The Fair Sex

Interview by Apocalipse Magazine

Can we look forward to some new material by The Fair Sex in the near future, if there is a new album coming out, please tell us about it.

Myk: The Fair Sex has made quite a long break; I fear it has died some time ago. But nothing is sure... There will be a meeting of the original four TFS guyz in the near future, the first in this century...And then we all will see if TFS will remain dead; or if there will be some sort of mystical resurrection.

Will there be any tours in North America in the near future?

Myk: This of course is another questions of no answer possible, and of those there exist numerous in the world, like for example: Why can't we enjoy everlasting luck? or stupid shit alike.

Have you noticed a change in the Industrial/EBM scene in Europe, in North America we have seen a swing towards the Electronica/DJ scene.

Myk: There's always a change after a period of some years, and I think it's boring: sometimes the slide to more guitar- front, then again to more Electronic stuff - always the circle of developments - boring. And DJ - scene? - I don't think I like that crappy phenomenon

When your not working on your music, what do you do to occupy your time?

Myk: Entering the weirdworld of Sandman Comics. Walking the paths of Dream. Praying to alien gods, sacrificing them the shell of something yellow-coloured. Getting mentally deranged, as all these activities prove. Hunting female beings and being haunted by them in cold nightmares; the usual stuff, you know.

Has there been any thoughts in putting together a current 'Best Of' TFS album , with some remixes of some of our favorite TFS songs?

Myk: Not yet.And I doubt that there will be anything like that. TFS is too old a dinosaur, and no living people remember them; and so the only thing going to be released is another compilation of stone-old TFS-material out of the ancient early The Fair Sex- phase, so that the half-dead might be reminded on thinx like former days, harr.

What is your stand on the legality of using samples?

Myk: Are you nuts? Our whole musical existence is based on samples; what else have you expected from us electro-deranged-brains-without-balls-TFS'ers?? And for all those hand-made-puritanism-homos: It's just another way of recording; burn your tapes-mashines, they are hellish, artificial gadgets------

Do any of the band members work on other music projects , besides TFS?

Myk: Of course. I hope you have heard of Testify, which is the younger and harsher brother of TFS - and in the meantime this brother has grown, surpassing in size the old TFS. And there will be even more family members, at least maybe.... Thank you from Myk!!!!! greetinx.