Interview by Shaun Hamilton

Tell us a bit about yourselves, how you met, your favorite liquor and ice cream, etc.

Testify members originally all were members of the ancient German band The Fair Sex, and met each other centuries ago in this grey city called Essen where it is an old tradition to drink Stauder Pils, a special kind of beer, that grew to become our favorite drink. Guitar-player Kullf however we met in the nearness of the Netherlands-border - and guess what he did there, in the long-gone days of 1994? He drank beer, and most times too much of it. The other's favorite sort of ice-cream however is not known to me; usually we don't talk to each other too often.

Why the name Testify? And what is the message you are testifying to the world?

We invented the band name on a graveyard in Munich, on a hot summer day in 1992; or it might have been on a cold winter day in 1991, and on the graveyard we just thought about the first title to create. Whatsoever: the band-name existed before the first song ever was written. It is true that we wanted to testify something. But what? The historians say: We wanted to testify that we were able to be really biting, sharp, aggressive, noisy.

When you first got together, did you find that you all had similar musical interests, or different interests that got blended and mixed together?

It is definetely a mixture. Rascal prefers electronic sound constructions; I am more for Industrial. Kullf loves Soundgarden and Co; whereas Moses ever was a fan of Alice Cooper and Kiss. We have to bind these different interests, but that is not too big a problem.

Describe your sound, for those out there not familiar with Testify or The Fair Sex.

Testify create the Loud Scream Of Wrath, or at least that is way we like to describe it, on several occasions. That means: fat roaring guitars, noise-samples, distorted-sometimes nondistorted vocals, atmospheric darkness of no hope.

Would you say the German scene has done more to aid in your success or more to make it a challenge?

Thru-out the recent years the German scene developped too much into direction of pure electronic - at least for Testify. It used to be easier for such a sound as ours some years back but as the music scene floats in great circles, this mixture of electronic and Metal guitars will have its great return. But when? And will Testify be there, again or still? Even the wise do not know.

What are the differences between Testify and The Fair Sex, musically and philosophically?

Testify is sort of pure Industrial Metal, in its finest purest form, in the somewhat classical style of the Nineties. The Fair Sex however is more an EBM/ Goth rock-style-mixture, with a bit less of aggression in it, but - perhaps -on the other hand with more fragile beauty in it. Testify is more sharp and biting, perhaps. And definetely more guitar-dominated.

Would you ever consider putting this music to a soundtrack score, or doing soundtracks in general?

Oh yes, we would appreciate that very much! We already have written a script of our own. A sort of wretched road-movie. We would like to produce that - at best with our own sound as soundtrack. But OK - we're even open for other offers coming from the outside.

What are some of the subjects and emotions that fuel Testify's fun-loving brand of angst?

The world that makes us puke and curse: the one that gives us the shudder of disgust (this world); the transience that gives us the shudder of the fleeting moment, the Lady-Vision that gives us the shudder of lust; the Dark Wrath that fills us with helplessness; the Lethargy Of The Mind that needs to be strangled - lo! there are numerous inspirations.

Would you ever consider a concert to America? Have you ever gotten to play one yet here?

It is a strange thing that we never played in the US, and very regretable. I fear it ever has been to expensive for anyone to bring us to the New World. We only had a short Interview -tour some years back, organized by Van Richter; and it was very great and inspiring.

Which would you rather have: all the knowledge in the universe, a body that could drink alcohol and not get the negative side effects (while still being able to get drunk), or a bunch of corndogs?

Hey, I have written about the phenomenon of getting drunk without any negative aspects - in my slapstick-fantasy-novel "The Lord Of The Earrings" (whichwas regretably written only in German language, though). But now I have to take up a dictionary: What are corndogs? I could imagine it would be far funnier if I said: "A bunch of corndogs" - and Lo! - I decide to take the corndogs, never mind what these might be, too tired to look for the dictionary. I guess it is something terrrific. I am very glad to have decided to take the corndogs.

What can we expect from Testify and The Fair Sex in the future and the near future?

For the time being The Fair Sex is in charge being the sort of more busy bunch of corndogs in this year 2003. What shall be expected? Nothing. We are far better in results if no-one expects anything from us.