Artist Pro-file: TESTIFY

Name: Testify
Formed In: '92
Record Label: Rough Trade/Van Richter
Current Album Title: Ballroomkiller/The Blitzkrieg Mixes
Producer Of Album: Rascal Nikov/Mathias Black/Keith Auerbach/H. Beno
Manager:G od himself
Publisher: BMD UPA/Stark N/Roof Music
Merchandising Co: Roof Music
Booking Agent: Westworld
Who Signed You To Your Label?: Kurt Thielen Rough Trade GmbH
High Point Of Career: Summer 1990 during a legendary festival gig where screaming girls pulled our pants down.
Low Point Of Career: 1989 nobody seemed to be interested in our work anymore.
When You Were A Kid, Who Did You Imitate When You Stood In Front Of The Mirror?: Brian Connolly of "Sweet."
If You Weren't In A Band You'd Be A: We would be Priests (not Judas).
The Biggest Flaw In The Music Biz Is: Money.
Song You'd Most Like To Cover: "You Should Be Dancing" - Bee Gees (no joke).
Anything Else You'd Like To Add: We hope very much to get the possibility of touring the states, soon Thank you.