Labyrinth Lyrics

  1. White Noise
  2. Electronic New Self
  3. Cyberbyte
  4. Mother Restless
  5. You Know How
  6. Madadonia
  7. White World Wanker
  8. The Tide Is Turning
  9. Run and Hide
  10. Sister Anger
  11. Mrs. Dissatisfied
  12. Get Lost
  13. In the Desert
  14. Epilogue
  15. Electro...spassmix
  16. White Noise/pure joy mix

White Noise

see how you creep you would not have expected this if you could have seen short years ago what you are now with shame with wrath you would have bitten off your fingers white noise pure joy comes to your rescue i hate to tell you you are what you abhorred, then you've sold your visions for nothing too weak too tired resist lethargis schemes you have surrendered yourself to the sleep sweat. strain. excitement. you feel it grow inside you your stomach will be hit the noise will break your bonds white noise pure joy doesn't it sound like the better way? noisesome lethargical ways!!

Electronic New Self

the electro lurch: "try this - and you want more make it dance into your core worship the high tech the program left the mark?!? in your hands you hold the black jack the engines makes you love plug into the net 'electric heat' psychic reprogramming victory suck what you can from the machine. life, with cyberblood intensified.lock into the net a.l.l.i.v.i.t.a.t.e. electronic lust machinery jump into the mirth of circuit rage. too much - now you're bent with love with precious emotions overflowed worship your high jump the cable is your vain the engine's love is quickly transferred target is your brain you'll get addicted to a love of massive weight overwhelming joy alliviates the lack that has been shaped by gaping legs - electronic new self!"tancer:" i can't help but try cyberbite behind the mad machine of cheapest dreams - lies.....but i feel so high i give in with sighs although this machinery is killing me!!"


cyberbite vox,synthetic,out of the televisor: "living can be easy on something you can trust. the more you watch the less you know let your worries be our task.a new world breaks and we've got what it takes" krabbarth and rasmarkuyn,angerily,while slowly destroying the televisor: "cyberbite you tricky liar contorded truth casting system with televictims whose heads are being filled with ooze mindless willing tools. televicious soma media in control filling empty eyesflooding emptied minds who failed the trial. giving up the ego they're crawling to the beast. cyberbite's the new religion shaping us to its mould. it's time to counteract cyberbite the system. cyberbyte. the system creeping in control random is resistance freedom is the goal!"

Mother Restless

i see her ugly face behind the surface world. her gift uneasiness. the never - ending search, even the kids of bliss fall under her sick reign i see their faces twist i hear their voices wail, don't lay your hands on me don't let me feel your touch no matter what i find, no way it ain't enough, don't give this thing to me your ugly company just don't you walk with me i pray to let me be no matter what i've reached there waits the monstrous one there sits the ugly mum there lurks the graceless hon, from mother restless' breast i do not want to suck the milk of restlessness the juice of pure distress.i cannot stop to run i find no hold to rest,the things she gives to me are haste,and voice screams inside my head

You Know How

krabbarth and rasmarkuyn addressing tancer: "it is yours to build the future you constructor the corrector you're the factor you will surely save the future for the rapture of your mind and your soul no need for new religions you've got a vision you're on mission you gotta live it don't you kick it if it comes to find decisions you should listen to the voices for you know it yea you know it - you know how"
tancer: "the question is how we're gonna get it without help,so utterly alone hello! we're dancing on the border a kind of dance that no one dared before"
the other two again: "you are the factor it's in your nature to forge the future before it breaks ya!"


to overthrow the repressive system disintegrating actions they set in motion,guerilla with noble vision,unyielding they fought radically defending what they thought to be human rights,their motives being pristine,the warriors were successful,what was built up then developed into something resembling the hated former system horrifyingly, too soon abhorred structures creeped back, her comrades assassins,traitors -her lover the new tyrant, the "purgation" they had fought for polluted even more the ones whom they had sworn rescue, she made a decision ,she sold her knowledge and abilities to the former moloch who grew and came into charge again,her lover was executed,tearless face she wore,the opera singer's career followed,fame of latter days, what was the price for being what she'd become? madadonia - a traitor? did she betray her holiest ideals? tancer fell into deep thoughts,nevertheless he had to try,no other way to find out,that was her story: and this is tancers.

