Interview with Testify's Moses and Kullf

Interview by Squid McCreadie

Give me a brief explanation of who you are.

Testify is a Metal-Industrial-band from Germany; with six members nowadays: Beside the two of us there are Myk (vocals), Mathias (engineer), Sven Stone (drums) and Bull (bass). Since 1993 Testify had several releases; US-releases since 1994.

What does the name of the band mean?

Rascal and Myk invented the name in 1992, they say. Moreover they have a standard-explanation why they chose this name: they wanted to testify that there were able to create a really hard/ aggressive sound. We're never sure if we should believe this shit.

So who or what is the head that appears on Crack the Mind and Mmmyaooo? Does it have any significance or does it just look cool?

After all we know it just looks cool. The motif was created by Babse Thoben, our cover-designer. Myk who secretly loves her accepts all her designs even if their significances remain unknown to him, or us...

What sort of music do you play?

VERY aggressive Industrial Metal.

Where are you based?

In the very western parts of Germany we have our basis-stations: in Dusseldorf, in Essen, in Mulheim - and even in Mettmann.

What releases do you have?

The releases in the US so far are: Testify 01 (full-length-album/ 1994); BallroomKiller (mini-album/1995); MMMYAOOOO (fulllength/ 1996); Crack The Mind (mini-album/1998)

Do you have any upcoming releases?

We have enough material in store, but we don't know of any upcoming plans.

With a few exceptions, the Industrial movement seems to be currently heading in a more synthetic direction. You have opted to go against the flock and stick with a guitar heavy sound. Why? What advantages/disadvantages do you think this offers?

Hey, here are the two guitar-player giving the answers! We will stick to the guitar heavy sound. Moreover we are not interested in the development of any scene, or so. We make our own sound, that's all. And we are ready to suffer the consequences of our being so stubborn.

How does the idealogy of Testify and The Fair Sex differ?

You ought to ask Myk that question, for he's the only one left in both companies. The differences in the sound are obvious: The Fair Sex is more electronic-laden than Testify - and TFS are somehow smoother and softer than Testify, and after all we know TFS is a show of homoerotism making parties amidst fields of Raps.

What is the problem with the music industry?

The biggest problem with the music industry seems to us that Testify is not really involved in it.

What is right with the music industry?

Right with the music industry is that this may change - as anything may quickly change in this business.

What got you into making music in the first place?

Moses: For me personally it was listening to Kiss.
Kullf: My initial experience were The Rolling Stones. Awful stuff! I always wanted to make a sound better than theirs - and earning more money. Which is a goal that Testify does not complete.

What are your influences musically? What music do you listen to? What isthe most unusal music you listen to?

Moses: There are so many influences - from pop-songs to noise-sounds that we sample down from videos -simply anything may inspire me.
Kullf: You should listen to Korn! From them you might be inspired! I think they are better than Testify... The most unusual music I sometimes listen to is with no doubt this rotten shit from Myk, Nice Gods Bleed or whatever they name themselves

When everyone's a kid they listen to stupid kid crap (like the smurfs) and then they go through listening to different stuff, but at some point they come across the music that really appeals to them. Can you think of any one album that changed your idea of what music could be?

Kullf: One album that changed my idea of music was Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon - sadly a classic-standard.

You have a very angry sound. Is this indictative of your nature? Do you need to be in a specific mood to write music.

Kullf: I have made the experience that the most aggressive sound is often made by totally quiet nice guys who are the softest person at all and scarcely alive, sitting on their sofas all day drinking tea... And by making aggro-noise they probably want to hide that they as persons are boring and soft. Myk and Mathias are good examples for that - and you - Moses - you are even the best prove for this my little theory.
Moses: Thanx. And to be honest: I personally don't need no aggressive mood to be creative.

How do you feel the German 'scene' and North American 'scene' are different? Is there anything that either should learn from the other?

Kullf: The American scene we only know per Internet-interviews and stuff like that. So I don't want to say to much to this question. It seems that in the US the non-guitar sector is getting stronger again - and with the success of bands like Wolfsheim or Deine Lakeien here in Germany, acts that have grown out off the Underground - one may say that there is quite a similiar process overhere.
Moses: But the guitar-driven sound will not die... or will it die?!?

How do you think you and your fans differ?

Kullf: The difference between us and our fans? Have you ever met a Testify-fan, Moses?
Moses: Yeah, there was this black-haired guy in Dresden visiting us backstage...
Kullf: What was the difference between him and you? He looked better than you, didn't he?... The difference between Testify members and their fans is that the fans look better. Now we know.

What do you feel is the purpose of playing live shows? What do you feel you offer your audience that other bands don't?

Kullf: For me it is the most important activity of the whole band-phenomenon: live-shows. Live the moment! Enjoy the here and now! In which of the other activities are you able to do soemthing alike?
Moses: What is it that we offer our audience that other bands don't offer?
Kullf: Our funny-dustdirty bodypaintings is the only thing I could think of...

What is your opinion on any of the following subjects (or combinations of the following subjects): Censorship, religion, the media, violence, pie, the computer age, Y2K, aliens, mainstream music, the underground, dance clubs, DJs, sex, drugs, abuse, laws, politics, the rain forest, the new steel, guns, language, hate, love, fear, money, stupidity, ignorance, etc.

Kullf: I'm no social-attacker like poor Myk - only the mentioning of Sex and Drugs make me shiver with Urge
Moses: Themes like stupidity and ignorance seem more important to me - they have more to do with Testify-themes, by the way
Kullf: Yeah I know... the world is stupid enough to ignore us.

Do you have a website? What is it?

We have no personal website of our own, however thru the mighty Van Richter-site you have the possibilitiy can get to know Testify.