The Fair Sex

Interview by Jan-Erik Nyman

Hi there! You'll soon release a "best of" album entitled "The Dark Ages" through Van Richter Records, so how did the idea for this get born? Why did you decide that now is a good time to release yet another best of album?

We wanted to release it years ago through Van Richter. Now the label has decided to release it. They also wanted two brand new tracks to go along with the old out of print material from Last Chance

You have previously (and that long ago) also released two best of albums, "Thin Walls ? Part I" and "Thin Walls ? Part II". Why so many best of albums?

Those other titles were through Endless. The Dark Ages was planned long before and unlike those two titles is a double disc and contains two new singles a cover of T-Rex's song "Children Of The Revolution" and the song "Beautiful Nightmare: The Number One"

Did you find it difficult to choose which songs to include on "The Dark Ages" or did it come more or less naturally? Was everybody in the band involved in the process of picking out the songs?

No the Last Chance song catalogue was given to Van Richter who picked the tracks and also did great artwork for the package.

Have you re-recorded any of the old material for this release, or have you just left it in its original form?

They were given in original form. However Van Richter had them all re mastered so the sound quality is much better now.

On the album there is also to new previously unreleased tracks, a cover on T-Rex's song "Children Of The Revolution" and the song "Beautiful Nightmare: The Number One". Did you record these just for the new album or are these some songs that were originally meant for some other release? Why did you want to do a cover on that particular T-Rex song?

The label wanted bonus singles to go with this collection in order to give something to old and loyal TFS fans. They were also on us for years to do a cover song so we picked this famous T. Rex track "Children Of The Revolution" which we relate to well.

You have yet another upcoming release, entitled "Drop Your Anxiety", so I guess this a hectic time for you guys now, right? Is the album, which I read will be a remix album will contain songs from earlier albums, in some way connected to "The Dark Ages" and "the best of" thing you seem to have going at the moment? When will the album be released by the way?

"Drop Your Anxiety" is a collection of re mixes from our two most seminal albums, Spell of Joy and Bite Release Bite. Van Richter wanted something for years that the clubs would embrace after the success of Not Now, Not Here. Which still gets club play a decade later. This will be a great club follow up record that will also hopefully make some new fans.

On the last couple of releases you were on Endless Records, but you've now returned to Van Richter Records. Was that a conscious decision or did they just offer the best deal for you? For how many albums is the deal?

No Van Richter always had two records left to release under contract and is doing so now. Endless is our own label.

Since you have been active for many years now, what goals do you still have and what keeps you motivated to continue creating music?

We keep making music because we love it and there are still fans out there to support us.

Speaking of movies, what kind of movies do you enjoy? Any favourite movies perhaps?

As you can imagine we enjoy Horror and Science Fiction like The Hell raiser series, Exorcist etc.

I see that you're going to play live soon with Girls Under Glass. Is that a part of a larger tour or just a one off show? Are you planning to do some touring this summer?

We hope to make it a tour. Plans are still in the works. Stay tuned

Any other cool news or other stuff regarding The Fair Sex and the future? When do you think it will be time to make your first DVD?

We will be working on this through Endless Records

And finally, a classical question. Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side;-)

The final words are yours.

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