The Fair Sex

Interview by Philip Stringer

Thanks for letting us interview you... it is quite an honor.
There are several influential bands that seem to have had profound effects underground music (yourself included) but rarely do you see the credit go to the ones who deserve it. Do you feel that over the years "The Fair Sex" has gotten the credit it deserves for it's influence on Industrial/Gothic music? And what are some bands that you believe that you may have influenced that are still making music today?

Thank you for the kind words. This is Myk Jung answering your questions here in Germany. We were one of the first industrial bands going back into the 1980's that crossed guitars with electronics but never had the success of the NIN's of the world either. Unfortunately the most influential bands never seem to get the credit either. Over the years we have worked with every band imaginable in Germany from Die Krupps to Project Pitchfork,the later still going strong as far as I know. Of course our heroes were bands such as Skinny Puppy who we had the honor of playing with as recent as 2005 in Germany. To answer your question we have never gotten the credit or success that we deserved but hopefully our music will live on into the digital age in such places as itunes etc.

The side projects that have spun off from "The Fair Sex" have been at times quite different from the original format of the band, do you find that these other styles influence the overall sound that "The Fair Sex" has had over the years?

Actually these projects are designed to explore directions and genres that are very different from The Fair Sex, such as TESTIFY which was an extreme aggro industrial metal crossover project that actually became more successful and well know in the states than TFS as well as TESTIFY did many European tours with the likes of Die Krupps and Armageddon Dildos. The best of TESTIFY "Aggro" is coming out in 2007 but I think it is available now on itunes as well as a new video for "Seed of Wrath" remix by Die Warzau on places such as you tube and

Is there any truth to the rumor that the song "Not Now Not Here" is a reaction to the Jesus Jones's Pop song "Right Here Right Now"?

That is interesting and the first I have heard of that rumor. The song was written about the apathy in society and that people don't care about the world around them until it effects them personally

Germany being the industrial Mecca of the world so to speak, do you feel that your location has helped you or been more of a hindrance to your music/career?

It helps artists who want to survive in an underground scene as there is great club and tour support here unlike the states. However it is more difficult to become a rock star so to speak. Germany is a great country to maintain your art and achieve cult status. So for longevity it is great but if you are looking for fame and fortune that would not be the case.

Being on tour in such an interesting and dynamic sub culture surely a band such as yourselves comes into contact with interesting places and people. What is your most interesting "road story?"

I guess in the early 90's we were playing a German gig right after our most successful release in Germany "Bite Release Bite" and we had a real big buzz going on the band. It was on that tour that we got mobbed by young screaming groupies that tore off Rascal's shirt and stole L'O's shoes. That was the closest to rock star status we ever came.

What is your opinion about the recent influx of "soft synth" in the last decade, and how do you feel it has effected not only your own music, but the music of the subculture in general?

That is a little shameful as because of the "future pop" influence allot of industrial bands have lost their edge and anger which the genre is all about to me. Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of synth pop but it has its place like all other genres. We still try to keep TFS dark and angry and meaningful with well crafted electronics, guitars and vocals. We hope our fans will still appreciate our art for years to come. Thank you for the interview. Myk