Germany's Plastic Noise Experience are Claus Kruse: Programming and Voice and SM Kalwa: Programming and Lyrics. The duo was formed in 1989 and thereafter released two albums on the Gothic Art label. In 1993 PNE signrd with KK RECORDS Belgium and released in Europe "String of Ice and "Visage de Plastique", both on compact disc.

Their debut US release on VAN RICHTER RECORDS is a 14 track anthology of Plastic Noise Experience's best work to date. Featured tracks include "WHY", which is a caustic cover version of the song by BRONSKI BEAT. "DREAM DESTRUCTOR" was a featured track on the recently successful "ELECTRIP" Compilation of KK RECORDSartists licensed and distributed nationally in the US by RESTLESS RECORDS.

Plastic Noise Experience launch their follow up US release called Neural Transmission" spanning the backcatalog of PNE's earlier works from the titles Transmission, Transmitted Memory and Small Town Boy. This hard Electro anthology covers twenty tracks approximately 75 minutes in length, with a brilliant version on BRONSKI BEAT's "Small Town Boy".

Plastic Noise Experience can be best described as aggressive hardcore electronic industrial, with skull spliting beats and powerful rythms, also incorporating elements of Techno. PNE's minimalistic stripped down sound compares to that of FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY. Thus the end result achieved is pure dance floor destruction! Plastic Noise Experience is Electronic Body Music at it's best!

"Noised" is the last ever Plastic Noise Experience record as a duo. SM Kalwa has left the band to pursue other interests. This swan song PNE album includes a completely reworked and remastered "Rauschen" record plus six new tracks including a great cover version of Motorhead's "Hellraiser". Experience this pioneer duo's last historic contribution to the genre.

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