TESTIFY: Ballroom Killers/The Blitzkrieg Remixes Reviews

Testify: Ballroom Killers/The Blitzkrieg Remixes Reviews

For the uninitiated, Testify are a German industrial/metal clan who were likened by many as Europe's answer to Ministry and NIN after the release of their Testify 01 debut last March. While their recent Ballroom EP will doubtlessly draw even more comparisions as its mixes were constructed by Keith "Fluffy" Auerbach and H. Beno (both known for their Ministerial works), the overall feel of the ep lies more in the dance-mix field as opposed to hard edged metal.The two versions of Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz" whapped me as the most interesting thing about this one, wheras the five remixed songs from Testify 01 left me longing for the more metallic, original versions, and well, maybe even just Ministry instead... - Geri Noble, Pit Magazine

Testify is a much heavier death industrial band pushing the edge of metal envelope with this kickin' set of pure drivin' aggro mayhem. Conceptually a retake on the 5 strongest tracks from their first CD Testify 01 and two versions of the classic Sweet song "Ballroom Blitz", all featuring the engineeering deconstruction of famed Ministry engineers "Fluffy" Auerbach & H. Beno. As expected the sound is fat, nasty and brutally frank. Unexpected plus is the Satanic snarling of vocalist Myk Jung. Harsh dance musik for dark souls. - Dean 7, Fad Magazine
Constructed of electronics and and angst, industrial music is always ripe for reconstruction. And as these two collections of remixes show, it can often be done in such a way as to render the originals unrecognizable, or, to rephrase, create something new from something old. That both sets of mixes [Testify's BALLROOMKILLER/THE BLITZKRIEG MIXES and Chemlab's MAGNETIC FIELD REMIXES] were at least partially done by Howie Beno (ministry, nine inch nails) is inconsequential to the end results. Testify mix mid-'80s metal guitars with Ministrylike electronics, with a fun cover of Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz" tossed in; Chemlab are less metallic (as in heavy metal), more metallic (as in the percussion sounds), and more electronic (in the distortion vocals and sampling). CHEMLAB also adds its debut EP, 10 Ton Pressure and a new tune, for a mix of past and present. Either one will scare your momma. Both 7 - Paul Semel, HUH Magazine
While not officially a demo, this advance tape was way too short to be considered an actual LP. Even so, this is still one of the finest bits of industrial metal I've heard in quite some time. TESTIFY have a metal/techno hybrid sound all their own. Ball crushing riffs coupled with a fairly insistent drumbeat pound this first song into your cranium where it refuses to let go. Produced by Keith "Fluffy" Aurbach, best known for his work with industrial gods MINISTRY, he gives this album an air of uniqueness which seperates it from your average aggro band. Finishing off with a blasting version of SWEET's "Ballroom Blitz", this is definitely a band to keep your ears peeled for. A must have for every industrial fan out there. - Michael Hope, Symposium Magazine
The unstable roller coaster ride started by Testify's 01 album refuses to stop. Beware to the club goer, don't be fooled just because the classic "Ballroom Blitz" appears. Five tracks have been taken from 01 and reworked. Dance club friendliness has been partially achieved, but still expect to be spit out in pieces by the impulsive sequencing. Former Ministry engineers Keith Auerbach and Howie Beno manage to add programming to the rehash of raspy distorted vocals and heavy chunks of guitars. Summarily, Testify rarely retains control. Hypertension danger levels peak in "A.N.G.E.R."; heart failure slows things down (only a bit) in "Spoil";and an injection of adrenaline and refusal to medical attention is given in "Get Busted". To say the least, Klute and the Psychopomps have a very worthy competitor. - Chris Jagasits, New Industrial Sounds
Testify has a remix EP out to follow up their debut album, reviewed here a few issues back. Snarl, thud, grunt and growl: just the way to spend a gruesome half hour when one too many ambient albums has settled you down too much. The highlight here is their total deconstruction of the Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz": Testify's bledding hunk of gnashed flesh entitled "Ballroom Blitz 2001" is worth the price of admission. It's viciously funny! - Nick C., B Side Magazine
Ministry mixers, Fluffy and H. Beno take on Germany's Testify, an admittedly take on Ministry, et all., with this ep remix of songs off Testify's "01" LP. Although the song featured on this ep is "Ballroom Blitz" the best is still the "01" remixes of the LP cuts like "Anger". "Ballroom Blitz" was a mediocre song when it came out (the title is the best thing about it) and although Testify try to do something with it, I don't know. Maybe the "recognizability" of this pop gem (ahem!) will earn Testify some air or club play. But hold out for the real stuff from these guys. - Ken H., ARC Magazine
The new release from Testify, "Ballroom Killer/The Blitzkrieg Mixes", "Spoil" and "A.N.G.E.R." were remixed by famed Ministry engineer Keith "Fluffy" Auerback and H. Beno. With an Industrial/Speed Metal sound, Testify's haunting tunes are reminiscent of Ministry and Nine Inch Nails. This album creates a dance club profile while maintaining an earsplitting harshness. This release seems to balance both. - Melissa Nichols, IN Magazine
...Anytime a band can open a CD with a classic cover of Ballroom Blitz ala industrial guitar samples and hyped up drum machines they've got my vote for cool band of the year. This seven song disc has plenty of everything you want if guitar thrashy industrial is your cup of poison. A perfect mix electronic mayhem. Mixes by Keith 'Fluffy' Auerbach and H. Beno are heard on "Spoil" and "A.N.G.E.R." and really shine out as masterful work. Plenty of aural ear candy throughout the whole disc. Not a band that seems to take themselves too seriously, Testify definetly sound like a band to drink with. I don't mind the metal sounding so much on this one, mostly because their done in a very 2001 way. - Gear Magazine
