Cooking with Mathias Black - Engineer of TESTIFY

"Eat This Column" - Bikini Magazine

Of course we cook if we find the time between our work. And you know we are busy all the time. Here is the prescription of the meal we celebrated the finish of the last CD. I prepare for the TESTIFY guys:


First fillet 6 pigeon from the bones and remove the skin, leaving the bone on one of the breasts. Prepare a farce from 400g poulade and the pigeon legs with salt, pepper, thyme and rosemary. Poach the outer leaves from a cabbage, refresh, dab dry and remove the stalk. Season the breast meat and cut it slightly open from below. Distribute the farce and fill with 25g truffles each, then place the breasts slightly offset on top of each other, spread on more farce and wrap in the cabbage leaf and 400g of pig's caul. Cut up the remaining cabbage in thin strips and prepare as a side vegetable. Fry the pigeon breasts on all sides and leave them in a 225 degree Celsius hot oven for about 7 minutes more. In the meantime, make a sauce from the pigeon carcasses and a mirepoix made from celeriac, carrots, leek, onions all coarsely diced and butter. Also prepare mashed potatoes from 1000g potatoes and 1liter liquid cream. Whip the potato with butter and cream until fluffy and serve separately. Cut the breasts in half. Arrange the spring cabbage and the pigeon breasts attractively on a plate and add the sauce. Grate extra truffles onto the plate, too. Then open your mouth and eat it.

O.K. I hope this will cause great response from the gourmets under the TESTIFY fans. The other dudes should warm up a pizza in the microwave.