Interview by Dachar

Born back in 1992, Testify is the bastard son of The Fair Sex. With their second full length, entitled MMMYAOOO, released via Van Richter earlier this year, Testify have kept their music strong and hard while at the same time avoiding to fall into the gaping jaws of metal/mainstream. I had the opportunity to interview Myk concerning the past, the present, and the future of Testify.

Dachar: What is the reason behind Testify's formation?

Myk: It was a time when some of TFS members, Rascal, L'o and myself thought the time had come to try to create new musical phenomenons that ought to sound harsher and more direct than the dark, soft TFS sound of '92. So we started a collaboration with some musicians we knew. We were not too satisfied with the course TFS had taken those days. We needed a new outlet of the old original anger.

Dachar: Where was Testify formed?

Myk: That all took place in Essen, an "Industrial" city in the western area of Germany.

Dachar: What were your influences?

Myk: The key influence is the hot wrath that burns and still has not ceased. Sounds good, doesn't it??

Dachar: What is a MMMYAOOOO?

Myk: MMMYAOOO is a scream of benevolent enthusiasm. It might be low and small, it may be a scream of terrifying loudness.

Dachar: Is there a theme that runs throughout MMMYAOOOO?

Myk: No. There's no such thing as a constant theme. There are funny tales like Pink Goblin or Under Queen Whore's Grim Protection; there are sarcastic tiny bits like Dumb or Block in the Eye; there are weird psychedelic-like lyrics like Lethal Viper or Quest of Nothing; there are screams of anger in Head of Compassion, Persistent Circulation, and Trash 21, and so on..

Dachar: On your remix album, Ballroomkiller/The Blitzkreig Mixes, you did a cover version of 'Ballroom Blitz'. What was the idea behind covering this tune?

Myk: The Sweet looked quite funny in the 70's, but, in spite of their ridiculous outfit, they created some very interesting titles. Moses always wanted to do a cover-version of Ballroom Blitz and then in '94 the time had come to go and try this. Strange puzzling lyrics, a cool classic.

Dachar: Any plans to tour the states?

Myk: There are plans, for instance, to tour with Skrew, whose headmaster Adam Grossman helped us producing the MMMYAOOOO album with his brutal Texan input, for which I am grateful, but there's nothing settled yet.

Dachar: What lies ahead for Testify?

Myk: This lies not only in our hands no more, I fear. The reaction of the American audience will be an important weight in destiny's scales. What lies in store for Testify? Some people suggest world-domination, which is quite a nice idea. Let's wait and see.

Dachar: What do you see in the future for industrial music?

Myk: OOOhhh, not that easy to answer. I hope and think it will be growing, growing, growing. It's interesting enough, this scene, to go on for some more decades, that's what I think.