The Fair Sex

Interview by Dachar

Since their formation, The Fair Sex have produced and released a plethora of albums and singles, but it was only about 3 years ago that those of us in the US were introduced to them via a small, independent label, Van Richter. Since then, Van Richter has gone on to release their latest studio album, Labyrinth, as well as their debut live album, Fine. We Are Alive. I chatted with Myk about the past, present, and future of The Fair Sex.

I.B: When and where was the origin of THE FAIR SEX?

MYK:TFS was formed in late 1984 in German region called Kohlenpott. It was more kinda "natural" in the beginning, turning more into electronical fields.

I.B: Has the line-up changed since TFS first formed?

MYK:The line up from 84 to 88 was: L'O (guit.), Blonder ( keyboards), Myk (vocals), Rascal (bass guit.), A. Bang (drums) - but A. Bang died in 88 on stage; the rest of us continued with always increasing electronic features.

I.B: Who/what were your initial influences?

MYK:Early 80's New Wave stuff like The Sound, The Normals, Sisters Of Mercy.

I.B: Here in the US there have only been 3 TFS full length releases. How many TFS albums actually exist? How many singles/EPs have you released?

MYK:Between 87 and 95 we released six full length albums, one mini album, seven or so Maxi Singles..

I.B: What do you feel is your strongest album? Strongest song?

MYK:Every member has different opinions about these matters, I fear; my personal favorite has not been released in the States so far.

I.B: How has your success in the US compared to that overseas? Is your main fanbase located in Europe?

MYK:We were rockstars once upon a time in the West of Europe!!

I.B: Do you mentally decide before a song is written if it will be released as a TFS track or Testify piece?

MYK:The vocal-lines of A.N.G.E.R., Testify's classic, for example, were originally planned to develop intoo a up-tempo TFS title. and so indeed some ideas are kind of exchanged.

I.B: Aside from Testify and 1000 Beats, are there any or will there be any other side-projects by any of the core members of TFS?

MYK:Indeed there are other phenomenons still hidden from American=B4s surface, let's wait and see if they will turn up one day..

I.B: Have any of the members ever been involved with other projects prior to TFS?

MYK:L'O, Blonder and Myk were involved in 82 - 84 band Avadon.

I.B: How did the concept behind Labyrinth come about?

MYK:The urgent messages of Labyrinth were transmitted to us from the far future, in order to save the world.

I.B: How did the concept behind Labyrinth come about?

MYK:I think that some of the Machine Bites titles are somehow more electronical than most of Labyrinth-stuff: for example Alaska, Soulspirit, Frantic, Cold Contempt etc...

I.B: Lyrically, where do you draw your ideas from?

MYK:From this punishment-planet's insane patterns of life.

I.B: Have you begun working on the next album? If so, what direction will it take?

MYK:Oh, no. TFS will exceed its break and rest until late 2003, or even early 2004.

I.B: Have you ever been remixed by or done a remix for any other band?

MYK:There were dance remixes which made me puke, in late 92, so I have forgotten all about these techno-shizer-action.

I.B: With the newest release in the US, Fine. We Are Alive, we are treated to the live sound of TFS. Exactly what goes into your live show and what can a concert-goer expect to see?

MYK:Expect four Randolph-Scott-like fighters.

I.B: What other bands have you performed with?

MYK:Too many to mention or even to remember, stone-old as we are.

I.B: Will TFS ever tour the US?

MYK:I fear the no-one knows the names of those who know.

I.B: What band(s) do you currently find yourself listening to?

MYK:For the moment being I appriciate Garbage and that strange combo called Abbrechende Waschbecken.

I.B: Any final/witty comments?

MYK:Yeah: Be free to become Randolph-Scott-like