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As industrial comps go, there are some exclusives on here, some old stuff, and a minimal of fillers. The songs range from synth-pop to harder electro. They include covers of Motorhead by Plastic Noise Experience and a Ministry cover by Underwater Pilots, and also a song by GuG sideband Trauma. Thankfully they don't sink into all the tired trends that bored you (ie drum n bass, Metallica riff cloning, VNV cloning) and give you pretty straight forward industrial music. This is only Van Richter's third comp in 10 years so the content's not too done to death. Some of the songs are previously released but were all very out-of-print or otherwise hard to find in the first place. Now we can get this German industrial stuff without paying import prices. - Alex Tsang, Temple of Horror Zine

This is a new release from aggro industrial record label. The label was founded in 1993 by Paul Abramson. Featuring artists on this Sampler are Testify, The Fair Sex, Plastic Noise Experience, Sielwolf, Death and Horror Inc., Underwater Pilots,Girls Under Glass and Trauma. Their artists cover the entire spectrum of the Industrial sub genres including Aggro, Electro, Darkwave, Noise, and Ambient. The record includes exclusive and unreleased tracks and is described as a perfect Halloween bundle. This compilation is really a must have for collector's and fans of true old school industrial music and a nice introduction and representation of the Aggro, Electro, Darkwave and Experimental sub genres of Industrial music. - Janine Szakacs, Reflections of Darkness

The Los Angeles based Van Richter label has been known for releasing aggro-electronic music for years, but its roster also includes guitar driven bands such as the cold industrial of Testify and Sielwolf as well as Goth-electronica in the order of The Fair Sex and Girls Under Glass. Hellfire brings a retrospective compilation of Van Richter bands in a variety of well known and unreleased songs. It begins with Testify's short intro titled "Future Lust" followed by "Seed of Wrath (Silence As A Weapon)" mixed by Die Warzau. However, it's kept in dance/trance beat driven moods while the original track was based on aggressive guitar riffs. There is also "Every Day Is Halloween" (An early Ministry song) covered by Underwater Pilots. The album provides both dance like and atmospheric tracks (Underwater Pilots "I Prepare", "Flood", The Fair Sex "Woe") and is probably a great thread for fans of aggro-industrial, EBM, Synthpop and Goth. Party goers would certainly enjoy listening to this compilation during upcoming Halloween events. - Nina, Fabryka Industrial Rock Magazin

The last couple of years, I've been throwing together Halloween mixes for friends. Lots, of course, has been written about Halloween music as the holiday becomes more important (in terms of dollars) in the US. But, the question that I ran into when putting together these mixes, and the question that remains is "what does Halloween sound like? Christmas ‚ sure chimes, bells, maybe a ukulele. Thanksgiving ‚ Dead Milkmen and William S Burroughs wash the sweet potato pie right out of the mouth.
Halloween is, at its core, a ritual holiday. And ritual takes music. Hundreds of years ago (and today as well, I imagine), there were bonfires and slaughtered animals tossed to the flames. Costumes and mask were worn and identity became fluid, at least for an evening or two. The darkness grows, the light disappears and many of us begin to feel a bit of madness creep along our backs.
In other words, Halloween music is Industrial Music.
And no one currently carries the torch of industrial music as high or bright as Van Richter Records. Van Richter has stepped up to the plate this year just in time for Halloween with a compilation of industrial music. Van Richter keeps their roster of artists small exclusive with a roster of seven of the leading Industrial bands - Testify, The Fair Sex, Plastic Noise Experience, Sielwolf, Death and Horror Inc., Girls Under Glass and Underwater Pilots
One of the big drawbacks to compilation albums are the inevitable filler tracks, but they just don't show up here. The tracks are throbbing synth-pop like the cover of Ministry's "Every Day is Halloween" by Underwater Pilots. Testify's "Future Love" is pure industrial with hammering rhythm and sampled movie clip dialogue. Trauma's "The Last Rose" sounds lush and orchestral; Industrial Music driven to its inevitable high romantic end. None of the tracks slide into the pure noise end of the genre it's all pretty accessible stuff, leading to an album that can also be thrown on at a Halloween party.
Some of these tracks are hard to find, rare stuff, even in the Internet age, making this album a must have for your holiday. It's music as theatre as much as Halloween is holiday as theatre. However you celebrate it. - Michael Dittman, Venangago-go

