Interview by Ken Morton

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Testify and how long the band has been together?

This is Myk, Testify-vox, answering your questions. Hope everything's OK in Angelyne's City Of Fallen Angels. The band Testify was started in 1992 as side-project of the German EBM/Goth band The Fair Sex. But throughout the years Testify grew in becoming a band of its own rights shaking off the shade of TFS. Nowadays there are only two persons left of the original line-up: Sound-inspector Mathias and me - I am the only TFS-member left in Testify.

Where are from in Germany and what is the music scene like there?

Myk: We come from the very Western areas of Germany, close to the border of the Netherlands, from a region called Ruhrgebiet which is a vast city with a big Underground scene. And this scene is quite ruled by German Electronic music. Followed up by Goth Rock and Industrial.

What did you get the idea for the album title Triviality Beyond Acceptance and what does the title personally mean to you?

Myk: Our label Van Richter announced in the year 2000 that there will be another "Testify-release tba" soon to come. (An usual description of 'to be announced', I think, which we knew) - but we thought, obviously being in quite a queer mood of wretched humour: "How the heck do they already know the title of our album still to be completed? And what does it mean by "TBA"? `Totally Broken Anarchy'? or `Tranquility Bears Answers`? `Technique Beats Archaeology'? We then decided that our album was to be named "Triviality Beyond Acceptance" pretending that we think our own material being of some kind of cheapness/banalness which fortunately in fact we don't think.

If you had to describe your music to an old person, what would you say?

Myk: This is horrifying noise. Ugly beyond endurance. But never mind! Everyone of the band-members is very nice and indeed of kind politeness. Sorry that we take delight in creating nasty sound constructions.

Where did you get your ideas for some of the lyrics on your album -- and cite a few song examples.

Myk: Testify was originally created to bring forth our darkest side, our anger, our screams of dissatisfaction. Since these feelings are somehow in us, it will seem that it's not too difficult for us to shape these emotions into words. "Fragile Puppet" and "Abuser's Gabble" treat the theme of child-abuse which is one of the most abhorrent phenomenons in this wrecked world: "On the pyre: the victims of desire, mere objects to kill desire"/ "sold the blooming youth to the greed machine/ in the dull machinery of ferocious force and entangled in filthy wars..."

How did you get in touch with Van Richter and get an American release for this and your other recordings?

Myk: Van Richter made Second-Licence-deals with our former German records company Rough Trade in the mid Nineties. Our record deal with Rough Trade is long since dropped; but Van Richter still has some faith left in the band and holds up the co-operation with us until nowadays.

What is a live show like for those of us who have yet to see you play?

Myk: We rejoice to be covered with mud and lubricating oil and soot and stuff like that and smear each other right before we go on stage with diverse kinds of dirt - at least that is what we invented in 1997 and have done since on numerous occasions. But perhaps soon it will be time to leave that aside for new elements. Beside this - we create a damned torn wretched show celebrating The Scream Of Wrath.

Any chance of Testify coming over to the States and playing?

Myk: That is an interesting question. It is long since past since last time I visited the USA. Let's wait and see and not give up this aim.

If Testify was asked to contribute a song to a Ministry tribute album, what song would you want to do and why?

Myk: "Fragile Puppet" perhaps? But no! that is just another Testify-title in the good old Ministry-92-vein; how silly of me. OK - to get more sort of serious:It is very regretable that my Ministry-favourite is such a well-known one (it is always more interesting to choose quite unknown tracks), but I fear it is "Just One Fix". Yes. I would enjoy doing this one. Funny question. But I am relieved now. I already started to ask myself when the obligatory Ministry-question would arise.

How do you think Triviality compares to your earlier work?

Myk: Triviality Beyond Acceptance is characterized by growing atmospheric denseness, of more darkness, sadness and ripeness. Whereas former releases, especially the very early works, relish in bringing forth features like speed, sharpness, punk-like rawness.

Is anybody in Testify involved with any side projects?

Myk: The Fair Sex is still alive, perhaps even more than ever; and there some other side-projects of us which exclusively were released here in the Old World: Nice Gods Bleed (Noise-Industrial), 1 AM (EBM-Dancefloor), Electric PowOw (Rock).

Do you have any messages for fans in the States or those who might want to check out the music of Testify?

Myk: If you are torn and worn, suffering from gnawing nameless hunger for you still don't know what exactly this might be: Testify's sound-constructions might heal you, for a fleeting moment. Just check it out.

If the world were suddenly to come to an end, what song would you want to hear right before the final explosion?

Myk: Aaah! That is an easy question! And though I will now mention a Testify-track, everyone now smiling and thinking this might be only a paltry joke of mine, should listen to this one, the final track of Triviality Beyond Acceptance: "Under The Cold Moon". This is THE SONG FOR THE END OF THE WORLD. (Moreover it is10 minutes long, so you have some more seconds to live. Better as if listening to "Yesterday". The explosion in that case would come eight minutes earlier)