Interview with Myk Jung - Lead Singer

Where were you on 9/11 and what did you do immediately after you learned of the attacks?

I was in my car on the way to the studio listening radio when the first news were being heard. It was roundabout three in the afternoon in Germany, some minutes after the first plane hit the North-Tower of the World Trade Center. But to that time there was still irritation about the real events: It was said that only a "small" airplane had hit the building - so that I was forced to think a hobby-pilot with his small engine or whatsoever had hit the facade. It did not sound that alarming. But two or three hours later we received a telephone-call in the studio. From that time on we sat in front of the television; and even afterwards the visions never ceased in our minds. I personally was smoking one cigarette after the next shaking my head trying to realize what I had seen. But actually that was not possible. "This can't be real" was ever the thought ruling my mind - if I really had a thought.

Does war make good art?

It is an old phrase that about good times you cannot make real good tales and constructions of art. That would mean that war makes the good ones. With no doubt : hate and anger and fight are themes that drives people on - even in the act of creativity. But the sentence above I will reject. It is too simple in its laconic character.

Do you think that nuclear weapons will be used in our lifetime?

In the beginning of the 90's the world seemed to have got free of that decades-lasting threat. Now the danger of these weapons is rising again - a version of danger that ten years back no-one would have expected: weapons that vanish from former Soviet-arsenals to get in the hands of Third World terrorists and whatsoever. Another version of horror. But no - I don't think they will be used.

Do you believe in the death penalty?

In some cases of brutal crimes the anger boils too hot within me, and the thought of revenge is overwhelming. But no - still I think I must reject death penalty.

Predictions for the future?

I am not learned in the lore of foresight. Everything is running forward to - something we have not expected in that form

How will we know when we're at peace?

Sometimes I fear that our lives might be just like in a movie: Just when we think we are most secure the stroke of doom might fall. I hope we will have peace. I fear we never know if we are really at peace. Thank you. Myk Jung