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Another outstanding sampler from this lessor known indie label out of Southern California. Serious Rivet Heads will appreciate VR's contemporary balance of both guitar heavy testosterone tech aggro bands and their more melodic, new wave synth core artists - most notably the orgasmically electronic Plastic Noise Experience who offer here both the remix version of Dream Destructor and the full length version of Bronski Beat's Small Town Boy. Also included are two tracks by the seminal The Fair Sex, Not Now Not Here and the single version of You Know How, who experimented with today's Industrial Sound a few years ahead of everyone else. Perhaps the records standout is made by Sielwolf, in the form of the masterfully coldwave Begweglich Animalisch. Sadly ridden with the problem of underexposure much like that of the similar sounding Cat Rapes Dog, Sielwolf continually churn out records worth hunting for. Rounding out this impressive collection are three offerings by the angst saturated Testify; Spoil, Ride and A.N.G.E.R.. Equally as impressive as the other recent samplers flooding the market, if a bit understaffed, Mind Ripper is sure to cure those Sunday afternoon blues. 3.5 Gears. - Cyberlogue Magazine

Considering how much of the evolution of EBM really is rooted in European origin, it seem fitting that a comp of the genre would feature artists from across the seas. Essentially offering the works of three individual entities; Germany's Plastic Noise Experience, Germany's Sielwolf, and also from Germany, the split project of Testify and The Fair Sex, the operative word here seems to be club music, which isn't a bad thing. Nods to KMFDM and Al, to Shriekback- wow remember them? Anyhow fuck MTV up the ass, a tone for your Trent bashing-pro Puppy elitism (yawn), and give these more obscure individuals a chance. Worth your time. - David Baum, Interface Magazine
If your interested in the Van Richter label, Mind Ripper is what you seek. If you haven't heard of Van Richter, it may be because of its small size. The label has been careful to pick some of the best to sign and distribute here in the US. These are all exclusive remixes too. Testify and Sielwolf are the loudest with their severe metal potency - Testify uses thick guitar and I think Sielwolf does too underneath all the noise and bumpin' bass beat. Plastic Noise Experience provides a more subdued encounter, slower beat dark analog music - the days of the Klinik. My personal favorite, The Fair Sex, reveals an admirable style of electro dance while maintaining the intensity of a harsher sound. Also included is a hidden track by Van Richter's latest signing DHI. Death and Horror Inc. will hurt your ears, but you'll like them! This comp is bound to compliment any number of listeners. - Mike Pysh, New Industrial Sounds Magazine
Much sweeter and more electro than I usually groove too- you know I'm a headbanger, but I'm really into Testify's three tracks - Spoil, Ride and A.N.G.E.R. and of course you all must already know about the awesome Sielwolf cut Beweglich Animalisch. Both bands are agressive and angry and these songs represent them well. Also featured are The Fair Sex and their club hit Not Now, Not Here and Plastic Noise Experience's weird version of the Bronski Beat's Small Town Boy - and it is weird. A lot of the songs are remixes so even if you already have the stuff by the bands you like, you probably want to check this disk out. - Mel, Cyberia Magazine
Well, this is the sort of industrial refuse that you'd expect me to massively enjoy. This collection features the biggies in this Aggro Electro Industrial genre - smells like someone is trying to coin a phrase here, like Testify, The Fair Sex, Sielwolf and Plastic Noise Experience. This is a must have for us dark disgruntled, devious industrialists. Music is the mimicking mirror of our monstrously multiple minds - so if you have a corner of your mind that's dark and filled with vermin and cobwebs, you need this. The entire collection is dizzyingly great but I really appreciate having Not Now, Not Here by The Fair Sex on CD. I used to have it on this tape an old friend made for me, but alas the last words that tape saw were Doc Martins. There is also a fabulous rehash of Small Town Boy - originally by Bronski Beat , here by Plastic Noise Experience which fans should enjoy. Both Spoil and A.N.G.E.R. by Testify were remixed by the notorious Keith Fluffy Auerbach and H. Beno, so it should come as no surprise that they are Ministry - ish , but they're both good. For fans of American Aggro - whatever the fuck that means - check this out. I hate categorizing music, I think certain personalities like certain music types. Don't you know top 40 people? I do. This is not for them. This is for the moody, morbid, slightly maniac people out there. Cheers! Grade: A - AKH, Revolt in Style Magazine
