taking a walk and a razor blade
Putting on that blade
You make slices of your arms
Curse and hiss
Greedy males want a blonde affair
They play a role in their lowest dreams
And no excuse
No excuse
For what we've done for how we look
For what we are
For our neglecting the female dream
Afraid of the naked
No less of your foes
Behold the masculine urge
Basical lust rules men
Try to erase that!
There are two wild captains
The chiefs of their (own) crowds
Each other's number one
But just having sex with their inferiors
Avoiding to meet and avoiding to feel jealous
Don't sound so afraid
No ship we will sail
That reaches the beaches of glee
The princess of lust can't be touched
This lust is the sick and the wild
So cut off their tails, the greedy
All those randy males want nothing else but fuck
They are making the world shake
In their normal sex rhythm
And now I would wish you to find a mass
A killer front
That cuts off tails
That kills all males
Kills their lust

The Pain That No One Knows

It's a force: you'll never like it
It's a theme that no one knows
It's a force; you'll never break it
Heaven knows why it comes again
I smash my head against the wall
Dark moments, go go!
I got a pain, and no one knows
It's so wicked in every way
Neuralgia no chance to hide
The doctor says it never fades
It is sleepless and weakness
I feel it now: It's coming now again

Outraged And Moved...Floor Egad

Taste that silence
and strave
Heartache* taste heartache
And play the game of
Bite release bite
O! surprise! injured!
Torrents and torments
Blade of hate, blade of love:
This is splendid! important!
It's all a matter of
Bite release bite
They could not love it
So they bit it
Even the stoutest might fall for
The sex and rules of
Bite release bite
No love:
No breakdowns
No hurts:
No blessed times
It's all too unkind
Bite release bite
Ways to sirens: there are
Thousands and more
Hot fey mood: hate
Hot fey mood: love
Too ridiculous a game:
(The game of)
Bite release bite
Love is cold
I shiver to the bones
We'd better howl
We tried to score
Tried again and again
Outraged and moved
We've been devouring ourselves
How ridiculous

Fat Bellies' Hunger

A vast amount of hatred
For humans unprotected
For victims unprotected
Starts a war
Toy - they are trapped
In a game
Which none of them survives
They are trapped
They're sucked up by creeps
Who want to quench a sick urge

Fat bellies' hunger
Fat bellies' greed
A child, a life, they take it
Evil incarnated
Wants all to be humiliated
To be nude and bare
And those victims are trapped
In a cage where they find themselves
Tortured to death
They are trapped
Soon we all shall be their victims
If there's not a hand that chokes tyrant - throats
To stop their
Fat bellies' hunger
Fat bellies' greed
Torturers need to be brought down to their knees
They must be forced to their knees
Kill their fat bellies' hunger
We cannot let him face this alone
Leave him alone
What's going on?
He had ideas of different a world
Rush! join the fight!
Their bloody hands will hurt no more
Push away fat bellies' hunger

That's It (And That's All)

(Give us) a surprise
That tears down our notions of life
A new thing we pray for
To break up foreseeable life
That's it! we are out for more
In this state we've spent years
We're ruined wholly worn out
How we sought a rush
Sought a rush
Without vomiting at dawn
That's it! we are out for more
Those sorrows we removed
We removed
Our patience's running out
We want amazement now
Lest we are scared to get nuts
We're scared to get harmed
That's it! we are out for more
It's far past due we get knocked up
Surprise! on second thoughts
It's too foul a task
To get satisfied with what life is like at night

Eat Me

You've had my body,my hands
My lips on you
You need a new sensation
For the game of two
You had it all and you want more
You have to eat me now
You want my inner, my center,
My essence pure
You want to still your hunger
For the final cure
To stop your yearning deep inside
You have to eat me now
The game of tongues and fingers
Doesn't thrill no more
Ready I am - what are you waiting for?
How can we reach the last?
You have to eat me know
Take my flesh and my blood
Let me be your feast
I saw your beauty
Now I face the beast
Let's get melted into one
You have to eat me now
Won't you won't you lead him
To your thighs
Before you will devour him
And he looks through your eyes
I've heard you both get melted
Melted into one
Are you sure that all was tested?
Every sort of fun?

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