Mmmyaoooo Lyrics

  1. Pink Goblin
  2. Head of Compassion
  3. Block in the Eye
  4. Lethal Viper
  5. Dumb
  6. Under Queen Whore's Grim Protection
  7. B. Blaster
  8. Trash 21
  9. Mouth
  10. Persistent Circulation
  11. Quest of Nothing

pink goblin

we cannot stop running out of our heads we think we're nothing so we're easily broken we offer our limbs let cut off our hands we tiny shizers in the arms of war we let all our holes get penetrated even those spots where we had no holes before the hewn parts of our bodies have a nice taint so even pink and red are ugly colours pink goblins ankle-deep in their blood ankle-deep in their own blood no matter how we scream we will be torn apart we are the roasted apes we sell our bodies to lies we are the ripped and raped deformed disgusting shapes we are the walking dead we try to kill this madness with glee our blood is glue we're ankle-deep in our blood our slimy ooze sticks our feet to the ground we stick to our doom we're ankle-deep in our blood we cannot droop we're ankle-deep in our blood

head of compassion

who'll feed us low pulse getting weaker no quarter the maimed hand has lost control run through the gallery where the ever-destroyed ideals of peace sit to rest as stony statues broken watching with lifeless eyes sinking onto the ground the thorn-crowned head of compassion sinking onto the ground the thorn-crowned clown delicious harmony skillfully annihilated subtle mechanism intigue fatigue drafts subversion 's overlord over-loaded with hateful designs the head of gentle mind is on the decline while the ugly head is rising out of the mud the filth the dirty dust the name of which is maliceanimosity into the mud i want to kick it with a petulant cry of joy you gotta learn that sinking into the slime of hatred for the rest of your life is not necessarily a necessity please cure my puking myself to death the peace watcher's head facing inward outward everywhere in pose of helpless vigilance the hand that heals is being cut is being cut the arm that ought to protect is maimed where shall we turn to now

block in the eye

block in the eye and in the head i am secure and fed-up. nothing to learn nothing to see i sit a-top the ladder whot can i do i was born with my share of luck i wonôt give it away i donôt see the leper side i am blind with open eyes i am on the upper side i don't see the ugly block in the eye blocking the sight block in the eye kick it away you hope my sight will be better i look away i look away still i am blind and fettered whot can i do i was born with closed eyes i don't see the ugly side i don't want no social fight i have anything i need i don't see your grief block in the eye blocking the sight so you hate me ?!? underneath my party world catacombs of rats and dirt don't like any sort of plight i am dumb and blind i don't know the lower life i don't see no social plight i think you have whot you need i don't like your greed block in the eye blocking the sight

lethal viper

wasted time trying to keep my lies inside my limbs are cold i'm entangled with my lies and i wait for the reptile in my head she'll be eclipsing it all she'll make me spit out my lies bite yellow viper sink your fangs into my flesh wound me spill my blood make me die for truth sweet sharp teeth clean me up with your poison anti-lies flood me with truth put out the fear that is buried deep within i hope you'll be this kind i want you to free my mind it seems the only way to make me free from all my doubts make me spit out my lies i wait for you bite yellow viper show your teeth for all to see your poison runs thick as blood into my bleeding heart wind yourself up to the neck and cast me down give me the healing bite bite lethal viper just make me jump jump jump jump to the unknown jump jump jump to the hype make me spit out my lies you are my only hope your sweet hiss enlightening my soul whatever i explain whatever i may say it sounds absurd-insane i feel my guilt run down my throat


man why are you bleeding are you a martyr o! you have slaughtered?! hhm man what are you eating the ape to this brain would not think you're sane i guess all you wanted from life is a sigh sweetheart whot are you dreaming remorse and frustration spoil masturbation all you wanted from life is a sigh got it? you're naught but shit of a dog you've grown dumb. without pity or wits shlimperdibyx das ging wie der blitz whom are you abusing a proud one like you should have someone to subdue all you wanted from life is a sigh all you wanted from life is a smile got it? you're naught but shit of a dog