Any great horror film with a foundation built on suspense from the ground up can make viewers cringe before the great reveal. The fear of the unknown is always much scarier than actually seeing what lurks in the depths of the black, and the anticipation of something bigger than we imagined is what we fear and also look forward to. The same can be said about haunting melodies, especially in the industrial vein. Yet while Van Richter Records' Hellfire compilation CD starts with an ambient buildup that piqued this writer's interest from the get-go and promises so much more. As this is a compilation, the songs obviously don't align as they would on an album based on a primary sound and design. But even when working that into your expectations, the structure from song to song varies. HELLFIRE's opener, Testify's "Future Lust," puts listeners' ears into an epic industrial sound mash with a mad scientist's crooning, with promises of cruelty to to come, especially on tracks like Sielwolf's "The Gun's Eye," which becomes all too familiar too fast with synth beats and monotonous keys. Underwater Pilots' "Every Day Is Halloween," one of the more upbeat, catchier tunes and one that actually had this writer nodding along. The group immediately switches pace with tracks "I Prepare" and "Flood," which are extremely ambient and well-honed, standing as the true redeemers of this compilation, which here at least isn't stuck on one type of sound. - Dave Dell, Fangoria Magazine

Specializing in industrial music and aggro rock, Van Richter Records was founded in 1993 by Paul Abramson. Since that time Van Richter has released over 30 albums from artists spanning just about every subgenre of electronic music. Van Richter's latest release, Hellfire, is being marketed as the soundtrack of Halloween. Rather then the groans of ghosts and the various other sounds one would associate with that most ancient holiday, this compilation is decidedly much more complex.
The compilation starts with the track "Future Lust" from the German band Testify. Originally released on Testify's 1994 album 01 as a filler, it is an excellent choice to start off the compilation. The driving beat and heavy guitar riffs amplify a feeling of expectation that drew me into wanting to listen to the rest of the CD. "Seed of Wrath (Silence as a Weapon Mix by Die Warzau)" also by Testify follows and is quite interesting. The harsh heavily distorted almost "death metal growl" vocal style that typifies most of Testify's music is much less prevalent in this mix of the song, which in my opinion is an improvement from the original. A simple synth melody is prevalent with the generally heavy guitar sound gently pushed back out of immediate focus.
The next song slows down the experience a bit with the much more purposeful tempo on The Fair Sex track "Cold Contempt" from their 1991 release Bite Release Bite. The heavy beat and grating machine/guitar sounds that start the song off are well done but the percussion is a bit too in front of the melody for my tastes. The lyrics did not really work for me either, as they seemed to be at odds with the music rather then complimenting it.
The CD picks up again with Plastic Noise Experience's cover of the Motorhead song "Hellraiser". Although when written by Lemmy, Ozzie Osborne and Zakk Wylde the song had nothing to do with the movie franchise, the horror movie fan in me likes the Pinhead samples the artist has threaded into the song. Sadly, the actual track itself is easily forgettable.
The next song on the album is the instrumental "The Gun's Eye" by Sielwolf. Originally released in 1994 on their Metastasen album, it starts with heavy tympani beat that eventually develops into a melody with the addition of different percussive tones. Growling samples move in an out of the composition as new sounds and beats are added. The only constant in this song is the original beat as the song grows and expands in scope to develop into an ambient onslaught of sound.
Death and Horror, Inc.'s 1992 song "New Vision" starts quietly with a simple beat and base line that evolve throughout this song, culminating in a complex melody when the vocals do finally explode into your consciousness. Unfortunately, the vocals aren't treated as an instrument and are allowed to fade to irrelevance as each line sung by the vocalist is echoed by complex samples. This mixing style is repeated in the Girls Under Glass song "New World Order" that starts with a very nice metallic beat with a heavy guitar riff. The female vocals that enter during chorus add a needed dimension to this song but are also mixed much too low that they fall into the background.
"The Last Rose" by Trauma, originally released in 1993 on the album Fractal Part I, then comes in and slows everything down with its electronic vibes. Somewhat outside the genre scope of the previous tracks on this album, it is a refreshing change exactly where it is needed. A very Pink Floydish guitar in the background drifts above the electronic sounds accented by a strong reverberating bass piano melody.
The incredibly poppy "Everyday is Halloween" by Underwater Pilots is debatably better then the original version by Ministry. The German duo of Manuel G. Richter and Gregoire Vanoli have harnessed a catchy beat, well arranged understated vocals and an excellent synth melody. There is an undertone of distortion and grittyness that Jourgensen most likely would have included in the original if he'd been allowed. For me, this track was easily the highlight of the album.
It is followed by two instrumental compositions by the Underwater Pilots from their 2004 release Tranquil Places, "I Prepare" and "Flood". Easily the most "soundtracky" songs on the compilation, both are masterpieces of electronic ambience. Finally, the compilation is brought to a close by the instrumental exit track "Woe" from The Fair Sex. Originally used as the exit track on their 1992 release Spell of Joy, the track works well to end the compilation and its vocal sample of "Don't Leave Me" is delightfully tounge-in-cheek to be the last track on the album.
Overall, there is nothing new or groundbreaking on this compilation. This of course is not unexpected as all of the tracks are classic songs from the various artists that contributed them. The compilation is listenable, but lacks the depth of sound of more contemporary releases. As far as being a "ultimate Halloween collection", I just don't see that either. For those of us who had sections of our music collection mysteriously vanish when old roommates left our lives, Hellfire would definitely fill a gap, but I do not foresee myself listening to this everyday. - William Dashiell Hammett, COMA Music Magazine

