The Fair Sex

Interview by In_faction Fanzine

What was your original inspiration to begin making music, and how did you begin your career? Who were your influences?

Myk: Ahr, the very original inspirations, which might that have been? Probably to think that the profession of a rockstar is one of the coolest, eh?! So many centuries ago I founded a band together with Lo, TFS-guitar-player, to realize that aim; but we did not quite succeed... Influences? It's not that easy to remember, let's say that was something like Ultravox!

TFS's sound has been compared to that of Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, and Nine Inch Nails, yet many also say that your music has a "poppy" feel. Do you consider these compliments, or are you annoyed that such comparisons are made?

Myk: Concerning that question we change from day to day. Only to make it less boring for ourselves, I fear. Sometimes we say: "Ah! We don't mind these comparisons! They are compliments!" - sometimes on the other hand: "What?? KMFDM? Never heard of them! They must be less known than TFS!"

The releases of older live TFS songs is a good idea since your music is more difficult to get in the U.S. than in Germany. Are there any plans for releasing new material that will be more easily accessible in the States?

Myk: The only way to get TFS-releases in the States will be Van Richter, and they will release yet another album this year, or that's at least what I think. But that will be a collection of the real ancient times... If there will ever be another fresh album, we still do not know...

Are there any plans for TFS to work with other bands in the near future, such as remix work or separate projects? If you could work with any other artist, who would be your first choice?

Myk: No, there are not such plans. I'd like to do something with George Harrison. It seems not very likely that he is too interested, eh?! I mention that, because this sounds unconventional. If I had answered that working with Trend Raznor would be interesting, I would have used a real standard.

"Machine Bites" and "Labyrinth" have unusually long track lists. Is there any specific reason for this?

Myk: "Machine Bites" is a collection of titles of the European 1991 and 1992 albums, so it has become quite large. "Labyrinth" is the 95-TFS album, and that piece of weird shit we created to be a "cyber-opera"; and to develop that story we needed 74 minutes.

Of all the tracks produced by The Fair Sex and it's alter ego, Testify, what is your favorite song to listen to or perform, and what makes it stand out for you?

Myk: Ah, that's a hard question! I have numerous favorites, as well as several titles I don't like too much. To mention only one: "Cold Contempt" of TFS is my favorite for today, OK?

What is the main vision of TFS? What is the most pertinent ideal you would like to convey through your music?

Myk: The main vision of TFS is to heal the world, harr - but there are still numerous steps to take.