Interview by Robert Dewey Atkins

Where did the name Van Richter come from?

It is dutch for on the richter scale. Since we were a California label putting out European industrial bands it was a good fit and representation of what we are about and do

How do you find the bands that are currently on your label?

After eighteen years of existence most people who are in our genre of music know about us so we do not have to actively solicit bands as heavily as we once did. These days we predominately discover new music by the many demo packages we receive from unsigned artists or those that want to change labels

Are there going to be any new releases from Van Richter

As you may be aware physical music sales are dying off and will eventually be a very niche portion of all music sales We therefore are focusing our efforts on digital only exclusive releases. We have spent a great amount of time going into our vault and putting out a vast amount of releases from our bands we never pressed up as well as their side projects online. The only physical release we still have slated at this time based on future market conditions is Testify "Aggro" (best of)

The compilation Hellfire...We currently did a review on it...What was the concept behind the compilation?

Originally is was an exclusive compilation for the store chain known as Hot Topic. Some of our bands recorded exclusive cover tracks like Underwater Pilots and the rest we culled from catalog or out of print songs from our artists and side projects. The whole project was remastered. I think we created a timeless piece that is a haunting soundscape and sound track for any Halloween experience.

Are there any current industrial bands that you are interest in or maybe want to sign

Unfortunately many bands are getting out of the game as it is hard for allot of them to make a living in music via traditional methods We did digitally reissue several bands catalogs we have been fans of for distribution only including Swamp Terrorists, 13 Mg, Paracont and Blue Eyed Christ. There are others we have looked at for direct signings but the deals would not be economically feasible. We are always open to looking at new artists in the genre

What distribution channels do you have so people can purchase your bands albums

For digital purchases the best option by far is Itunes, but we also have our albums on, emusic, and an mp3 store on our own website For physical albums we have a full list of chain and independent stores on our site as well as online and mail order shops. Also fans can buy our albums directly off our website so there are many purchase options available to get your Van Richter fix.

Are you currently looking for bands to sign

Yes we are always looking for quality talent to add to our roster which will represent the Van Richter old school industrial moniker

If so, Who do they need to contact and what information do they need to provide when they contact you?

The best thing any artist can do is follow the submission guidelines listed on that page of our website. It is very clear and concise. If after review of the material we are interested then you will hear from us. We do received allot of unsolicited demos so please be patient

I thank you for your time out of your busy schedule to answer to these questions. Is there any last things you want to say to the people.

Thank you for the interview and please support the music you like by purchasing it as the artists and labels can only survive and create more music if you support them. Stealing music is wrong and only helps to destroy the arts and eventually that conduct will extinguish all niche and underground music including industrial music