Just a short explanation of how I review records. I tend to enjoy music that drags me away. So I start working on something, like a blog post or a website or something like that, while the music plays in the background. I tend to focus very strongly at any given task at hand, and what I look for in a good album, is distraction. I wait for music to drag me out of what I'm doing and command me to listen to it. Should that happen to be the case, I will probably end up liking the record. However, if it can't do that, I will probably never listen to it again and consider it uneventful.With that in mind, my reviews generally don't take a hard stance against a record, unless I am commanded by how horrible it is. Most records don't fall into that category, very few do in fact. Most records, whatever genre they may be, fall into the "Uneventful" category to me. It didn't blatantly suck, but it didn't stand out to me in anyway.
Fortunately V/A Hellfire is a stand out compilation of seminal Halloween themed songs by mostly old school German Industrial bands exclusively from the Van Richter Records roster who have been around for almost two decades.Hats off to a label that has stayed true to the old school for so long unlike its competitors that have either shuttered or sold their souls to stay live. The seven band roster includes Testify, The Fair Sex, Plastic Noise Experience, Sielwolf, Death and Horror Inc, Girls Under Glass and Underwater Pilots, plus the CD includes bonus material from GUG ambient side project Trauma. The production values and packaging are top notch and there is even an exclusive unreleased Testify remix by Van Christie of Die Warzau.The compilation was previously organized exclusively for Hot Topic and now luckily available everywhere. If you are a person that likes high quality Industrial style metal, gothic, darkwave,noise, experimental and electronic music then this compilation is right up your alley. Recommended for fans of old school labels like Wax Trax, Zoth Ommog and Machinery Records. Various Artists Hellfire should remain a timeless Halloween classic and a must have CD for years to come. Job well done! - Julie Johnson, Grave Concerns E-zine