under queen whore's grim protection

the morbid lord called humiliation rose from the throne one day the primal order exploitation had ceased to make him gay so what? he didn't mind no grave fatality the urge to love to enjoy remorse aroused a shiver on his spine praise the light we praise praise the light praise the light the soul is bound for eternal salvation the master mind of investigation tormentor iron grief woke to feel sort of deep compassion he prayed for fast relief when he asked the doctor to erase the matter to stop the fall into hell a cryptic shine arose about him now he's master saint break the spell break the least of seals what a joy to walk on nice guy's feet heal the world be jesus on the knees run to attain absolution whatever you chose to be run to receive the grace you are blessed tears of joy you can rest heart un-soiled what a jest the soul is bound for eternal salvation the rude game of sex implication was played for centuries under queen whore's grim protection kinky as it ought to be modern trend virgin style superseded the devillish lust the demonic sexy queen will ride nevermore ride nevermore


a hard ride in the toilet celle one lurch ends the search the soft flesh bearer pressed against the wall and it hurts hard grip soft hips painties down abusement chemistry fast race to the lowest life til the sane world falls apart torn and exploited flesh serves blast it soul hurts dare a try? mad urge sole master one search one fight baby blaster pump it faster quick and hard let me see you crawl it's a joke humans serve each other as objects for abuse they are used to get pinned nailed wounded and hurt the jest of being bought sold persuaded and seduced oppression repression humiliation sick human nature should it make me laugh baby blaster pump it faster degrade yourself you're roasted toasted taking all the heat to get plastered pissed paradise of the roasted toasted goddamn master urge disaster burnt-out sighs of the roasted toasted baby blast it be the master win yourself kill the roaster toaster

trash 21 (the noble knights of testify reject malicious joy)

run have your fun satisfy your greed for accidents for blood for harm battle's lost - you think you have won for someone the battle is lost you think you've won horny morbid lust unmasks the mind sick vibrations thrill the nation horny morbid lust shudder of disgust mutilation greed sensation come despise this world refine contempt we resist reject malicious joy cozy lust disgust fanatic eyes violation means stimulation catastrophe and lust no sympathy i want mortification no humiliation horny morbid lust we are the noble knights of testify we are pure we are kind


don't make for your own hell you should not crawl before their grins and their fangs did not expect you'd fall shoulder-deep in mud no escape that way watching the shades above you stuffed in your throat what they have told you to chew you eat it all you asshole mouthful of mud eat the dirt crawl the dust you eat all that they give whatever trash it might be suck it - no spit the stuff you asshole are free stretched upon the ground with stones in your back crawling the dust with sliced skin you're lost in the desert thoughts bent on rain your mouth is dryer than dry mouthful of mud eat the dirt crawl the dust

persistent circulation

ah-har harrhr now i've been told ooohrhh what you have done aaahhrarrr you let them finger you nooooooow i hear your sighs end yooouuu like white special toxin game you don't expect me to do what i will do i'll kill for you i'll kill for you i'll kill for you i am in your hand you are in their hands you're the suckers' feast you're the one to bleed i'm the one to bleed endlessly persistent circulation endless flow flood course inter devotionized dirt is where i crawl you seem to despise what i adore you been eaten you been eaten you been eaten they all crawled over you you eat my heart eat my heart eat my heart you eat my heart eat my heart eat my heart

quest of nothing

sunlight creeping over broken pavement trite sentiment hollow phrases leading nowhere left no trace persistence vain illusion no residues of gone rejoicing retarded steps reach stillstand time treated without awe or respect remote echoes of the sick gods' laughter mocking me mocking everything figure in motion running nowhere ever horizon lies promises will always go up into thin air slow motion shade escaped just turned to dust high hope battered into mud raven wet your black beak with blood of the hopeful never shed another tear for you for me for mankind running fast arriving nowhere ridiculous gloomy sorrow have a laugh have a smoke try a jest choke your best quest of nothing a test a real good jest quest of nothing going on and on and on into the spiral down the abyss with no ground lame accusations crying for no-one but only and ever for oneself- the only one that matters threshold wears a mocking grin coughing is the end narrowness greets with clammy hands comic element is the only ever-lasting god it's a joke it's a joke so make a jest giggling laughter sign of the eternal sounds merry name of which is lost hope my tasty earwax drops into your mouth for years uncounted i gathered dirt in my ear joyless jester warms the foolish heart search for the center of all and everything on the terrace high above the city of fallen angels gods may walk with scornful smiles