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This being the 3rd release on Van Richter from Sielwolf, it is in my opinion the strongest yet. This album does not rely on guitar samples as much as the previous two. It creates a very hard sound mainly through percussive and keyboard electronic execution. The album starts with the very catchy dance floor hit "Korrosion". The intense percussion sets the tone for the whole album. All the lyrics are done in German for the entire album, and are more of a dark evil whisper and not as distorted as the last album. "Werstarker Zerstort" is done in Sielwolf tradition, a very heavy and menacing track. Perhaps my favorite. The title track goes through many stages, from its quietly whispered beginnin to its pounding aggresive end. "Embryo" and "Embryonal" tracks are great droning drug induced standards. The tracks "Freitag" and "Ghost Track" are both 10 minute factory tripping ambient songs along the lines of Neubaten or TG. This shows their diversity in the genre of industrial music as they embrace both heaviness and disturbed tranquility. And finally the track "Vengessen" shows another new side to Sielwolf with its funky clean guitar line and groovy bassline, this track would be great in a futuristic Cheech n Chong movie. Overall a most satisfying album to those like me with an appetite for many flavors of true industrial. - Tommy T., Outburn/Campus Circle
Well, I adore Sielwolf. I have a soft spot for German bands that actually sing in their native tongue, and I'm additionally sweet on Petra Tausendpfund, Sielwolf's female half who programs and collects samples. Nachtstrom only makes me love them more. Right off the bat, first track (Korrosion) is so infectious, so contagious, such an incredible mix of noise, rhythm and atonal melody, it makes me want to jump up and groove. Unlike many industrial bands, Sielwolf's rhythms are extremely varied, making for a funkier sound. This particular mix of funk and noise is so completely original. I defy you to find another band that sounds anything like Sielwolf, and if they do, they must be copying them. "Korrosion," with its mix of animal sounds, heavy drums, dense electronics and subtle spoken vocals, would be enough to satisfy any EBM aficionado, but there's even more stuff on this disk! We have the syncopated militaristic Verstarker Zerstort, the plodding heavy Embryo, the complicated and intense title cut. Peter Prochir's vocals have gotten more aggressive and passionate. Sielwolf is a powerhouse. Oh! and I almost forgot, this was produced by Carlos Peron of Yello! And there is one very Yello-like song, Vengessen. Lyrics are included, but not only are they written in German, but they're printed green on red, so it's impossible to read. - Melpomene Whitehead, Eruptzine
This is a band which I believe hasn't gotten enough credit for its great mix of Neubauten styled noise and Ministry's guitar assault. Sielwolf come off as both accomplished sound sculptors and aggro-rhythm experts. Though not as developed as their wonderful Metastasen release, this is very satisfying material nonetheless. - Brendan O'flaherty, CJMQ
The third full-length from Germany's in-your-face metal/industrial ensamble called "Nachtstrom" on the California-based aggro-industrial label Van Richter - Doug, WMSE
'Korrosion's beat attacks hard, but the intensity tapers off after the first minute, with the vocals adding much and noise extending out for over 6 minutes of unchanging pounding. This album was evidently produced by Yello, implying that it should sound.. well.. produced. I still enjoy their noisescape pieces, though. 'Nachstrom' works almost as one, and is good especially when te beat and guitars kick in 'Vengessen' is nice.. it HAS a mood, as well as a bit of a groove that you can actually get into. Thanks, Paul. - Jeremy Pfohl, CKMS
Sielwolf "Nachtstrom" and "Magnum Force": both releases are originally copyrighted 1992, so I am imagining these are reissues, possibly available domestically for the first time. Each Sielfwolf release starts off with four or five industrial, distorted guitar tracks that recall KMFMD (while being better than any KMFDM release of the last five years) and Ministry' s THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO TASTE. The Teutonic sturm turns disturbing and haunting for the last third of each disc. Especially effective is the title track on MAGNUM FORCE and it's sue of Kurtz/Brando's "I never want to forget" speech from Apocalypse Now. Together, these are among the best industrial recordings to reach my ears since Ministry' s THE MIND. - Tom "Tearaway" Schulte, Outsight Magazine
This is Van Richter's combination re-release of the full length Nachtstrom and the Magnum Force single, and if you've got both of them, there are two extra tracks, Nautilus #2 and It's Killed Again. Nautilus #2 is a short soundscape that really impressed me. It is very ambient. It's Killed Again takes a few minutes to develop into a song driven by groove filled live bass and repetitive drums. Samples and huge synth pads are also meshed into the mix, with well placed samples. At eight minutes this track is a worthy value. These two tracks are up to Sielwolf's mesmerizing quality, along with the rest of the tracks. Force driven guitar, great samples, harsh drums and harsh vocals with songs like Magnum Force and Feind Sein Allein. The cover art is cooler than the Magnum Force import single. If your not familiar with it, it is a scene from the incredible film Videodrome. Van Richter did a truly professional job on the packaging. - Deranged, Culture Shock Magazine
As with other Sielwolf releases , "Nachtstrom" embraces many of the various sub genres of the Industrial/Electronic world. And although each of the nine tracks on this CD are very distinct , Sielwolf manages to maintain a cohesiveness with an ominous atmosphere from start to finish. The lyrics are sung in German and this paints an incredibly sinister image as one is left to image the disturbing thoughts behind what is being articulated. With this release Sielwolf prove themselves to be unique in a genre full of copycat bands. "Nachtstrom is certainly worthy of your attention. - Bob, Worm Gear Magazine