Got this in the mail, thought oh great another industrial compilation. What do I say about this one? Slid it into the player, listened to it while played games for about three years - yeah life is rough, and actually came up with something to say. Like, this is good. Besides good it is a collection of remixes from such Eurotech types as Testify - three tunes, The Fair Sex, Plastic Noise Experience,Sielwolf - a pair each, and a hidden track from Death and Horror Inc. My favorite is Sielwolf's Beweglich Animalisch. I don't speak German, so I can't understand a word, but it sounds like Godzilla woke up with a really bad hangover. And maybe a missing wallet. And one shoe. The rest is merely good examples of the other bands' better work. Mind Ripper is worth looking for; it makes great background music for this stupid game which I keep getting killed. - Karen Woods, Huh Magazine
Cyberspace is evolving a culture which is beginning to spill over into mainstream paper culture . Van Richter's band The Fair Sex have created the first ever cyber opera, their album Labyrinth. An earlier track by these cyber - bards is Not Now, Not Here which was an electro industrial hit on European club floors. A previously unreleased remix of this track and other work by Van Richter artists are now being released on the Mind Ripper compilation. This disc is a great introduction to the beautiful and terrifying sounds of industrial music. Van Richter's bands show more diversity than the industrial you may see listed on the pop charts. The first track on Mind Ripper is from Testify's forthcoming Ballroom Killer/The Blitzkrieg Mixes EP, featuring industrial remixes of Sweet's Ballroom Blitz, most recently heard on one of the Wayne's World movie soundtracks. For Ministry fans, Ballroom Killer also features Testify songs remixed by Ministry engineers Keith Fluffy Auerbach and H. Beno. Next on Mind Ripper comes the version of The Fair Sex's Not Now, Not Here. This track is closer to techno than industrial, but features none of the clichˇ techno keyboard riffs, sirens, or screaming divas. Rather, Not Now, Not Here addresses every person's tendency to ignore suffering until it happens to them. Perhaps ironically it is a rather emotional song. Industrial loving rivetheads like myself will be interested to learn the The Fair Sex pioneered the combination of guitars and electronic music years ago; they are amused that current electro industrial bands mix electronics and guitars as if a contradiction. On Mind Ripper after The Fair Sex comes Plastic Noise Experience's Dream Destructor. This is a well made understated industrial song. Synthesizer noises abound, and the vocals are soft and have a hint of sadness. The quietness of the song gives the heavily distorted vocal sample saying Dream Destructor an especially chilling impact. The next track is Begweglich Animalisch by Sielwolf. And its intense. Instead of the nightmarish eerieness of Skinny Puppy, Sielwolf veers toward the blast furnace intensity found on Ministry's Psalm 69. Sielwolf shows less of a metal influence though instead producing great thrash with grinding samples and the hardest techno beat I've ever heard. Since I don't speak German, the chanted vocals take on an exotic cast. Mind Ripper finishes up with more tracks from the above artists and at the end is a hidden track from another Van Richter band, Death and Horror Inc. DHI formed almost a decade ago, creating improv soundscape compositions according to their press bio. DHI continues in the vein of Skinny Puppy, borrowing their sense of anxiety and some distinctly Puppy beats. Vocalist Vicar changes the sound though adding a tint of death metal to this unique band. - Don Smith Moorman, IndieScent Magazine
