Aggro Lyrics

  1. Karl Found Out: The Definition
  2. The Seed of Wrath
  3. Invisible Hell (The Plumpsack)
  4. Violin
  5. Head of Compassion
  6. Dumb
  7. Under Queen Whore's Grim Protection
  8. Quest of Nothing
  9. Futurelust
  10. Killer
  11. A.N.G.E.R.
  12. Ride
  13. Spoil

Karl Found Out: The Definition

testify - 1 bear witness give evidence  
testify - 2 serve as evidence  
testify - 3 european project  
a poor mimicry of ministry  
extremely non-innovative  
cheap and trivial beyond acceptance  
then follows the gulp brought about by shock

The Seed of Wrath

before more crap stuff happens  before more jerks
will hurt  before more freaks wreck patterns  before more pride is
blurred  it might be better to know how to fight  it might be better to
change the style  and the weakness must pass and nothingness die and due
action take over  time to name the price  before more will fall apart
the torn soul roars  the seed of wrath was spilled once  the seed of
wrath will be spilled again  the seed of wrath will once bloom  the seed
of wrath will bear fruit  before more sick must happen  before more 's
not at ease  before more sick shit happens  before less minds have
peace  it might be better to name the price

Invisible Hell (The Plumpsack)

crouching alone in the dark in the lightless narrow
lair  hope is a state that has passed into tunnels of despair  and this
is all right everything is all right greet the invisible hell and this
is all wrong nothing should be that strong like the invisible hell is
tri-doubled speed of the heart tells of panic and despair  the slow
thief is robbing the breath ticking seconds of grey hair  dreh dych
nicht um  der plumpsack geht herum


more than delight   violin so fragile and obcene   violin blue noted
wizardry  violin  cruel violin  you're more than delight  yes you are
more than delight  that's what you are   violin  you are too much for
me  bother me with perfect harmony   violin  dark violin   yoouuu're
more than delight   violin is a violator  violin  soft complicator
violin you're the pain creator  violin you're the crusted crator

Head of Compassion

who'll feed us low pulse getting weaker no quarter the maimed hand has
lost control run through the gallery where the ever-destroyed ideals of
peace sit to rest as stony statues broken watching with lifeless eyes
sinking onto the ground the thorn-crowned head of compassion sinking
onto the ground the thorn-crowned clown delicious harmony skillfully
annihilated subtle mechanism intigue fatigue drafts subversion 's
overlord over-loaded with hateful designs the head of gentle mind is on
the decline while the ugly head is rising out ofthe mud the filth the
dirty dust the name of which is maliceanimosity into the mud i want to
kick it with a petulant cry of joy you gotta learn that sinking into the
slime of hatred for the rest of your life is not necessarily a necessity
please cure my puking myself to death the peace watcher's head facing
inward outward everywhere in pose of helpless vigilance the hand that
heals is being cut is being cut the arm that ought to protect is maimed
where shall we turn to now


man why are you bleeding are you a martyr o! you have slaughtered?! hhm
man what are you eating the ape to this brain would not think you're
sane i guess all you wanted from life is a sigh sweetheart whot are you
dreaming remorse and frustration spoil masturbation all you wanted from
life is a sigh got it? you're naught but shit of a dog you've grown
dumb. without pity or wits shlimperdibyx das ging wie der blitz whom are
you abusing a proud one like you should have someone to subdue all you
wanted from life is a sigh all you wanted from life is a smile got it?
you're naught but shit of a dog

Under Queen Whore's Grim Protection

the morbid lord called humiliation rose from the throne one day the
primal order exploitation had ceased to make him gay so what? he didn't
mind no grave fatality the urge to love to enjoy remorse aroused a
shiver on his spine praise the light we praise praise the light praise
the light the soul is bound for eternal salvation the master mind of
investigation tormentor iron grief woke to feel sort of deep compassion
he prayed for fast relief when he asked the doctor to erase the matter
to stop the fall into hell a cryptic shine arose about him now he's
master saint break the spell break the least of seals what a joy to walk
on nice guy's feet heal the world be jesus on the knees run to attain
absolution whatever you chose to be run to receive the grace you are
blessed tears of joy you can rest heart un-soiled what a jest the soul
is bound for eternal salvation the rude game of sex implication was
played for centuries under queen whore's grim protection kinky as it
ought to be modern trend virgin style superseded the devillish lust the
demonic sexy queen will ride nevermore ride nevermore

Quest of Nothing

sunlight creeping over broken pavement trite sentiment hollow phrases
leading nowhere left no trace persistence vain illusion no residues of
gone rejoicing retarded steps reach stillstand time treated without awe
or respect remote echoes of the sick gods' laughter mocking me mocking
everything figure in motion running nowhere ever horizon lies promises
will always go up into thin air slow motion shade escaped just turned to
dust high hope battered into mud raven wet your black beak with blood of
the hopeful never shed another tear for you for me for mankind running
fast arriving nowhere ridiculous gloomy sorrow have a laugh have a smoke
try a jest choke your best quest of nothing a test a real good jest
quest of nothing going on and on and on into the spiral down the abyss
with no ground lame accusations crying for no-one but only and ever for
oneself- the only one that matters threshold wears a mocking grin
coughing is the end narrowness greets with clammy hands comic element is
the only ever-lasting god it's a joke it's a joke so make a jest
giggling laughter sign of the eternal sounds merry name of which is lost
hope my tasty earwax drops into your mouth for years uncounted i
gathered dirt in my ear joyless jester warms the foolish heart search
for the center of all and everything on the terrace high above the city
  of fallen angels gods may walk with scornful smiles


stay cool, bub
we're sympathizers
just be nice
restrain your bodyguards
drop your gun
call the police
we are guilty of having bothered your gunmen
grant them a rest
fire your gunmen
take us instead
we are the best there is at what we are doing
we shoot in the head
you have joy
you have fun
you are dead
take delight in your life
just be glad
you might do what you like for a while
but never mind
we'll get ya
we'll get ya fine


you ask why you scream and wake up from dreams that are not of the kind
you like
you ask what is this that you've lost the bliss that you once derived
from life
i know the answer
you ask why the heck do we feel like wrecks
we walk around like hollow shapes
you've come to ask yourself "why do we raise this hell
why do i feel like i was raped"
i know the answer
it is anger that is burning you
it is burning you
it burns


i'm taking a ride
tell me what you want
tell me what you like
"BY AN UNJUST SYSTEM OF LAW" (772 F.Supp. 395. 399)


we just do what we love with lust of disgust we are happy with filthy
we love to rub you know what
a touch of hurt
we never get enough
but you spoil our fun
bub you cut the lust
bub you muck up our lust
ba ba etc etc
spoil their lust
visions they don't want to see
misery of the world
just thrilling shudder of tv horror satisfies their greed
greed for ugliness
a command they don't want to listen to