Interview with Myk (vox) and Kullf (guitars) by Gordon Taylor

When did you first begin as a band?

Myk: Testify started in late 1992. But the band that exists nowdays took some years to find together - and soon will split Kullf: Soon will split? Myk: Not? Have you in mind to work furtheron - with for example... me? Kullf: Guess you're right

You all have interesting backgrounds could you tell the readers out there what your backgrounds have been?

Kullf: In the Elder Days Myk has played in that circle of homosexuals called The Fair Sex... Myk: A well-known Dark Wave-combo in its time! Kullf: I come from numerous rockbands such as Zeltinger and PowOw; Mathias, our sound-inspector, worked together with Tommy Stumpff and Armageddon Dildos; Sven Stone, the drummer, has been derived from Dull, one of the craziest bands of M3lheim-D3mpten

What do you all do when you're not working in the band?

Kullf: As we very rarely play together, we have much time to do the things beside: we write scripts for underground-movies and test the stories in reality. We drink various sorts of beer. Myk always hunts Puertorican girls. In dreams

What is the meaning behind the band's name?

Kullf: I think Myk and Rascal, the founders, had in mind to testify something. But obviously not that they were able to create a good sound

What instruments do you all play and are there any particular instrument you enjoy the most?

Kullf: I enjoy my black-orange Testify-guitar. One of the few things coming out of Testify-phenomenons that I am able to enjoy Myk: I rejoice pressing the knobs of the S 1000; and holding the microscope

What creative process do you go through when composing your music?

Kullf: Most of the titles begin with me or Moses playing some guitar-riffs which later are being sampled and thrown out off their context, put into weird arrangements - and in the end Myk strangles the whole with fuzz-voices. It is very boring but with luckily dissapointing results

What inspires you when you write your music?

Kullf: All inspirations that I personnally have can not be found in the finale results Myk: I am inspired by the dissatisfaction that rules me

Many of your songs tell a story, cover political issues and social issues, how do you go about writing lyric, and what subject matter do you enjoy writing about?

Kullf: Myk, here are your lyric-questions. Political issues, eh? Myk: Indeed. The left-wing anger about this fucking world. More important than writing about Puertorican girls. Kullf: But not half as often in your mind regarding what you murmur in your sleep in the hotels in the night Myk: You mean during our extensive tourings? But nevertheless - besides all our slapstik these are not unimportant - the wrathful stories

Are you influence by books or movies or plays?

Kullf: We are inspired by the movies of Fabyan Klathuura and Peach Rockatansky. And the books of Myk Jung

Are you influence by any other bands and do you have any favorite bands that you like listening to?

Kullf: I like Korn. Myk is all for White Zombie. Myk: And Kim Wilde

Are you doing any side projects?

Kullf: Aaah! The side-projects! Now, Myk go on with The Fair Sex and Nice Gods Bleed, and TestSex, and Dull and PowOw.... Myk: You have already mentioned them all. Thanx.

To the readers who may have not heard much of your music how would you describe your sound?

Kullf: A poor imitation of Skrew Myk: With a slight touch of Aerosmith Kullf: That was a joke, eh?! Myk: Yeah. That was a joke. I meant the other band - Rolling Stones

What Albums have you produced and have you been on any compilations?

Testify-albums discography:
Testify 01 - 1993
BallroomKiller - 1994
Crack The Mind - 1998
compilation- Mind Ripper 1996

How has the response been with the latest album?

Myk: Polite responses Kullf: Without enthusiasm. Lukewarm sympathy. Which is a thing I understand

What was the inspiration behind the latest album?

Kullf: The inspiration was to release a new album. A mixture of remixes and new material Myk: Subjects like the Guevara-theme are carrying the Testify-wrath to the listeners - into the public. The grim laughter was again the inspiration for me to get creative Kullf: Aah, theatrical Myk again. I already started to miss it - the dramatical note Myk: Nevertheless one of the main thinx of Testify

How long did it take to produce?

Kullf: We started to write the first ideas in summer 96, recorded parts of the stuff in winter 96/97, made a one-year's break, and finished the whole in February 1998. It was released in autumn 98. Myk: Our life passes as if we had centuries to live

What have you got planned for the next album? Will it be similar to other albums?

Kullf: We have numerous titles in store; and some of them seem to me quite different from older material Myk: But let's wait which of the newer songs will find their way to the next album Kullf: If there is any...

Where have you toured, are you planning any up and coming tours?

Myk: We have only toured in Central Europe: in Germany and some of the countries in the very nearness Kullf: There is still to be checked if the plans for autumn-activities will be hold up

What gigs did you enjoy the most and what was the audience response?

Kullf: I enjoyed the Dresden gig this year Myk: Only because you were drunken. It was your most miserable live-show Kullf: Was it? You find me surprised. Myk: The audience was surprised as well: Such a drunken guitar-player

What gigs did you not enjoy?

Myk: The gigs with the masses that did not stream to the concert Kullf: He means the Empty-Hall-Events

Is there anything special incorporated within your performances?

Kullf: Our dust-soot-body-paintings Myk: That's right. And that's all I fear

When you have a performance what goes through your mind when you are on that stage. What is it that you feel? What sort of emotions do you go through when the eyes of the audience are on you?

Kullf: Har! Myk can't see the eyes of the audience! He's too short-sighted. So I guess there's nothing going thru his mind! Myk: What about you? What's going thru your mind? Kullf: I ask myself who's going to visit us in the back-stage Myk: Typical. I only think of the moment when being on stage. Not of anything that might come afterwards. Only the moment: That must be conquered.

What are your future plans?

Kullf: To get rid of Myk - to find a proper singer Myk: To work with fresh guitar players that have to serve their way up in the Testify-hierarchy. That are not that impudent Kullf: But they will learn to get that

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers out there?

Kullf: Readers out there! Hi!