It's going to take a particular type of listener to appreciatethis almost hourlong industrial CD. Most of the nine tracks are between five and ten minutes long and most of them center more on sampled noise than on music. Most of the lyrics are in German and are screamed, whispered and/or are so distorted it's impossible to hear what's being said anyway. There's a lot of banging, booming, machine-gun sounds, some guitar riffage and sampled sounds such as clucking chicken, space static, monstrous screaming, ghostly noises. Much of it sounds like it would make great horror film sound effects. There are some interesting rhythms to be heard, but many of these songs are just way too long. The most melodic thing one here has kind of a techno-industrial dance sound and goes by the title of "Vengessen". I prefer the more music-oriented than noise-riented in the industrial realm, but those who beg to differ can contact Van Richter Records, 100 S. Sunrise Way Suite 219, Palm Springs, CA 92262 - Brynn McKenna, BallBuster Magazine
Yet another re-release of this band's album from 1992. Van Richter seems to be determined to be bring this German outfit closer to the North American audience and rightfully so. "Nachtstrom" is a prime example of industrial done the way it should be: harsh, abrasive, dark and unpleasant to listen to. Whether it is the pounding techno of songs such "Korrosion" or "Verstrker Zerstrt", or the slow Swans-ish mayhem of "Embryo" or the dark, disturbing, Einstrzende-like rumbling of "Nachtstrom", Sielwolf presently themselves firmly as the proud inheritors of all the qualities that made industrial such a fine genre back in the 1980s. Some of the shorter pieces also have a strong experimental character. The only song I disliked was "Vergessen", which is an bonus track: somewhat boring Kraftwerk-like techno that was way too pleasant. Besides that short lapse in quality the rest of the CD really shines and makes it a worthwhile purchase for any fan of old-school industrial. (8/10) - Corridor of Cells Webzine
On "Nachtstrom", Sielwolf plunge headlong into purely hostile industrial metal. Renouned for their harsh firestorm of guitar noise and gravelly vocals, Sielwolf have neither softened nor backed down. The brutality of "Nachtstrom" is nearly numbing in its constant and unrelenting attack. Even when Sielwolf slow down, the dark metallic ambience creates a charged and horrifying atmosphere. Sielwolf have proven, once again that they are a force not to be trifled with. - Belalugo Z, Flipside Magazine
Good ambient techno electronic music!And much more! The Van Richter Label seems to serve up better shit with every release! More depth continues as this Label goes further! - Adrian Bromley, Caustic Truths
Growl,snarl, bang, doof,doof, doof,doof, doof, doof, roar (insert gutteral moan here). This is very angry music.Distortion, big thumping drums, howling anry wailing in German and basslines to die for add up to a pretty cathartic experience. When Sielwolf mello out and get ambient they create some pretty isolationist pieces. But most of the time be prepared for doof,roar,scream. One for the torture rack. - James, Apocalypse Magazine
This album is what defines Sielwolf as one of the single most powerful machine driven acts today. They manage to consistently create driving soundscapes with mechanical beats and caustic sampling. You will see this type of description tossed around constantly by labels trying to sell their product but with these folks the words are true. Cold and hard at its best. This album is less polished sounding than later efforts but in some ways this helps it to keep a certain raw intensity which makes it my personal favourite. If you liked Metastasen you will dig this album as it has many of the same elements (dense rhytmic structures, ultra distorted guitar samples, atmospheric textures and that wicked german grit in the vocal department). This album is definitely worth seeking out. - Moron, EEEI Data Smasher Ezine
"Korrosion": the music and effects of this song is really cool. I had a different sound coming from every speaker. The half whispered vocals are truly scary. The complexity of this song makes it a true original. - Gunther G.,
Originally copyrighted in 1992 this is a Van Richter domestic reissue. like Magnum Force the release starts off with four or five industrial distorted guitar tracks that recall KMFDM (while being better than any KMFDM release from the same time period) and Ministry's The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste. The Teutonic strum und Drang turns disturbing and haunting for the last third of this disc following the formula of Magnum Force. However this later release is stronger than its predecessor and more reliant on musicality than programmed guitar samples. The thundering drums are still here along with more pronounced keyboard electronics. This album is the source of the group's dance floor success, Korrosion.However listeners still have that worthy Sielwolf arty and Gothic industrial sound represented by the ten minute tracks Freitag and Ghost Track. - Itunes, Alll Music Guide
This is truly some scary shit, the effect is even heightened by playing it at night. This sound track would not be out of place in a Terminator movie or genre horror movie.Nachtstrom is really great avante garde industrial. Fans of Ministry or KMFDM will find something to like here.Nachtstrom is much more repetitive and noise driven, but it has the searing riffs of Ministry juxtaposed. Despite the screeching noise, repetitive machine beats, and menacing vocals, it can actually become ambient, which some have compared to Godflesh. 'Vengessen' slips into an awesome mechanical ambiance with washes of synth choir. Very nice stuff, Nachtstrom will probably make your neighbors wonder what the heck is wrong with you. - harsh_stone_white, Discogs

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