Hmmm. Testify is my favorite VR band. Spoil runs thru about 3 different tempo/feel changes making it more friendly to the dance floor than the original. This is a great concept for a remix here! The Fair Sex are up next with the excellent aggro - electro Sub Mix of Not Now, Not Here a true gem to begin with, this is much more suited to the clubs with a 4 on the floor kick and new samples and grooves. Also later on we get there take on the Who, arena Electro anyone? Plastic Noise Experience check in here with two cuts. The slow more groove oriented Dream Destructor - perfect for radio, and their more uptempo excellent cover of Bronski Beat's Small Town Boy. A real winner for the club.!!!! - Shred - Damn Magazine
The Mind Ripper Compilation includes rare tracks and unreleased remixes of industrial dance and hardcore bands on the Van Richter label. Testify who carry on the tradition of the Ministry guitar sound, contribute two tracks off of their Ballroom Killer EP. The Fair Sex have one track from Machine Bites and the new Labyrinth CD's . Also included is Plastic Noise Experience's cover of Small Town Boy, the Bronski Beat Classic from Neural Transmission. Other tracks are from Sielwolf's Metastasen and the recently signed Death and Horror Inc., previously on the Belgium KK Label - Terra Industria Magazine
All industrial fans should take note of Van Richter . Their new Mind Ripper compilation CD is an excellent introduction to the label. This release features nine tracks, most of which were previously unreleased remixes . The bands appearing encompass all aspects of the industrial genre from guitar to dance to cyberpunk. They include Testify, The Fair Sex, Plastic Noise Experience, Sielwolf and a hidden track from Death and Horror Inc. The stand outs for me were, of course the heavier tracks from guitar-toting Testify, who we interviewed in our second issue, and cyberpunky Death and Horror Inc. who we interviewed in this issue. The rest of the CD is a little dancier but none the less interesting. You won't be disappointed. - Bob, Worm Gear Magazine
The Van Richter Remixes! This is a great compilation. Testify appear with Spoil Wing Tip Mix (US), A.N.G.E.R. from the Ballroom Killer Remixes and Ride from 01. The Fair Sex contribute Not Now, Not Here(SUB) and You Know How, two of their biggest hits. Plastic Noise Experience's Dream Destructor (remix) from -196C and Small Town Town from The Small Town Boy EP are here along with Sielwolf's Beweglich Animalisch from the Beweglich Animalisch single, and DHI's Rage- Lace with Ice, from the Bitter Alloys EP. They are all great songs, worthy of being called the Van Richter remixes! - Culture Shock Magazine
Great budget comp from the Van Richter label. It includes unreleased remixes from Sielwolf,PNE,Testify, The Fair Sex,and Death and Horror Inc. - Isolation Tank
And yet another superb collection of most excellant bands. Synthcore grooves dark goth vibe. Bands included here are; Testify,rip through the shit with a supa bad groove, wicked guitar samples 'n' sounds, like supa-sonic ,heavy ass drums, and nasty Filth Piggish vox. "We are happy with filthy glee". Love it. The Fair Sex aren't as abrasive, but they're songs are more memorable and melody based, "Not Now,Not Here" is a good song. Then there's the slick pill popin vibe of Plastic Noise Experience, supra cool synth,uncola pop. I don't know why these guys are so cool. No guitars but biting synths. And last but not least (I need sleep) we have SIielwolf! Yah, Sielwolf rock man! Cool progressive sequences,and bass synths,samples and bass beats and loops.Big bad guitars, and lots and lots of heavy drums,all bound up by mean, distorted Ogre vox. A big black Bulldozer. - Vapour, Apocalypse Magazine
I thoroughly enjoyed this compilation. Comprised of remixes of songs from groups on the Van Richter label, there's enough variety in this CD for any industrial fan to enjoy at least something. From Seilwolf's hard-edged pounding rythms to the Fair Sex's more gothic approach to industrial music, to Death and Horror Inc's metal overtones, this CD is a must for fans of the darker and heavier industrial music. - Edwin Somnambulist, Industrial Strength Nightmares Ezine
A nice label sampler if you never heard of any bands from Van Richter. Testify, The Fair Sex, Plastic Noise Experience,Sielwolf and Death and Horror Inc all bring great tracks to the compilation. All Van Richter bands which you can get all their releases from the label. The CD varies in sound from early Ministry type tracks by Testify or the electro metal sounds of The Fair Sex. Van Richter releases a great label sampler with a great name. - Miss Wota Lay, Chain D.L.K.