I got this from the industrial label Van Richter Records which I've always been a fan of since the early 90's through today. I wasn't sure they were still going but low and behold got an email with a link to this compilation for them! I've heard of most of the artists on this compilation but the one that stood out to me the most was Underwater Pilots, mainly because of their well done cover of Ministry's "Every Day is Halloween" which is a favorite of mine since I first heard it. Any who, here is the low down on this release.
As I was doing research on the compilation on the Van Richter Records website they suggested that this album would be a great companion for a Halloween party and you know what folks, not only are they right about that but listening to this on Halloween whilst in costume with all of your friends will make you dead sexy too! Most of the tracks on here are either inspired by horror films or have elements that could be used in horror films and that my friends is a good thing. The first track is a sound-scape from the "German Ministry" Testify and their track "Future Lust". It sets the tone of the compilation and lets you know what you'll be getting with this collection of 12 songs. After their sound scape you get a taste of what Testify is known for and why they get the nom de plum of the "German Ministry" with their song "Seeds of Wrath", danceable beats with heavy distorted guitars on the choruses, I have a feeling that this song in it's not so remixed version by the Chicago legends Die Warzau may not be this beat heavy, but who cares when you listen to this track it's all fun and games in your best scary outfit!
The Fair Sex shows up next with their own brand of Industrial music via our friends up north in Vancouver or better known as Skinny Puppy. I can hear a lot of the same tonal qualities between The Fair Sex and Skinny Puppy, but The Fair Sex seems to take older Skinny Puppy and make it that much more accessible. The track doesn't reach out and grab me by the throat but I also wouldn't skip it if it randomly comes up on the iPod while I'm doing something else. I was expecting something really cool with Plastic Noise Experience's cover of Motorhead's theme song to Hellraiser III but was kind of let down, despite the cool Hellraiser samples the track seems flat in production compared to the other bands songs on this entire compilation.
Sielwolf checks in next with their homage to Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer with their track "The Gun's Eye". It's a cool atmospheric track with samples from the film peppered in through the mix. Beyond the recognition of Michael Rooker's voice casual fans probably wouldn't get much out of the track but I found it fun to hear those samples against a back drop of a sound collage. The comp takes a bit of a lull for me with the track by Death and Horror Inc. called "New Vision" in fact it was so minimal that I didn't even write a note down for this one. Then I was brought right back into it with a track from Girls Under Glass called "New World Order" which sounds amazing. It starts out with kind of old school industrial feel and then crashes into a full on goth rock anthem ala The Sisters of Mercy. I think perhaps I enjoyed this track as much as I enjoy the Ministry cover by Underwater Pilots. Then Girls Under Glass win me over again with their side project Trauma and their track "The Last Rose" that could easily fit into the world of Suspiria directed by Dario Argento and boasting a score my the MIGHTY GOBLIN! It's an incredible feat to conjure images in my mind of the beautiful and haunting horror film from arguably one of the greatest horror films ever to come out of Italy and one of the greatest progressive synth bands ever to grace this planet. Kudos to them and kudos to the atmosphere they create with this track.
Three of the last four tracks on the album tend to run together, two of which are by Underwater Pilots and the third is by The Fair Sex again. Each is a sound-scape and each one is OK but not totally sound changing but Underwater Pilots cover of Ministry's "Every Day is Halloween" as I've said before is just simply amazing and really well done. The production is amazing and it sounds great and adds a really interesting take on the song, more in lines with the original with more of a future pop direction.
When it's all said and done Hellfire is a decent listen, probably not one that people will dig out all the time but it would be a great mood setter for a Halloween party or a spooky get together. I recommend you check it out! - Gabe Wilkinson, Critical Mass

Hellfire compilation (Van Richter Records): This is a fantastic compilation dealing with Halloween themes from such bands as Girls Under Glass, The Fair Sex, there is also an unreleased remix of "Seeds of Wrath" by Die Warzau. Plastic Noise Experience does a rendition of Motorheads's "Hellraiser" as well as Sielwolf with "The Guns Eye" paying homage to the movie Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer. This is to just name a few bands that are pioneers in their own right. If you like industrial music this compilation is for you. Get your copy today and hear what all the buzz is about. It has it all from future pop, to Gothic influence as well as experimental and hard hitting industrial. Whatever your preference this is the one to own and listen to on heavy rotation. Something dark and sinister for the horror aficionado in all of us. vanrichter.net - Banshee A. Goldmann, Culture Asylum Magazine

"Hellfire" ist ein Sampler, der bereits im Oktober 2007 erschienen ist. Damals wurde die Compilation von dem amerikanischen Label Van Richter als exclusive Halloween - Release angepriesen. Rares und bisher unveroffentlichtes Material der darauf vertretenen Bands ist zu entdecken. So covern Plastic Noise Experience den Titelsong des Horror-Schockers "Hellraiser III" der im Original aus der Feder der Rock band Motorhead stammt. Und die Underwater Pilots wagen sich an "Everyday is Halloween' von den Industrial - Heroen Ministry, Daneben findt man noch Stucke von The Fair Sex, Testify, Silwolf, Death and Horror Inc, Girls Under Glass und Trauma, das ein Nebenprojekt von GUG ist. Eine - nette Mischung aus Synthie - Pop, Metal, Industrial und Gothic, aber meiner Meinung nach nichts, was man unbedingt in seiner CD - Sammlung haben musste Ebenso ist fraglich, warum dieser Samplernach vier Jahren erneut durch das Label einer Redaktion prasentiert wird. - Daniela Schuster, Darkvibe Magazine