White World Wanker

white world wanker greedy grabber white world wanker is what i call depraved white world wanker paltry banker white world wanker do ya think you're sane? 'advertisement smile' non reflecting mind thoughts bent on things material,abused in serial,jewelry,light philosophy, mutilated with shallow small talk,third world,its plight: thrilling tv horror,you're shuddering with lust that you're not 'one of them'. bacardi - flowed beach, it's hard to believe: you really did it, you've lived the cliche,did it never occur in your mind that you lived on an isle in your small western nations,surrounded by a globe of misery,lots of grief,mad resignation white world wanker the world's smooth centerr you've killed the planet with indifferent yawns. the only time you cared was when nursing your own little wounds . the only time you were shocked was when meeting your own private doom. pipi plights. gockels leid. careless flight. be despised. watching the world fall down you had the nerve to show the big yawn. white world wankers die in beverly hills. white world wanker smug sneak, stinker white world wanker i inhale your stench white world wanker your odour pesters white world wanker and your mind as well as egoistic pretty

Run and Hide

the four androidgods addressing tancer: "now you take a new turn. let the old burn transforming what you once were into a berserk?!? resurrection. breathe crisp air, not crippled with fear rebirth?! open your eyes, come into life. being refreshed you dare a new start? submission's no brave thing, you should not give in you re-animated machine, with muscles and wit and nerves extreme?!?.... oh, it's kind of different, and hide i face what you think must be faced - in the end you'll run and hide flee from the menace you have aroused for it is powerful. so you're an energy pack? strong and young. you should never be wrecked there ain't no challenge too big for you? in your limbs the fire burns burns burns but no way you'll win no matter how you try against powers older than life you'll get nowhere but back with your one dimensional superhero attitude run and hide i fight what you think must be fought in the end you'll run and hide duck in the dirt, in a hole, in the ground, go. rund hide i run to be safe to be whole to be free you'll run and hide don't try to fight try to flee try to live run you berserk of sensitive skin are you ready to fail? you've got forty seconds, then: better be off! for we are fed up with your making noise you are nothing but something to be swept off you overestimate yourself you are bold but a mortal fly you are strong strong strong but alone you must strive ( in the circus of fast-ceasing, never returning breath.) run and hide i do what you think must be done in the end you'll run and hide run i have your head save your life save your breath go, run and hide i seek shelter before it's too late run to be safe, to be whole.

Sister Anger

coghan addressing tancer: "flash in yer head? you are completely incomplete, eh? green turns to red complacency turns bitter sweet block in the head? a wicked foe you can't defeat heels over head have a ball in your ejection seat! - come now. shake your whiny ass! exhaustion in excess. up. down. enjoy the mess! shake shake shake your whiny ass! buzz in yer head? don't argue with yer poisoned thoughts! dizzy as ya faint? you stagger sister anger's dance looks like sister anger miss dissatisfied feel her grip catch hold of yer crotch she longs to run ya dry lovely sister anger pretty miss dissatisfied welcome mother restless to complete this hateful trinity there's a hole in yer soul? no use trying to rip it out sister anger teases you 'til the rage is out you're filled with disgust ? filled up to yer fingertips, i presume you're worn and fucked sister anger reaches for yer hips block in the head dissatisfied and wretched buzz in yer head?" tancer: "i am not what i was - i am wrecked" "natuerlych bit du das"

Mrs. Dissatisfied

coghan addressing tancer: "alien longings such seductive things they will consume yer heart,white thighs wide open are messing yer dreams that cosmic witch such hype that satin - like dream of a skin,she plants her foul seed deep inside yer core: plastic desire she embodies the perfect dream craving no fulfillment bare thighs widen open what a mess of a dream this thirst this urge will never be quenched,that plastic cosmic witch desire is itching with needle and sting that plastic cosmic witch the blonde eminence the great 'dissatisfier' perfection deludes try hard to pay no mind har! you die for her touch? her image gnaws inside.that plastic cosmic witch makes ya spend a nice time with craving just unbearable makes ya client,toy in the agency 'find holes in souls'(which she runs with her sister)

Get Lost

tancer: "i will get on the run surrenders giving up the fight once more those who are disunited can not scratch the itchy spot,the psyche sore, help me out mt psyche really aches notion leading me astray will you help me letting out the truth...i'm about to lose watching my face worn out with guilt i couldn't make out myself no more i've let the itchy spot grow large being entangled with what i've done before i broke up my life, and theirs...i will get lost...

In the Desert

in those nights of despair you wept secret tears we prayed repugnant prayers your dark eyes were near try the smile of hope don't weep don't weep try it a simple lie? facade or truth? what you see has roots to deep as we spied inquiring you were trembling with fear that we're caught in dreams the simplest lie is that we find truth we are wandering the desert it's that shine beyond reach that we're longing for you said "nothing's at ease" i won't re to calm you with words of fools no more a simple lie? a mirage it seems we head into that dangerous beam a trick of the light we awaken to see it's a desert that we walk where we seek for glee traps of light swirling air we were thrown into the plain of hope and dispair we were wanderers and friends in an unknown plain we were passengers, inquirers of a nameless waste we were wandering about with unknown aim we were trembling with this doubt: are our lives but waste? see how you creep you wouldn't have expected this if you could have seen short years ago what you are now with shame with wrath you would have bitten off your fingers white noise pure joy comes to your rescue i hate to tell you you are what you abhorred, then you've sold your visions for nothing too weak too tired resist lethargic schemes you have surrendered yourself to the sleep sweat, strain, excitement, you feel it grow inside your stomach will be hit the noise will break your bonds white noise pure joy doesn't it sound like the better way? noisome lethargical ways!!

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