Mind Ripper contains previously unreleased remixes from all the usual Van Richter suspects, including Testify, The Fair Sex, Plastic Noise Experience, and Sielwolf. In addition to these familar names, a somewhat hidden track from a new act, Death and Horror Inc., is included at the end of the CD without mention (bonus hidden track). The extra track may just be the gem of the bunch combining hypnotic electronics with a few well placed guitar riffs, creating a unique sound. Other noteworthy tracks include the two offerings from The Fair Sex, who always manage to successfully incorporate a catchy pop element into their driving electronics. The rest of the CD contains some most inspiring guitar driven angst. Testify often touted as the heir to Ministry exceeds the intensity and punch of their mentors. The tracks by Plastic Noise Experience left me wanting more. I was quite looking forward to hearing PNE's cover of Small Town Boy, the classic eighties track by Bronski Beat. A clever song to cover and this version is better in comparison than the original. If you are not already familiar with the Van Richter family this CD would be a good place to start. I recommend this CD to serious collectors as well as big fans of the Aggro-Electro genre. - KMR, Sideline Magazine
This compilation contains unreleased remixes from the Van Richter catalog titles VR1001-1007. Featured artists include TESTIFY, THE FAIR SEX, PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE, SIELWOLF, and DEATH and HORROR Inc. Testify hailed as the heir to Ministry contributes two tracks off the infamous "Ballroom Killer" EP mixed by the Engineers of Ministry, and one off the debut "01" CD. The Fair Sex acclaimed godfather of Elector add one track off "Machine Bites" and "Labyrinth" CDs respectively. Plastic Noise Experience, called by some Europe's answer to Front Line Assembly, bring you a great cover version of "Small Town Boy", the Bronski Beat classic from the Neural Transmission CD as well as a track off "-196 C" CD. Sielwolf, likened to old school Godflesh, contribute their brand of noise off of the "Metastasen" CD. Finally comes our hidden track from our latest signing, Death and Horror Inc. This genre leader from Toronto, Canada will hit the U.S. market later this year with their first domestic release entitled "Bitter Alloys/Pressures Collide". These rare unreleased remixes are not only a collecor's must but also a great representation of the Aggro - Electro Industrial Genre. - CDX
If the skull staring at you on the front cover of this compilation isn't clue enough, this album showcases the darker sides of industrial music. Much of the material is danceable, but overall the music presents a fairly heavy guitar laced electronica with the emphasis on angst and aggression. That doesn't stop things from getting dim, however with most of the artists here bordering on the gothic and apocalyptic. Plastic Noise Experience represents solidly dark analog beats with a really creepy voice over while The Fair Sex prefer dreamy gothic overtones which call to mind a Blade Runner aesthetic. But the highlight for readers of this magazine will no doubt be Toronto's own Death And Horror Inc., back from the rusty industrial graveyard with another dosage of dismal future apocalyptic hell noise. Again the emphasis here is more on raging anger than genuine fear, but Van Richter has effectively sewn up the heretofore ripped underbelly of the electronica genre. 4 1/2 skulls - AL, Rue Morgue Magazine
This compilation features are mixes from artists signed on Van Richter Rec. namely : Testify, The Fair Sex, Plastic Noise Experience and Sielwolf. The whole oscillates between indus metal, synths based electro indus and aggro electro indus. There has been another Mind Ripper compilation issued.
The first remix sounds a bit like White Zombie's indus electro metal: espcially the guitar sounds and this slow rhythm. Second track's beats, samples, guitars and, especially, melancholic synths may remind Velvet Acid Christ, without being a copycat. Electric and indus noises, anguishing atmosphere (03) with spoken parts, synths not far from V.A.C. sounds, like the former track. We can note an interesting use of stereo, and the very diverse and original small noises and sounds have a good quality. Finally, the whole is not as aggro as one could have expected: not huge brutal beats, these tracks are rather repetitive, but well-done. But, let's not speak to hastily: Sielwolf's "Beweglich Animalisch" deserves the qualificative of "aggro" and also is more clearly "metal" too. A predominant guitar metal sound accompanies a main brutal beat, with a suitable raw distorted voice. As usual, there are many other smaller rhythmic noises. Sound is distorted till getting a bit dirty and moreoever the listener can enjoy the rhythmical change within the half of the track.
"Ride" returns with a more conventional metal style, not far from White Zombies, Ministry or Marilyn Manson. But, of course, it's rather calm, adorned with metallic gratings. Compared to Ministry, it's less powerful and without punk rhythmics. Sixth track is more based on synths in the beginning, not that aggro, in the same vein as the 2nd track, also by The Fair Sex. But, then, metal guitars appear and reveal a rather indus metal side. The melody of the 7th remix will certainly sound familiar to many people. But, don't get fooled: this is a remix! The rhythm has been accelerated, the atmosphear is a bit more electro, the lyrics are just fastly spoken words. Some will like it, others may be rather disappointed. We love it or hate it.
"A.N.G.E.R." remix directly sounds more interesting: use of samples, stereo effect, interesting noises. The voice is more aggro here, at least, as well as the rhythm and the guitars. But, don't expect a huge sound such as on Ministry's. The approach here is more minimalistic, yet not unpleasant at all. This compilation ends with an hidden track which is truly interesting! Aggressive voice, electro sounds, dark synths, more powerful beats and some guitars. Good track to close the compilation.
The negative points are the fact the sound could have been more powerful, more aggressive, less repetitive, more original. The quality is really good although tracks aren't that innovative, which isn't the goal of remixes, I admit. The most interesting remix is Sielwolf's for it combines the different subgenres, different noises in a coherent and attractive whole: better than the original! Make up your mind on the Van Richter website or Van Richter myspace, where there's a radio and many tracks freely available for downloading! - Perceptron, Heathen Harvest Zine

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