This review is really different from the other genres we normally cover. I would like to introduce our first review for an industrial bands compilation known as Hellfire from the seminal Van Richter Records Label. To be honest when i first started listening to it I didn't know what to expect. From the moment of the first note in the song "Future Lust" by Testify i knew it was going to shake grounds that no one has ever heard before. Their song "Seed of Wrath" touches a little bit on the neo goth style of industrial. The use of the vox effect makes this a haunting track thats sure to be stuck in your head. The Fair Sex "Cold Contempt" is by far my personal favorite and resembles the pop sounds of Depeche Mode and Skinny Puppy. Track after track by Plastic Noise Experience, Girls Under Glass, Sielwolf, Trauma, and Death and Horror Inc it's a non stop dark music experience of a lifetime. Each track has an atmosphere all its own. Please do not miss out on this great album. It would also make an excellent Halloween gift - Robert Atkins, Metal Band Network

Various Artists "Hellfire" is a Halloween themed music compilation released on the Van Richter label. Production wise it is excellent The tracks themselves are top notch. I could imagine hearing them on a Vampire or other horror genre movie sound track. The album is very poppy commercial industrial rock in the vein of Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails circa 1989 - 2005.. The Various Artists "Hellfire"compilation is very accessible as well as appealing to music fans of the genre (not too heavy but not too light) Underwater Pilots rendition of Ministry's "Everyday is Halloween" caps off a very seminal and timeless collection that will be good for spinning for many more Halloween seasons to come. Recommended for main stream fans of Goth and Industrial music as well as the archetypal loner goth kids - Venus Lovechild, Synthetic Sensations

Description: 'Hellfire' - an exclusive brand of themed music compilation "classic Halloween", published by the Van Richter label which includes exclusive tracks or unreleased versions of songs by different artists of the Gothic, Synthpop, Industrial and Metal genres.
In this, the last, to date, compilation, was contributed to by: Testify, which is called "the German Ministry", a previously unreleased remix of "Seed of Wrath" by Chicago-based industrial-legends Die Warzau; The Fair Sex, which is often compared with Skinny Puppy with the track "Cold Contempt". The original samples from the movie "Hellraiser" in it, from the kings of the EBM-Euro-American dance floor - Plastic Noise Experience with a classic cover of Motorhead from"Hellraiser III"; Sielwolf with the song "The Guns Eye "for fans of the movie" Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer "; DHI, known for working with William Gibson, dark wave crossover with the" New Vision "; Girls Under Glass, which is often compared with the Sisters of Mercy with a song in a pure Gothic spirit -" New World Order "; Trauma (Side Project of Girls Under Glass) with the presentation of the track" The Last Rose "; and, finally, future pop artist Underwater Pilots contribute with three tracks, including the classic cover of Ministry" Everyday is Halloween ".
An excellent collection of various topics of music. Here you get gothic metal and synthpop, and the charming and bustling percussion of electro gothic industrial. Frankly, I usually do not really enjoy such diverse collections, but this one was very interesting to listen to. Fortunately, some of the groups have been well respected by their peers and scene for a a number of years. Testify - with ts long storied history. For this collection has provided two tracks "Future Lust" and "Seeds Of Wrath". Catchy industrial metal with well placed electronics - all in moderation, smoothly and intelligently. The next band The Fair Sex with the track "Cold Contempt". Cold electronics, coupled with a soulful, almost demonic vocals - will not leave anyone indifferent. I liked it. Plastic Noise Experience needs no introduction. "Hellraiser" - a rather cheerful song, very up tempo. Sielwolf - Martial drums in the beginning, the general atmosphere is post apocalyptic , all as it should. A good track is a ritual we have come tp expect from them. Death And Horror Inc (DHI) - Industrial, in the spirit of early Einsturzende Neubauten, I was pleased to hear on this compilation. And like all began with the tapping of innocent, but ended with a universal catastrophe. Cool! Girls Under Glass - the band is also very well known and in no need of a special introduction. The music presented here is the track "New World Order", a rather mid tempo and catchy gothic song. Trauma pleased with the melody and excellent electronics. Atmospheric keys, thoughtful piano - very tasty and gothic darkness. Underwater Pilots, not previously familiar to me as much as the rest of the German team on this compilation. Melodic synth-pop that will appeal to all fans of this genre. And the compilation closes with The Fair Sex soulful track "Woe". Summing it up all liked and listened to this collection in one go. I want more. 8/10 - Sergei Korotayev, Dark Media Group

