Triviality Beyond Acceptance Lyrics

  1. White Skinned Heroine
  2. Fragile Puppet
  3. Grinning Sun
  4. Invisible Hell (The Plumpsack)
  5. Abuser's Gabble
  6. The Entanglement of Sexus
  7. Karl Found Out: The Definition
  8. Braindead Friction
  9. The Seed of Wrath
  10. Dumb/Numb/Gun
  11. Under The Cold Moon

White Skinned Heroine

smells like white skinned heroine  something
between goddess and a sex-sin fiend  feels like ever-turning tide
tastes like breaking countless prides  whatever hides it burns and
bites  the inner lies burn and bite (the inner lights as well)  looks
like entry into the deep  breaks the surface of the cheap  being eaten
up inside underneath the thrall of thighs   smells like white skinned
heroine  tastes like juicy fiend of pin  in the shock-state of delight
hear the echoes of the fright

Fragile Puppet

sold the blooming youth to the greed machine to the
crude machinery of schemes  what life promised once turned out a mere
dream  inside dead despite the skin of gleam  in the dull machine of
ferocious force and entangled in filthy wars  fragile puppet in the
fire  subject to the sick desire  subject to the mad desire  en istenem
jo istenem lecsukodik mar a szemem verwandel den mensch zu einer
schildkroete  in the dead end dark of a ruined life the old scars come
ever back to bite  in the head remains what was done before as an ever
agonizing sore  the revenge of the fragiles might turn out to be
terrifying and imaginative  wir schmeissen die tomaten in den augen und
in den ohren

Grinning Sun

red alert the roar the footmen riot  war for more to
gain what was denied  wrath and blood the scheme needs to be rectified
urban end fight  junked they tilt they kneel they fall down how it roars
it roars  world that turns with graceless motion round a wasted sun  how
to stop this joyless stumbling thru disposal fun  what they need's to
feel kind of alike  they want more than trash than useless toys  urban
endfight the creeps of low life  cries for rights for lives without
restraint arise  with uncertain circulation wheeling round the prey
suburban guerilla against the life that's lived in vain  world so full
so rich with madness  men they burn with hate against this  circling
with their graceless motion round a grinning sun second class inferior
members of mankind the witless one

Invisible Hell (The Plumpsack)

crouching alone in the dark in the lightless narrow
lair  hope is a state that has passed into tunnels of despair  and this
is all right everything is all right greet the invisible hell and this
is all wrong nothing should be that strong like the invisible hell is
tri-doubled speed of the heart tells of panic and despair  the slow
thief is robbing the breath ticking seconds of grey hair  dreh dych
nicht um  der plumpsack geht herum

Abuser's Gabble

why should it end on peak of the breakdown why not
finish it daring a thrust  no doubt that a man 's wearing a cream crown
i lay my hands on the prey of lust  a voice told me to bring them all
under my sway and i must obey  i'll be the user if none interferes  and
they will obey  what shall keep me away from my logical prey  hot
cunning spire and on the pyre the victims of desire  quick quench the
fire  rectifyer of the sex sport free style  sex kitten hire use the
minor object to kill desire  a mere object to kill desire  what shall
keep me away from my logical prey what shall keep me away  as the
testifylers probably would propose this person being capable to keep the
greedy old bastard away from his so called logical prostituted prey can
only be the black avenger harr of course

The Entanglement of Sexus

 help me rip it out  the sore's alerting
the splinter in the brain is surely hurting  help me wipe it out the
helpless burning thru-out the years it grew an unbearable burden  help
me tear it out the core of hurting  of course the power of sex's
disturbing  zombie-like the cancer of frustration eats its way into
imagination the point of no return to innocent fun fast was passed  the
cursed squirt gun  fire it once again again and then again find then
when it ends entanglement and pain  sirenating laughter in the mental
background hearing drive close to agony  little nasty demons in the
brain where they are lurking promise pure ecstasy  for all the things
i'd never done i was repaid with anger and bliss is fleeting me  i will
not sing with glee  ey lover you i never knew but you're willing to
spread wide for me  adoration and fascination ending up in standard
copulation but when the point of no return spoils fun then you curse the
squirt gun

Karl Found Out: The Definition

testify - 1 bear witness give evidence  
testify - 2 serve as evidence  
testify - 3 european project  
a poor mimicry of ministry  
extremely non-innovative  
cheap and trivial beyond acceptance  
then follows the gulp brought about by shock

Braindead Friction

friction  the spirits in nexus  seal the old
contract to disconnect  lifeblood whole texture a fracture and the final
act will leave all wrecked  attraction empowers the anguish  with
rigidity killed identity  dragnet addiction  lost section of the soul
life scale  the joyful state  one more step to madness into braindead
state of mind one more step to madness and then have this silly smile

The Seed of Wrath

before more crap stuff happens  before more jerks
will hurt  before more freaks wreck patterns  before more pride is
blurred  it might be better to know how to fight  it might be better to
change the style  and the weakness must pass and nothingness die and due
action take over  time to name the price  before more will fall apart
the torn soul roars  the seed of wrath was spilled once  the seed of
wrath will be spilled again  the seed of wrath will once bloom  the seed
of wrath will bear fruit  before more sick must happen  before more 's
not at ease  before more sick shit happens  before less minds have
peace  it might be better to name the price


the solemn gun wants the men fanatic free of remorse
fit to obey  the god of flag wants the men frustrated and bent with hate
and an old contempt  and it won't matter that the weaker must fall  dumb
and numb love the gun  fire the bomb  no matter the cost  the matter's
the gun  dumb and numb fire the bomb praise the bomb  no matter the
loss  the matter's the gun  the silly bomb requires men gone frantic who
know the sport the rule of hurts  the solemn gun summons all the dumb
and it won't matter that the weaker will fall

Under The Cold Moon

how real we are we can no longer say lost in
forbidden grounds  delusion shimmering from underneath and lewdness
greets from beyond  return to waking's a toilsome venture under the cold
dawn  the sway of night binding us all in plight and in doubt  in the
gentle contemplative ecstasy one may find relief questing after
something that the mind will not freely release  still the darkest shore
waiting in majesty beyond the walls of sleep to summon all on the beach
where everything was born and all will pass  their majesties of scorn
love the mortal crawling  their majesties of scorn enjoy our witless
stumbling aimless restless fight  the majesties of spite  a nameless
chain of trices never to return  fleeting moments shifting shapes  no
ever-lasting only brief flashing and vanishing under the cold moon  slow
wings will flap  the soaring huge shape of dread named transience (old
classic myk pronunciation)  and we fear that all will turn to dust  fear
that love will fade and rust fear that all will turn to dust  fear that
love will fade and pass  fear that all will turn to dust  fear that love
won't stay and last