This seven track EP starts with an all out Aggro-Industrial assault on that old Sweet song "Ballroom Blitz". Testify rips the head off the original and blows that wimpy Wayne's world cover right out of the water. With that, the stage is set for these six German aggrorians to storm through the speakers, into your living room and make you sit up and take notice. They pack enough electro industrial metal punch (ie. aggro intensity) to make your ears bleed. Now if that's the kind of kinky stuff that pops your cord I'd say baby, this blood's for you. Leaether Strip, KMFDM, and Ministry fans pay attention. Testify is right up your scary dark alley. - Linda Tish, Valley Scene
This industrial slab was recorded at Chicago's Trax studio and sounds so much like Ministry and their ilk, and its no wonder since the band used Ministry's engineer. If your a fan of the aforementioned then Testify is for you. - SB, Delirium Magazine
This album is comprised of five industrialized remixes from the 1994 release Testify 01, along with two different aggro-metal versions of the 1970's rock n'roll standard "Ballroom Blitz" oringinally by the band Sweet. . This CD EP is intended, in the words of Van Richter Records "...to create a dance club profile while maintaining Testify's earsplitting harshness". Upon further sonic inspection that is, jamming the disc into the friggin' box, it can be stated with some certainty that the "earsplitting harshness" aspect of the group survived intact during it's self stated public image maneuvering. Testify has succeeded in putting out half an hour's worth of power-saw guitar, machine shop beats, and vocals that one can easily imagine issuing from the denizens of the pit that gouges the floor of the labyrinthian secret dungeon beneath the domicile of the perverse protagonist of some Lovecraft story. To prevent your humble correspondent from plugging into any further absurd imagery, let it be said in the conclusion that these Blitzkrieg Mixes are fun, but a whole new disc of new stuff would be even better. To find out when that might happen or anything else about Testify contact Van Richter Records. - J. Fritz, Instant Magazine
Testify, the angry side to the boys in The Fair Sex pack a hell of a wallop. On their recent remix EP, Ballroom Killer/The Blitzkrieg mixes on Van Richter Records they cover the classic Ballroom Blitz that I have no idea who originally did but the song is very cool especially the sequencers and full on guitars. The tracks on this CD are remixes of the songs off of 01, Testify's debut except of course Ballroom Blitz which is a bonus track. Where The Fair Sex show true skill with the more dance stuff, as Testify they sure know how to whip up slam dance guitar stuff. Very minimal still as with The Fair Sex just louder and heavier. - David S., Interface Magazine
With this disc, Testify presents industrial rock interpretations of the classic Sweet song "Ballroom Blitz". Remember that song, from one of the Wayne's World movies? Accompanying the two two versions of "Ballroom Blitz" are four other tracks, two of which were remixed at Chicago Trax studios by Ministry engineers Keith "Fluffy" Auerbach, and H. Beno. The music on Ballroon Killer varies from slower,clunkier tracks like "Spoil(Wing Tip Mix)" to faster music like "Ride(fuck me + stay mix)" and "Get Busted(Horny Bub edit)", which show influences of thrash and techno. For fans of NIN and Ministry, this will present some variety and humor in the industrial - rock sound, and support other independent aggro - industrial bands. - Don Smith Moorman, IndieScent Magazine
Even harder and more industrial the Testify sound overpowers you again with seven thunderbolt shimmering slivers of mighty and speed computerized metal...If in the previous case the most showy non-gray reference seemed to be black metal in this case I would say that the first song sounds definately as a '77 punk anthem (you remember Lard?) yet the rest of the mcd offers again a Ministry-like sound made of guitars and guitar samplers with wild drumming and screaming vocals as in the best tradition of these mad musicians...The overall sound production is really cool and all the songs sound a bit more complex and processed, maybe I even prefer the remixes than the original versions...And finally did someone mention Lard and Ministry? Well, there is even the Ministry sound engineer Keith "Fluffy" Auerbach remixing two songs for your pleasure! - Marc Urselli-Scharer, Chain D.L.K.
I must take a moment to commend Barbara Thoben on the album artwork before I get into the review. I haven't been a fan of any of the art I've received out of Van Richter until this release, and its spectacular, so kudos to you on this one! Now, the problem with receiving remix/alternate mix albums in for review is the fact that you first really have to have a good understanding of the band at hand to have a full appreciation for the alternate songs at your fingertips. Unfortunately, neither I nor anyone else at the Heathen Harvest Webzine I believe has a full knowing of Testify's releases or past. I can definitely say, however, that for the general industrial rock lover, this mix album will knock your socks off despite being another cover-based release (not to say all the songs on this release are covers, but rather the title track.) Testify knocked me on my ass with the last release, but they really surprised me with this one. At first I found the sound to be a bit lacking, very old school computer sounding, but as the album went along it became blatantly obvious that the band is capable of great mixing and production, so these moments must have been on purpose and for good reason, and as I ventured into my second listen, it became all too catchy and enjoyable. Somehow Testify manages to take those Ministry influences mentioned in the review of Crack the Mind and turn them into something more headbanging than your average industrial rock release. The music sounds pretty minimal but by doing that it conserves its jagged edge that the music really builds its class off of. This one landed both label and artist a ton of respect from me. Anyone who has the taste to create and release music like this are good men in my book. If you don't buy anything else from Van Richter, you have to get this album. Ballroomkiller / The Blitzkrieg Mixes really shows off what Testify can do on a brutal front, and shows that Van Richter are more than just EBM-junkies, they push the cold sounds like the rest of us! - Sage, Heathen Harvest

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