The lyrics from Underwater Pilots' song "Every Day Is Halloween" seems to sum up the prevailing attitude of all the bands gracing this compilation: The lyric, shown in this review as a statement, is "I've lived with snakes and lizards and other things that go bump in the night, 'cause to me every day is Halloween... Any time, any place, anywhere that I go, all the people seem to stop and stare. They say "why are you dressed like it's Halloween‚"" Reading those lines got me to thinking about how the bands selected to appear on this CD compilation reflect that attitude in varying degrees. Reading the interview with Paul Abramson will give you a greater idea of this since Van Richter records was built on the fringes of the California industrial scene. Hellfire is a fine representation of artists unapologetically pushing the envelope of creativity through the medium of aggro-industrial. Another way of presenting this idea is the brief instrumental introducing the compilation, Testify's "Future Lust". I don't know where the sample included there was taken from, though the line "she will be the architect of my new race" sets the mood for the songs that follow. Each track seems to be chosen with a clear picture of an industrial club mix in mind; flowing together in an unbreakable series of waves and sustaining a steady level of energy from beginning to end. The other bands featured here are The Fair Sex, Plastic Noise Experience, Sielwolf, Girls Under Glass and Trauma. Bios and information about each artist can be read at the label's official site. - Dave Wolff, AEA Zine

Every year around Halloween comes this sampler shot from the graves to haunt us with terror. The nightmare will start with the project Testify, which is well known to industrial rock fans, but here is dismembered by Die Warzau and remixed electronically. The main project of the member's of Testify is The Fair Sex. I've always liked this better and they clock in with the dark "cold contempt" complete with Clive Barker Hellraiser samples. The ignition of Plastic Noise Experience does not function properly, so that the journey to hell ends at the service area. However Sielwolf who have published in the 90's with some really great albums contribute a dark ominous soundscape . Death and Horror Inc. were unknown to me until now, and tomorrow I will understand their William Gibson futurist vision. Forgotten in the dark wave scene are Girls Under Glass. The track "New World Order" is one but not of their pioneering songs. Trauma (GUG side project) donate one last rose for the dead silence Halloween party. Underwater Pilots, usually appreciated by me add their synth pop cover version of the Ministry classic, "Every day is Halloween". The Fair Sex and Underwater Pilots conclude with instrumentals that are Halloween themed dark sound tracks on an album for rotting souls. Note: Even if a collection of sweet bands doorbell rings, do not be so afraid not to answer it - (Spider) BODYSTYLER, ElectroZine

The album kicks off with "Future Of Lust" by Testify which serves as a good intro song to get the listener into the groove of things. Up next "Seed Of Wrath" is full on agro-tech with sharp vocals seething venom as it drips into your ears and the remix done by Die Warzau is just massive brilliance. "Cold Contempt" from The Fair Sex brings memories of the earlier days of Nine Inch Nails, with distortions, slow vocals which picks up the pace as the song goes on. "Hellraiser" by Plastic Noise Experience is a faster track with Rob Zombie-like influences such as those in "dragula" or "feel so numb" but nonetheless this track is as good as it gets. "The Gun's Eye" by Sielwolf is an instrumental track more or less with a voice track between some guys so, one can treat this song like a story with an awesome musical track, it sounds like a twisted version of something you'd see in a broadway theatre about cowboy times. "Next Vision" is a cool number done by Death And Horror Inc. This track is a bit more aggressive, like something that would play in the middle of a car chase or horror movie credits which does justice to the name of the band. "New World Order" by Girls Under Glass kicks in after this and this one again gives a very NIN type feel and a little bit Orgy. The guitars on this are addictive when mixed with the entire song arrangement. "The Last Rose" is done by Trauma, with deep synth and a very gothic tone which is entrancing and amazing to listen to. "Every Day Is Halloween" by Underwater Pilots is an upbeat song which might as well be in every goth or EBM club because its tune is damn catchy and chances are that this one will stick in your head. "I Prepare" and "Flood" are by them too and they are heavy trance with an amazing drum beat which pumps the music. "Woe" by The Fair Sex is the ending track to this fantastic album which is a haunting voice track. You have to listen to this album to grab on to the amazing level of electro and agro tech goodness. Rating: 8 - Michelle Snow, Rue Morgue Magazine

For my 850th review, I present a collection called Hellfire an ultimate Halloween collection and includes exclusive and unreleased tracks by the finest Gothic, Synthpop, Industrial and Metal bands on the music scene today. This twelve track collection features such songs as Seed of Wrath by Testify, Cold Contempt by The Fair Sex, New World Order by Girls Under Glass, The Last Rose by Trauma, and much more. This album was well recorded (August 10, 2014, on Van Richter Records), performed and produced. This compilation is available for purchase from Bandcamp and other places where digital downloads are sold. Robert Levoy, Oasis Entertainment Blog

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