Interview with Myk Jung of Testify

Interview by Sophia K. Clark

Band: Testify
full name: Myk Jung
nicknames: the stone-old: der Uralte
do you drink: yes.
school: Burggymnasyum
favorite shampoo: GHUUHL
favorite colour: surprise - Black.
do you make fun of people: no.
have you ever gone skinny dipping: don't know what that is.
have you eer been convicted of a crime: strange question to the Black Avenger
pets: 13-year old girls in the toilet - the only pets
favorite movie: Lost Highway
favorite type of music: Noise of Wrath
hobbies: trying not to die from boredom
dream car: I don't dream of cars, I dream of ATR
type of car you drive now: Opel Kadett from 1986, coloured like the shit of pigeons
words or phrases you overuse: mentally deranged, hopelessness, ATR, 13-year-old girls, hate against a world that has gone mad, wrat
favorite food: I try to get rid of the habit of eating
piercing or tattoos: no piercings aside the six earings dangling in the left ear since 1986/ first tattoo told me to arrive in 2000.
most romantic thing that ever happened to you: the gaze of ATR
romantic - or not: changes from year to year
do you get along with your parents: I do get along with everyone - with the exception of those that don't notice it
favorite town to chill in: Manaco
favorite ice-cream: lemo
favorite fruit: definitely not lemon. pineapple, or so, I thin
favorite drink: for the time being white wine, but that may change next month
what's your bed-time: depends on the drugs
favorite perfume: Tabak aftershave
favorite song at the moment: Black Widow Goddess/Nice Gods Bleed
favorite musical groups: The Noise Of Wrath
favorite website: Testify's
favorite subject in school: ATR
least favorite subject: mathematics
favorite alcoholic drink: too many of them
favorite sport to watch: soccer, of course
most humiliating moment: the gaze of ATR
loudest person you know: Catorlion
craziest person or silliest you know: I will not mention the name lest I get reminded of that person
favorite holiday: yet to come
what do you look for in a sex-partner: the likeness of ATR

When Testify comes to an end, what would you like it to be like?

When Testify decide to lay down the burden of activity, I would like them to be a phenomenon that is known by more than a dozen people - but that is not the truth, only a silly slogan - I would like Testify to end up as fucked-up rockstars.

Do you ever get sick of the Ministry comparisons?

We will never get sick of Ministry comparisons, of course. When starting the whole Testify thing we had nothing else in mind as making people ask themselves: "Is that Ministy, or what??" - or perhaps: Cool! That's the best Ministry song I 've ever heard! Moreover it's probably a good promotional strategy - for a quite unknown act, if others may wonder: "Ey, Testify - isn't it the project of the Ministry-crew, when they are disguised as mentally insane Germans??"

Where do you draw the line between insane and sane ?

I would never be so impudent to make a general definition of insanity - who's insane and who's not. I have only the vague fear that there's something wrong with Testify-member's brain-patterns. That they still continue to do their weird shit - that alone is a sign of mental weakness.

What's something you'd like to do, but wont because of the consequences ?

Aaaah! There will ne numerous things! But the answer can only be non-surprising: various things that all have to do with the Biggest Drug, and terrible visions of sex beyond compare, and so on...

What drugs do you do ? why ?

There are substances that make you feel better, for a short period of time, in this grey world, yes. But nobody expects me to really give away the names of the favorite ones, eh?! And why should the paltry humans do such a thing? Because of the greyness of the world, for example.

What's the craziest thing you've done on drugs ?

The most craziest things I do when I'm not on drugs.

How has the music scene changed since you first entered it ?

The faces all around me seem to be younger than centuries ago.

What are you doing tommorow ?

Tomorrow there will be another photo-session of Testify, in Mettmann, one of the craziest towns in the W3lfrath-region. I'll meet the five other mentally-deranged, after we had not met some weeks indeed.

What do you want to do tommorow ?

I want to get a phone-call from a girl - at best one of those I never got to know closely - inviting me into her bed -straight, at once, at best as initional-sequence of the telephone call.Saskya would be a possibility!